Exorcismic was/is an American metal band formed in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, in 1986. The original line-up consisted of Jack Simpson (vocals), Joseph Krieg (lead guitar, backing vocals), Clive Preston (bass), and Bradley Shanks (drums). On October 12th 2009 Jack Simpson posted on his website that Exorcismic was reforming with the three surviving members, himself, Krieg and Preston, and that both the drummers from Rokhello and Townsend Sacrifice would be filling in for the late Shanks on different legs of the new tour, aptly titled "Excorcism Global: The World Tour". They are also planning and recording a fourth album since 1992, due for release in early 2010.

Signing with Jacob Vindic (1989)Edit

It was three years before Exorcismic finally had their big break. Signing with producer Jacob Vindic they released their debut EP, Death Toll: 4 Billion and Rising in 1989. The following year, 1990, they released their debut self-titled album Exorcismic. The album skyrocketed the band to reasonable popularity, and their single "Harvester" helped them also rise to popularity.

Death Toll 2.5 and downfallEdit

After tensions in the studio during the recording of their self-titled debut, Exorcismic reconciled in late 1991 to release a second album. In early 1992 they released Death Toll 2.5 and it reaffirmed their popularity. Two months later the band split due to personal reasons, and went their seperate ways. Jack Simpson and Bradley Shanks stuck together and formed Rokhello, meanwhile Krieg played in several minor bands before severely overdosing in 2003, lucky to escape with his life, before joing thrash metal band alongside Vinnie MacArthur, Townsend Sacrifice in 2004. Preston also played in a few minor acts before he joined Cadaver in 2001 as their bassist.

Possible reunion tour of 1994Edit

Two years after splitting, it was rumoured that Exorcismic would reunite for a tour titled "Back and Demonic", due for May 1994. They also were set to record a third album if the tour proved sucessful. However in March of '94 Preston and Shanks pulled out, and everything would downwards. The tour and album were cancelled, and Exorcismic was once again no more.

Reunion, world tour and fourth album (2009-)Edit

After Simpson's band Rokhello released their fourth album, The Exorcism of Frank Middleton, on February 18th 2009, Simpson began work alongside friend and legendary producer Jacob Vindic in working with Vindictive Records' new and rising acts. According to Simpson, sometime in June of 2009 he recieved message left from former guitarist of Exorcismic Joseph Krieg on his phone that said "Hi this is Krieg, probably hopefully remember me. Anyway, I think we should give Exorcismic one last run". Simspon apparently shared equal enthusiasm with the idea and the two met up around August to discuss things. Cadaver's bassist and final member Clive Preston was notified by the two, and expressed interest also. A few months later, on October 12th 2009, Simpson stated on his website that Exorcismic were reforming and a new album was on the way.

As of early November, the three surviving band members have entered the studio with drumming shared between Rokhello's and Townsend Sacrifice's drummers. The band, featuring Simpson, Krieg, and Preston, along with John Manning of [[Townsend Sacrifice] on drums, released a single on December 29th, 2009, called "Burning Sky". The song was leaning towards a more progressive sound as apposed to earlier Exorcismic, which was predominately thrash/heavy metal, popular at the time. Jack Simpson has not changed his vocal stylings for the band, which are also predominately different as to when he sings in Rokhello.

Metalix January 2010 issue interviewed the new-formed band, along with John Manning and Kieran Bloomfield as double drummers. Simspon confirmed that the album was not far away, and gave as much as a title, "Universality", which has not been confirmed as the sticking title of the album. The world tour North American leg begins in Las Vegas, USA, the band's hometown, on January 27th 2010, launching it into a three month long world tour. Recording for the album has finished, but the band have said if touring inspires them for more songwriting, they will re-enter the studio. An update on the bands site confirmed that the new album would arrive on April 10th. They also announced that their first two albums would be re-issued to commemorate both the bands 20 year anniversary and reunion. Universality arrived on April 10th 2010 to much acclaim and success, with critics saying: "Taking away that dull and stupid power metal rubbish of their one off success, Exorcismic return after 20 odd years with a new, better formula, a more progressive thrash vein. Jack Simpson gives a different show to Rokhello, and Joseph Krieg's guitar takes a turn none would have anticipated. Exorcmismic have returned from the ashes in an unforeseeable event, and let us hope this progressive new vein continues if the band does". The band have embarked on their world tour, and are in their fifth month of touring the US. They have re-scheduled several shows to cope with the death of close friend Vinnie MacArthur.

Band membersEdit

Current members
  • Jack Simpson - vocals (1986-1992, 2009-)
  • Joseph Krieg - lead guitar, backing vocals (1986-1992, 2009-)
  • Clive Preston - bass (1986-1992, 2009-)
Touring members
  • John Manning (of Townsend Sacrifice) - drums on European leg of Excorcism Global: The World Tour (2009-2010)
  • Kieran Bloomfield (of Rokhello) drums on North American leg of Excorcism Global: The World Tour (2009-2010)
Former members
  • Bradley Shanks - drums (1986-1992)


  • Death Toll: 4 Billion and Rising EP - 1989
  • Exorcismic: The Album - 1990
  • Death Engage 2.5 - 1992
  • Universality - 2010

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