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A GI Cop Hunter F-18 in the skies

The F-18 Hornet jet fighter is a jet used by the American Air force.

Transformers: AerialbotsEdit

Silverbolt transforms into an F-18 super Hornet while Ace Jetstream turn into a regular Hornet.

Transformers WarsEdit

Only a few Autobots turn into the F-18 Hornet.

G.I. Joe (2016 TV series)Edit

The F-18 is G.I. Joes main fighter due to the old tomcats are replaced.

G.I. Cop huntersEdit

F-18 shoots down an enemy

F-18 shooting down an evil flying police car

In G.I. Cop hunters this plane is not only the Cop Hunters standard fighter jet but also the mascot of the tv show. These planes can do many purposes including dogfighting, dropping fire retardant on fires, bombing runs, escorting the bombers and many other purposes.

One of the notable battles they got into is against the evil cops flying police cars over the skies of America due to the F-22 Raptors were almost destroyed and cannot be used except for Nova's airstrike unit.

Other battles includes the F-18s got into dogfights over Europe against the Nazi Cops Air force including their Me-262s and Me109s which Lightning charges his F-18 into a flying Nazi Police car to shoot down Pretty Cop with his jet fighters bullets result in Pretty Cops death but Lightning got himself killed by bullets puncturing his lungs and his F-18 crashed later on. The jet was used again alongside the new F-35 Lightning IIs to try to destroy the Nazi Lord that transformed into a massive Nazi Monster spirit but the Nazi Lord opened his chest to unleash swarms of Me262s in attempt to shoot down the enemy air squadron that stand in his way of causing destruction to Great Britain and its fleets. Duke and most of the cop hunters then go back to their F-18s after the destruction of the Nazi lord.

The F-18 along with the F-35 were then used to fight the Soviet cops air power and despite the MiG-31s speed they were able to shoot them down and secure air superiority over the skies of Asia.

The F-18 along with the F-22 and the F-35 later brought down officer Jenny, the evil cops elite, the United cops air and sea power and finally brought the final defeat of Cop God and later at the end of the war the F-18 put on an amazing air show for the heroes of the war.

Notable F-18sEdit


501st Armada


F-18 artwork

Concept art of the G.I. Cop hunters F-18s