Starscream in his new F-22 Raptor mode

"Let's give em an air show!"

The Lockheed Martins F-22 Raptor is one of the most feared and famous air superiority airplanes in the universe.

Transformers Wars

Starscream and several other Autobots have an F-22 Raptor mode.

Transformers: Aerialbots

Air Raid transforms into an F-22 Raptor.

G.I. Cop hunters

YF-22 Lightning II

F-22 concept art in G.I. Cop hunters

"Airstrike confirmed! Raptors on the way!"
—F-22 pilots on their way to do an Airstrike on the target Nova pinpointed
The raptor made several appearances in the show. One is where F-22s were escorting the Presidents plane from flying police cars and several landed unmanned F-22s were seen destroyed by the evil cops causing the Joes to declare war on the cops and become G.I. cop hunters and another episode where the F-22s were being used to support the GI Cop hunters F-18s on attacking Naruds HQ in Cuba. After the F-22s are repaired in one of the episodes Nova can call in F-22s to conduct airstrikes on enemy buildings. Later in the final season of G.I. Cop hunters the F-22s are ready for actual combat rather than airstrikes where they took down the evil cop god and the last remains of his evil cop armies.

Raptor on the airfield

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