Breakaway in his alternate mode

The F-35 Lightning II is a versatile fast, cheap and awesome fighter jet. Breakaway and several other decepticons and autobot planes share an F-35 Lightning II alternate mode.

Transformers: Aerialbots

Slingshot transforms into an F-35.

G.I. Cop hunters

"Death from above!"
—F-35 pilot

In GI Cop Hunters this jet was delivered to the Cop Hunters in Light in the Dark to counter the Nazi and Soviet cops most advanced flying vehicles and was built to fight the Nazi Lord that swarmed the F-18 Hornets with its Me-262s. Unfortunately these planes were still prototypes, were very expensive and Duke still flies his F-18 due to the F-35s are only built in limited numbers.

When Duran not only becomes a nazi lord and transforms into a massive evil nazi spirit he used his newfound dark powers to create devastation to his enemies to the point the good guys had to use the F-35s which are used to fight alongside Europes Air Force against the massive nazi lord and his Me262 squadrons and fire a nuke into the Nazi lords chest killing the Nazi lord in the process.

Latter the F-35 serve alongside the F-18s in fighting the soviet cops Air Force including fighting mig fighters of the soviet cops and the evil Mega evolved soviet cop Ivan Sovietbreath.

Finally the F-35 alongside the F-18 and F-22 brought the final defeat of the United cops alliance by taking down Officer Jenny, the evil cops elite, and the United cops air and sea power while helping Duke kill Cop God.