F.RI.E.N.D.S Alternative Season Nine is my version of how Season Nine turned out.

The One With The Mistake

Hospital,Joey has accidently proposed to Rachel.

Rachel: Joey,I love you,As an friend,But i don't want to marry you

Joey: Oh,Anyway,This was Ross's and-

Rachel: He was going to propose to me

Joey: No

Opening scene,Skip to Waiting room.Chandler and Monica are there

Monica: Do you think we should try again

Chandler: No babe

Monica: What

Chandler: Yes babe

Rachel's room.Ross comes in when Joey leaves

Rachel: You were going to propose to me

Ross: What

Rachel: You were going to propose to me.Joey accidently did and he explained.I say yes

Ross; Thats great.

They kiss

Baby Room.Phoebe is looking at Emma.Chandler and Monica come in

Monica: Hey

Phoebe: I know who Emma was in the past life

Chandler: Who

Phoebe: An lesbian knight

Monica: Okay,Pheebs

Scene,Waiting room.Jack and Judy come in

Judy: Where is Geller Green

Jack: What

Judy: Geller Green.The baby.Rachel and Ross told us they were not telling us the name untill we got here.

Jack: I know.It is like the time when u helped that woman in labour,While you were in labour with Monica

Judy: I was the woman in labour with Sammy

Jack: Who

Scene,Rachel's room.Jack and Judy come in

Rachel: Hey

Judy: Where is the baby,My daughter who i never had

Rachel: In the babyroom downstairs

Judy: Did Ross propose

Rachel: Yes,He did

Closeing credits.Monica and Chandler are in the closet having sex and Judy hears

Judy: Is someone dying in there

Chandler: Oh no(Mouths)

Monica: (I know)

The One With The Welcome Home Party

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