A Fairy of the Stars was an extremely powerful being, possessing very strong magical powers. The fairy also sports large, butterfly-esque wings. There could only be one at a time, and each one could only be the Fairy of the Stars for up to 1,000 years. Then they had to retire and lose 90% of their magical strength. Upon reaching the retirement point the current Fairy must find a young child, always a girl but not always Human, who was kind, moral, and responsible. They then ask the child to become their successor, and if the child accepts, that child soon developes the wings and the immense magical power. The retiring Fairy, who must lose 90% of their power, can choose to let it all dissipate or to give some to a well-chosen individual as a last gift.

The Fairies of the Stars only rarely get involved in the events of the Star Wars Galaxy, which is their home region, or the wider universe. They almost never get involved in warfare, because they use their powers only in kindness. Additionally, they cannot perform super-powerful changes, such as augmenting an Ultimate Chaos Control to the point of resurrecting multiple demolished planets and their inhabitants, unless they owe a debt of gratitude to someone involved.


Not much is widely known about the history of the Fairies of the Stars. Meeting one is rare, and most dismiss their existence as mythical. They are rarely involved in history, although one did help drive the Celestials out. As of 2013 A.D./27 ABY the Fairy at the time, Myaalasa D'Shon, enhanced the Ultimate Chaos Control with her power, mostly because she thought it was such a kind idea but also partly to thank Anakin Skywalker. In fact, her debt to Anakin was what allowed her to do it.

Known Fairies

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