Voices and Characters PresentEdit

Wayne Allwine  .  Mickey Mouse

Tony Anselmo  .  Donald Duck

Jeff Bennett  .  Mr. Smee, Shelby

Jodi Benson  .  Ariel, Belle

Robby Benson  .  Beast

Ernest Borgnine  .  Mermaidman, X-Ray Dog

Corey Burton  .  Captain Hook, Chip

Pat Carroll  .  Ursula

John Cleese  .  Narrator (Mickey Mouse Film)

Tim Conway  .  Barnacleboy

Jim Cummings  .  Pete, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger

E.G. Daily  .  Louie Duck

Jeannie Elias  .  Huey Duck

Bill Farmer  .  Goofy

Jonathan Freeman  .  Jafar

Gilbert Gottfried  .  Iago

Estelle Harris  .  Shelby's Mother

Jeremy Irons  .  Scar, Magic Napkins

Bob Joles  .  Sneezy

Tress MacNeille  .  Daisy Duck, Dale

Jerry Orbach  .  Lumiere

Phil Proctor  .  Cave of Wonders

Joe Ranft  .  Jacques

John Rhys-Davies  .  Man-Ray, Cassim

Rod Roddy  .  Mike

Pamela Segall  .  Dewey Duck

Ernie Sabella  .  Pumbaa

Kevin Schon  .  Timon

David Ogden Stiers  .  Governor Ratcliffe, Cogsworth

Russi Taylor  .  Minnie Mouse

Scott Weinger  .  Aladdin

Other Guests Of The House Of Mouse




Mike: And now, he was first made in 1928, Mickey....MOUSE!

Mickey: Hi, everybody! And welcome to House of Mouse. And hey, why aren't the leaves cleaned out of the doorway? I think Springy was gonna clean it up.

Mortimer Mouse: I was sick that day, Mickey. Jafar was going to destroy you.

(Screen slides to Mortimer with a cast on his neck)

Jafar: My neck had a fracture that day, Mortimer. Iago was my companion.

(Screen slide to Iago sewing a broken show)

Iago: Nope. Sorry, Jafar. That Mortimer guy ripped off the House of Mouse and I'm still working on it. Mickey wasn't gonna lose that club.

Mickey: But, but, but, but-- Ah, forget it.

Mermaidman: Leave the House of Mouse alone!

Jafar: So Aladdin's your friend, hmm? I may call him a street rat, but you'll never been born.

Mermaidman: You thieves can't win! You un-numbered.

Mortimer Mouse: You can't broke me, you guys.

Jafar and Mortimer: (Laugh maniacally)

Mermaidman: Mermaidman and Barnacleboy, UNITE. (They jump over the table) Jafar, this is supposed to be no Mortimer Mouse allowed.

Jafar: But I must have the lamp. It must be the black one. Not just any lamp, the magic lamp.

Barnacleboy: Now wait just a minute. That dosen't belong to you.

Mermaidman: You're in trouble, Jafar. You're not hungry and you're not thirsty.

Jafar: All right, I won't. (To Mickey) Mickey, I wll kidnap Mortimer to be an evil sprit.

Mickey: Evil spirit?

Jafar: Yes. I'm letting the nuclear fall down at the House of Mouse. It has ever known.

Scar: Not anymore, Jafar. I am the king.

Jafar: You are the king, Scar. I'm still got evil treasure.

Cave of Wonders: Silence.

Jafar: (Gasps)

Cave of Wonders: The dimond in the rough may touch the evil forbitten treasure.

Mickey: Evil forbitten treasure?

Cave of Wonders: That's right. Now he will never seen the light of day.

Mermaidman: (Screams and starts running away)

Barnacleboy: Now what, Mermaidman? We're in trouble!

Mermaidman: Huey, Dewey and Louie from Quack Pack belong to Jafar's horse.

Louie Duck: Leave them alone.

Man-Ray: It isn't, Louie. You stole Jafar's horse.

Louie Duck: You are letting the nuclear fall at the House of Mouse.

Man-Ray: You see, this town belongs me.


"Savages Part 1 (Pocahontas)" Governor Ratcliffe, Jafar, Captain Hook, and Man-Ray

"Savages Part 2 (Pocahontas)" Huey, Dewey, Louie, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Governor Ratcliffe, Mr. Smee, Captain Hook, Jafar, Mermaidman, and Barnacleboy

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