Fall of Man is an acclaimed 2023 American horror film written, directed and produced by Robert Bussing-Jones and stars Alex Russell, Elizabeth Olsen, Andrew Scott, Jamie Cromwell and Grey DeLisle. The story revolves around four survivors of a worldwide pandemic which has mutated the infected into ravenous, ghoulish-like individuals.

Fall of Man was originally intended for release in 2019, but was shelved. The film was revisted again in 2021 and went under a major rewrite. The film was then slated for a fall 2023 release with all-new actors and a plot.


In 2018, a small village in Africa is struck with a mysterious disease that turns the populace into raving beserkers. Several of the infected reach the Democratic Republic of Congo, where they attack many of the citizens and soldiers, thus spreading the disease even more.

By the end of 2019, more than half of Africa is stricken with the disease as more infected are turned into lunatics and attack people. The disease eventually reaches Europe and over one million cases of the disease are reported. The United States eventually ceases all trade from Europe in fear the disease could be in the food. Despite this action, several cases of the disease are reported in South Carolina as warnings are sent to the other states. The disease eventually spans over the entire nation, infecting countless citizens.

By 2021, almost a quarter of the world's population has become infected by the disease, which the Center for Disease Control refers to as the Zero virus. Over 697 million cases of the Zero virus are reported by 2022 and eventually, the entire world is sent into chaos as the virus overcomes many militaries, thus crushing all hope that the virus can be contained.

The film begins in 2023, where the world's population is 64% infected by the Zero virus. Bryan Ferguson is one of the survivors of the virus and has lived using various survival techniques with the sole objective of reaching the Sanctuary, a large fortress located in Hawaii and the last safe haven on Earth. In his travels, he meets Dave O'Malley, a fellow survivor who is also trying to reach the Sanctuary.

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