Harry Potter. Harry and Ginny Potter travel back in time to stop Voldermort and his Death Eaters. Harry/Ginny

One, Merlin

Harry and Ginny Potter raced across the room, just barely avoiding the killing curse cast from Bellatrix Lestrange.

Harry kicked the door open, and pushed Ginny in. She avoid falling to the ground and turned around. "Stupefy", she shouted as a death eater tried to kill Harry. The death eater fell to the ground, stunned.

"This way", Ginny screamed as more death eaters bursted into the room. Harry chased after her, and both relised they were trapped as they were in the bathroom.

"Ginny, i love you", Harry whispered. "I love you too, Harry. Forever and Forever", she whispered. Both of them leaned towards the other, and kissed their last kiss.

The door blasted open, and Lucious Malfoy and Tonks, who is under the Imperius Curse, bursted in. "Avada Kedarva", both of them shouted, and Harry and Ginny were hit by the curse, and fell to the ground, dead.

Start Of Rebeling

Everyone cried as they saw an dead Ron, after the battle of Little Whinnigan. "Not my boy", Molly screamed as she collapsed.

Harry, Hermione and Nevile decided to go on the hunt for Horcruxes. "For Ron", Hermione whispered.

Unfortunatly, the death eaters found Grimmuald place, and the three of them rushed to the floo. Meanwhile, Kreature defended them, which resuled the deaths of him and Hedwig.

Harry, Nevile and Hermione sneaked in to the Ministry of Magic under Polyjuice potion. They were found by Umbride, who tried to kill them.

Nevile accidently blew up the Ministry of Magic, which destroyed the Horcrux. Harry and Hermione barely escaped.

Meanwhile, Ginny and Luna were at Hogwarts hiding in the Room of Requirement. "I need to see him", Ginny told Luna. "No you don't", came an cold voice. Both of them turned around.

Lavendar Brown had betrayed them to Snape and the death eaters. Ginny managed to escape while Luna was tortured.

Harry and Hermione were at Godrics Hallow, and found the sword of Gryffindor. However, Nagina found them, and tried to kill both of them.

Hermione grabbed Harry and apparated. However, Hermione's arm was splinced, and she died of blood loss.

Harry, with his sword, searched for help, until he came across Ginny. Both of them decided to go back to the Burrow.

When they did, they wished they didn't. The Burrow was in flames, and Bill and his heavily pregnant wife Fluer were the only survivors.

They came across Remus and Tonks and their son, Teddy, and Tonks Mum, Andromenda. Harry explained his story, and Ginny explained hers.

The death eaters found them, and Remus was killed while protecting Tonks. Ginny grabbed Tonks and unfortunatly, Tonks was placed in the Imperius Curse by Voldermort.

Not caring who killed Harry, Voldermort told everyone to attack. Fluer was murdered by Greyback, and Bill torched the house, which burned him, Andromenda and Teddy.

Harry and Ginny found an beaten Luna, who told them of an secret passage way before dying. Harry and Ginny reached the passage way, but Bellatrix Lestrange saw this.

End Of Rebel

Harry awoke. "Is this, heaven", Harry whispered. Ginny awoke, and relised what he was talking about. "If it is, where is my family", Ginny asked.

"Hello", came an voice, and both turned around. "Who are you", Harry asked. The man with blonde hair and grey eyes laughed. "Merlin".

"What", Ginny near enough yelled. "Yes.MORETOBECONTINUED.

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