Rank 11 is a Fanon rank. This will describe how to reach Rank 12! In this rank you will build the Family Sedan(Pink Sedan)!

Required NetworkersEdit

  • Homer Simpson
  • Bart Simpson
  • Marge Simpson
  • Lisa Simpson
  • Maggie Simpson
  • Milhouse Van Heuten
  • Barney Gumble
  • Principal Skinner
  • Grampa Simpson
  • Monty Burns
  • Waylon Smithers
  • Moe Szyslak
  • Professor Frink
  • Nelson

Secret Networkers....ShhhhhEdit

  • Fat Tony(Will give you "Illegal" Document blueprint)
  • Cletus Spuckler (Will give you Tomacco blueprint)
  • Krusty the Clown (Gives the Clown head that can be used on your Avatar)
  • Sideshow Bob (Will give you special blueprints IF you are not friends with Krusty)
  • Kang (Will give the Alien Spacehelmet blueprint)
  • Kodos (Will give the Alien Spacesuit blueprint)
  • Chief Wiggum ( Will give the Handcuffs blueprint)
  • Jailbird Snake (Will give all-colored bricks over time - MUST be friends with Fat Tony)
  • Apu Nahasapeemapetilon (Gives the Kwik-E-Mart Module Blueprint)


Steering Wheel BlueprintEdit

  • Befriend the Simpson family(Including Grampa), Barney, Moe Szyslak, Professor Frink, Milhouse, Principal Skinner, Nelson, Mr. Burns, and Mr. Smithers.
  • Milhouse will Reply to your requets by sending the following message: "Hi. Can you help me find my glasses? I think I left them at Bart's house.
  • Give Moe 5 Red Bricks for the Beer Blueprint.
  • Mail Homer one Beer for the Milhouse's Glasses Blueprint.
  • Build the glasses and mail them to Milhouse.
  • Milhouse will send the Saxophone blueprint.
  • Trade 1 Saxophone to Lisa for a finished Math Homework blueprint.
  • Mail the Finished Math Homework to Bart. He will reply with: " Aha! There, my name's on it. Give it to Principal Skinner."
  • Trade Principal Skinner "Bart's" Math Homework for the 1 Dollar blueprint.
  • Mail Homer the 1 Dollar. He will reply with: "Gee, thanks. I'm going to get some beer now. Here, take this."
  • Collect the Binky Blueprint Attachment from Homer. Build 1 Binky.
  • Trade Marge the Binky for the Maggie's Binky blueprint.
  • Build 1 Maggie's Binky and Mail it to Maggie. She will reply with: " "
  • Collect the Steering Wheel Blueprint (Watch the season one opening sequence) Attachment.

Machinery BlueprintEdit

  • Mail Frink a Red Brick for the Gear Blueprint.
  • Trade Grampa One Red Brick for a WWII Radio.
  • Mail the WWII Radio to Professor Frink. In return, you will receive the Engine Blueprint.
  • Build the Engine for later. It will cost 3 Gears.
  • Trade One Maggie's Binkie for an Old Car Seat on Maggie's Page.
  • Trade Frink the Old Car Seat for the Pedal Blueprint.
  • Trade Grampa One Blue Brick for a WWII Satellite.
  • Mail Frink the WWII Satellite for Half a Brake.
  • Combine the Half a Brake and Pedal to get the Brake for later.
  • Trade Frink a Beaver for the Gas Pedal for later.
  • Trade Nelson a Red Brick for a Grampa's Medicine Blueprint.
  • Build a Grampa's Medicine, and Mail it to Grampa to get the Freezing Chamber Blueprint.
  • Mail Frink 1 Freezing Chamber for the Car Parts for later.
  • Trade Frink 20 Blue Bricks for the Dashboard.
  • Mail Homer 5 Beer for the Machinery Blueprint.
  • Build the Machinery. Will cost 1 Engine, 1 Brake, 1 Gas Pedal, 1 Dashboard, and 1 Car Parts.

Car Shell BlueprintEdit

  • Mail Homer 1 Finished Homework to get the: "Why would I need this, ya Jerka**. Here, just take this!" Reply. Collect the 100 Dollars Blueprint.
  • Mail Marge 1 100 Dollars to get this reply: " Oh! Homey gave me this? Give him his Pink Car Shell back. As an apology." Collect the Car Shell Blueprint.
  • Build one Car Shell. You will get a Mail Message from Mr. Burns.
  • Mr. Burns Mail Message: " You? Ha! I'll take that Car Shell. Give me some self portraits of me. Then maybe I'll give it back." The next time you check the Car Shell and Car Shell Blueprint will be missing.
  • Mail Mr. Smithers a Videotape labeled: Naked Mr. Burns. Collect the Mr. Burns Screensaver.
  • Mail Marge a Maggie's Binky for the Naked Mr. Burns Portrait.
  • Mail the Portrait and Screensaver to Mr. Burns.
  • Mr. Burns reply: "Give me an extra worker. Then I'll give it back."
  • Mail Barney 10 Beer for the Worker's Application.
  • Mail Mr. Burns the Worker's Application.
  • Collect the Car Shell and Car Shell blueprint Attachments.

Pink Sedan Masterpeice BlueprintEdit

  • Mail Homer 20 Beer. He will reply with: " Oh, hey. Thanks. I ne-zzzzzzzzzzzz- that. Here, I ha-zzzzzzzz- car.
  • Collect the Pink Sedan Masterpeice Blueprint Attachment.
  • Build the Pink Sedan Masterpeice. It will cost 1 Car Shell, 1 Machinery, and 1 Steering Wheel.
  • Congratulations! You have finished Rank 11!

Optional ActivitiesEdit

Kwik-E-Mart ModuleEdit

  • Befriend Apu Nahasapeemapetilon.
  • Mail Homer Simpson 12 Beer for the Milk Blueprint.
  • Mail Apu 1 Milk. Collect the Kwik-E-Mart Module Blueprint Attachment.
  • Build the Kwik-E-Mart Module and put it on your page to start earning various items.

Officer Wiggum Mini-RankEdit

  • Befriend Chief Wiggum, Jailbird Snake, Fat Tony, Sideshow Bob, Kang and Kodos.
  • Mail Frink a Steering Wheel to get the TV remote blueprint.
  • Mail Homer 1 TV Remote to get the Donut Blueprint.
  • Mail Chief Wiggum 10 Donuts(Will cost 10 Red Bricks) to get the Handcuffs blueprint.
  • You will get this Mail Message from the Chief: " Hello, I need help apprehending Snake, Fat Tony, and Sideshow Bob. You need evidence. Check out each one of the men."
  • Trade Chief Wiggum 1 Donut for the Gun Blueprint.
  • Mail Snake 1 Gun for the Bag of Money Blueprint.
  • Mail Chief Wiggum a Red Brick for the Getaway Car Blueprint.
  • Mail Snake one Getaway Car for a Run Over Old Man Blueprint.
  • After 2 hours, check your mailbox. Snake should have sent you a message. Collect the Litter Blueprint Attachment.
  • Send Wiggum one Run Over Old Man, one Litter, and one Bag of Money.
  • Wiggum's reply: "Thanks for Helping with Snake. We still need to apprehend some more though. Here, take this Disguise."
  • Collect the Disguise Blueprint.
  • Build one Disguise and Mail it to Fat Tony. Receive the Stolen Diamond Blueprint.
  • Mail Fat Tony one Gun. Receive the Counterfeit Designer Jeans Blueprint.
  • Mail Fat Tony one Getaway Car. Receive the Dead Body Inside Sack Blueprint.
  • Mail Wiggum 1 Stolen Diamond, 1 Counterfeit Designer Jeans, and 1 Dead Body Inside Sack.
  • Wiggum's reply: " Good! Now we need to apprehend Sideshow Bob. Get ready for a fight."
  • Trade Sideshow Bob one Gun for a Handcuffed Sideshow Bob Blueprint.
  • Mail Chief Wiggum a Handcuffed Sideshow Bob.
  • Wiggum's Reply: " Good job! Men, let's go get some Krusty Burgers. Oh, and here."
  • Collect the Special Krusty Burger Blueprint!
  • Chief Wiggum will immediately send you a second message: " Uh oh. Kid, take this badge. We need your help."
  • Collect the Springfield Police Department Badge Blueprint Attachment. Build one SPD Badge.
  • Mail Kang one Gun. Receive the Handcuffed Kang Blueprint.
  • Mail Wiggum one Handcuffed Kang.
  • Wiggum's reply: " Good! Now, apprehend Kodos with this."
  • Receive the Spaceship Blueprint.
  • Mail 1 Spaceship to Kodos. Receive the Apprehended Kodos Blueprint.
  • Mail 1 Apprehended Kodos and 1 Krusty Burger to Wiggum.
  • Wiggum's reply: " Thanks for the Burger! Kodos! Handcuffed! Take this badge for your efforts."
  • Build the SPD Chief Officer Badge!

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