WWE 2012-and so on! is the WWE Show going from 2012 to- well, to forever! It is written by Slashranger4444, and is PG-13(So any potential nudity is shown off camera.)!!!!!!!


Raw 12-1-12Edit

  • Jerry: Welcome to Raw, where we're returning to PG-13!
  • JR: We sure are, King.
  • Michael Cole: Will you all just shut up!
  • JR: Sourpuss.
  • Cole gives JR the devil eye.
  • Jerry: Wait a minute, we got a camera backstage.
  • Trish, Torrie, and Stacy walk in to three teams playing Poker. Trish says, "Hey guys, playing Poker?" One of the teams, the Hardy Boyz, says, "Yeah, why?" APA says, "I bet you don't wanna play, after what happened like, 10 years ago." Torrie: "Maybe we do, maybe we don't but, we will on one condition." APA: "What's that?" Torrie: "Three more teams play too." Dudley Boyz: " We agree to your stip, as long as you agree to ours. Its going to be Strip Poker." Stacy: "Um-" Torrie: "We agree!" Trish: "What!" Dudley Boyz: "Hey, she agreed, so all of ya agreed." Stacy: "Pervert." D-Von: "So which Diva's on which team?" Torrie: "Well, Lita's on Edge and Christian, Maria Kanellis is on the Blue Bloods(Paul Burchill and William Regal), and and Natalya is on Jeri-Show." Bubba: "What about you three?" Torrie: "Its a random Spin the Bottle." D-Von grabs a bottle, and Jeff, D-Von, and Bradshaw sit in a circle. The bottle spins, and the Dudleys are picked first. Torrie: "Congrats, you get, Stacy!" The bottle spins, and the Hardyz are picked next. Torrie: "You get, Trish!" Trish: "Which means APA gets Torrie!" Torrie: "Yeah! Wait, what!" Trish: "Yep, that's what you get for saying yes."
  • Jerry: Where'd they go?
  • JR: We gotta get to our first match , King, that was just promoting the segment.
  • Cole: Which is happening right now.
  • Jerry: Good thing I brought my laptop!
  • JR: Just pay a bit of attention to the match please!
# Match Results Match Stipulation
1 Mr. Kennedy def. Mark Henry Singles
2 Kelly Kelly def. Beth Phoenix Singles
3 Daniel Bryan def. Wade Barrett Singles for IC Title
4 Sin Cara def. Heath Slater Singles for US Title
ME Hardy Boyz(W/Trish Stratus) def. David Otunga and Mike McGillicutty Tag Team for Tag Team Titles

ME= Main Event

Jeff-Trish segment: Jeff: "Was it real to you, Trish?" Trish: "I don't know, it was a penalty." Jeff: "Did you like it?" Trish: "I just, uh, I-" Jeff: "It wasn't for you, I get it." Trish: " Wait, Jeff. Yes, yes, it WAS!" Trish hugs and kisses Jeff. The show goes off the air. SegmentsEdit

Poker SegmentEdit

Note: Watch the first Raw showing for the beginning!

Teams: Hardyz(W/ Trish Stratus), APA(W/ Torrie Wilson), Dudleyz(W/ Stacy Keibler), E&C(Edge and Christian)(W/ Lita), Jeri-Show(Chris Jericho and the Big Show) (W/ Natalya), and the Blue Bloods (William Regal and Paul Burchill) (W/ Maria Kanellis)

The six teams begin to play. APA: "We check." E&C: "We bet 10." Dudleyz: "We call." JeriShow: "We Raise 20." Blue Bloods: "We Call." Hardyz: "We Check." APA: "We Check." E&C: "We Fold." Dudleyz: "We Check." JeriShow: "We Check." Blue Bloods: "We have to Fold." Dealer(Earl Hebner): "All right, show me your cards. The winner is the Hardyz. There are 2 losers. Blue Bloods and E&C." Maria takes off her top while Lita takes off her top. Earl Hebner: " Next Round." APA: "We bet 20." E&C: "We Raise 10." Dudleyz: "We Call." JeriShow: "We Call." Earl Hebner: "Alright, Dudleyz and JeriShow, let's see your cards. Still in: Dudleyz. Out: JeriShow." Blue Bloods: "We Check." Hardyz: "Why not. We Check." APA: "We Check." E&C: "Oh yeah, we Check." Dudleyz: "We seriously Check." Earl: "Ok, lets see the cards. Winner: Blue Bloods. Losers: Dudleyz, JeriShow, E&C, and APA." Natalya, Torrie, and Stacy take off their tops while Lita takes off her jeans. Earl: "Next Round." JeriShow: "We bet 20." Blue Bloods: "Let's see, oh, damn! We have to Fold." Hardyz: "We Check." APA: "We Bet 30. Oh, damn! Now we only have two chips left! We Fold." E&C: "We Bet 5." Dudleyz: "We Fold." Earl: "We have too many folders, lets see the cards. Winner: Hardyz. Losers: Blue Bloods, Dudleyz, and APA." Maria, Torrie, and Stacy all take off their pants. The screen goes black. It pops back on with Maria, Torrie, Stacy, and Lita having their backs to the camera, as their bras are off, Natalya is topless, and Trish is in her Bra and Panties. Earl: "Winner: E&C. Losers: Blue Bloods, Hardyz, JeriShow, and E&C." Black Screen. Screen on again. Maria is nude, with her being off-screen, Trish has her back to the camera, and so does Stacy, Lita, and Torrie, and Natalya is in her Bra and Panties. Black Screen. Turned on. Earl: "Ok, the teams eliminated are Blue Bloods, JeriShow, Dudleyz, and E&C. The teams competing are Hardyz, and APA." Hardyz: "We Fold." APA: "We Fold." Earl: "Trish, you were randomly picked to get the Penalty, and APA, you've lost, take Torrie off camera, and Torrie, take off your panties." Trish: "What's my Alternate Penalty?" Earl: "Kiss one person on your team." Trish: "Oh. Um, I'll kiss, Jeff." Trish makes out with Jeff. Matt: "Jeff's got a girlfriend." Jeff: "Shut up." Trish: "There. That's my penalty."

Another InterviewEdit

We got an interview with Slashranger4444, about his works:

" I am no longer working with WWE. They liked my first episode, but me and Vince McMahon got into an arguement, and it was chaos. Vince fired me, and I am now in the studio working on Transformers 8, as they will not let me start on Amazing Spiderman 2 until the Amazing Spiderman is on DVD. After the WWE incident, I will not be working on the Rambo movies, or the Rocky movies, as someone else was hired for that. My works have become a wreck after the Vince incident, but I plan to come right back, as I am working with Wipeout still, and will be developing a Rank 12 with MyLEGONetwork, as I did a great job on Rank 11, they said. They signed me to a producers contract, so I will develop Ranks until at least Rank 20. I am picking myself up again, as my video game works, which are Left 4 Dead 3 and my Call of Duty War series are still ongoing, as they still love my video game work. I am working with LEGO on a full time contract, so I am still developing LEGO Spider-Man the video game, but it has been put on hold, as they would like to have the Amazing Spider-Man included in it. Thanks for your support."

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