Fanon Idol is a project i want to work on, me and my friends thought of doing a American idol on here.. All you have to is sign up here, when i think theres enough on here, i will give more instructions like what songs you guys can do!:)

  • NO LIP SYNCINNG please!!!:)
  • Upload on Youtube so i can see it, post the link on here and yea:)
  • Oh and ill tell you what my channnle is on youtube is tew!

Idols Sign up Edit

  • RULES: in the beginning:)

Judges Edit

  • Pohlranda 07:07, July 13, 2011 (UTC) pohlranda
  • Zoe - my friend..
  • Michael - my friend..
  • RULES: We will give a critiq, good and bad and tell you if u got our vote.

Audience Edit

  • RULES: when you guys like a performer make a star by there video!
  • RULES: You can only vote once unless a special occasion:)

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