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This is Fanon Wiki's Ultimate Fighting All-Stars! This is a game that will be made by me, MJC100, in a sprite form, that will include characters of the Fanon wiki.

Character, Stage, & Item RegistrationEdit

If you want your character to be in it, make sure it is a character made by you, not anybody else. Also, talk to me, MJC100, on my talk page or on this discussion page if you want your character to be put in, also give me a picture of that character or description or I can't make him/her. Each of the Fanon wiki's makers can go up to 10 characters.

For stages and items, give me all you got.

Character ListEdit

MJC100's CharactersEdit
  • Ultimo X
  • Christina
  • Raba
  • Red
  • Owlman
  • Stick Man
  • Mecha-161
  • Sgt. Cammando
  • Electrops
  • Wolf Man

Stage ListEdit

(Coming Soon)

Items ListEdit

(Coming Soon)

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