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This page is an official policy on the Fanon Wiki.

It has wide acceptance among administrators and is a standard that everyone should follow. Please make use of the Watercooler forum to propose changes to this policy.

Categorization is a very important issue on the Fanon Wiki, and it is a policy that must be followed by all users and contributors.

Categorization means to categorize an article appropriately, and with all categories possible. No article should be without a category, and all categories as well must be categorized. Images are automatically categorized by licensing templates.

Categories should be arranged in alphabetical order, and all category names should be in plural form.

To categorize, a user places [[Category:Categoryname]] anywhere in an article, although it is recommended that they be placed at the very top or the very bottom of an article.


In-universe articles

All in universe articles should be properly categorized, by all types available. Categories range from many genres. An article can be categorized in detail, such as by gender, species, occupation, ranks, etc. Every individual has a category that they'd fit into somehow. All males should be categorized under the males category, and all females under the females category.

Weapons and other objects should also be categorized appropriately and in detail. For example, some sort of gun could easily be categorized under the weapons category, however, to go into detail, it should be categorized in the ranged weapons category instead. Locations can also be categorized in detail, such as a continent. A continent could be categorized under locations, but to be more specific, it should be categorized under geographical locations.

Ranks and titles also apply to articles. If a character was once a Ninja Warrior, and he ascended to the rank of a Ninja Master, only the latter would be needed in categorization, because it is the last rank a character holds before his death that should be categorized. For example, if a character was a General of the United States Army, but was demoted to the rank of a Lieutenant before his death, then he'd only be categorized as a Lieutenant, not a General. Some titles, however, should be categorized. If a character was once the President of the United States, he'd be categorized under that category because it is a title that is held for a lifetime.

In conclusion, all articles have a category they'd fit into.

Out of universe articles

Out of universe articles should be categorized too. By out of universe articles, it means those articles that are not part of a user's fanon in-universe content. For example, if a user writes an article about a character, he'd be in-universe; however, if that character appears in an fan film, whether it be real or not, then that fan film should be categorized as an out of universe/real world article appropriately. However, if a character creates a film in the fanon universe, then that film would still be in-universe.

Some content that should be categorized as out of universe/real world articles are real life websites. If a user's content comes from a role playing website, then they may create an article about that website, and it'd be categorized under [[Category:Websites (real-world)]]. The same idea goes for books; if a character writes a book in the fanon universe, then it'd be in-universe, but if the user creates a book (imaginary or not) that a character appears in, then that book would be categorized under [[Category:Books (real-world)]].

Other real world articles include the policies, templates, and guideline pages found on the Fanon Wiki, that aren't meant to be fanon content. They are also meant to be categorized appropriately, such as under the templates category or the policies category. Improvement templates will also place temporary categories in articles, such as articles that are up for immediate deletion, with the template {{delete}}.


All categories should also be categorized, just as all articles. For example, the Humans category and the Orcs category both are categories for members of a certain species. Those categories would be categorized under [[Category:Individuals by species]]. Also, categories such as the Ranged weapons category and the orc weapons category would be categorized under [[Category:Weapons]].

There are also out of universe categories, specifically around templates. All categories that revolve around templates, such as the Utility templates category or the Improvement templates category would go under [[Category:Templates]].

All categories must be categorized correctly. Any category such as "Articles by Squishy Vic" must be categorized under "Articles by author".

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