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This is the official chat guideline and it's mandatory to follow it.

Official guidelines for Fanon Wiki's chat.

  • Respect everyone on chat. Users may not take advantage of this rule and act oversensitive to minor insulting from another user that they hate just to get them banned.
  • No emo or depressing crap. - Don't whine or moan.
  • Swearing is allowed. Just don't swear at other users unless they're fine with it.
  • Trolling is allowed if it causes no harm to anyone on chat.
  • Problems you may have with a user on another wiki don't matter here.
  • Links to porn sites, videos or anything of that nature are not allowed to be linked on chat.
  • If no chat moderators or admins are on chat then you're pretty much a free bird there.
  • Any questions or exceptions you may have over what's right or wrong when on chat, please address an admin or chat moderator.


  • Warning - Every admin and chat moderator is different so depending on who's dealing with you then you'll get only one warning to a lot of warnings.
  • Kick - If you didn't follow the admin's or cm's warning/s then you'll get kicked. If you continue on then you could get kicked again or banned from chat. It all depends on the admin or chat moderator who's dealing with you.
  • Banning - If you did not follow the admin's or cm's Warning or stopped after being kicked then you'll get banned from chat. Your chat ban's length depends on what you were doing, and the authority that was dealing with you.

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