Fanonfied Fighting Arena: The Game is a 2013 upcoming game based on the FFA. It contains fighters from the FFA, as well as 5 other characters.

Recently, it has been announced that downloadable content will be released, with the first character being Dr. Zoidberg from Futurama.

Concept and Creation

Mark Pitt and YOUNGFANON1, the makers of the game, were sitting back on the computer, watching the FFA. Suddenly, YOUNGFANON1 had an idea. "I saw that there were Smackdown Vs Raw games. There were MMA games, but there were no FFA games. I thought, what if players could pick out of over 200 characters? What if online matches were voted on based on stats? It was only a matter of seconds before me and Mark started talking about it."

Mark Pitt, the writer of the game, described the many hardships of the game. "First, we needed to asked Darth Raiden, the FFA creator, if we could make the game. He said yes."

Release Date

YOUNGFANON has stated that the game may not be created. "Darth Raiden has to agree to the game 100 percent. Then, he has to agree to the downloadable content we have in mind. If he says yeah, then we have a game."

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