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In the anime series, Feltwo was recreated by a freshman named Skeeter Newman. but this time, Skeeter made a deal with a old employee at H-Mart who gave him a fossil for free. now Skeeter must uncover the origin of Feltwo alongside Kairi and Cole.


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Feltwo's OriginEdit

When Skeeter is Re-cloning Feltwo or Arbiter to Dr. Xeranort. He said that his memories are being to erase during growth. Young Arbiter heard voices and a little girl named Jamber said those are words. Amber explain that Arbiter is more than any earth inhabitants. Jamber told him about where she lives, the sun, sunset, moon and stars, and than when Jamber left without saying goodbye. Arbiter cry with tears in sadness and left traumatized. Skeeter calm down Feltwo. Skeeter said he will be Feltwo's friend and stepfather.


Feltwo has a side effect that he couldn't swim as well as drown easily. He gets unconscious and rest into suspended animation called stasis mode.

Facts or FictionEdit

  • In Romance Conspiracy, the belly dancers wears arabian-esque bra and jean with silvery orange bracelet.
  • In Nazithree Resurrect, Feltwo aged to more teenage after remembering Creed the Terrible (half-brother of Ivan the Terrible).
  • In Movement High's Wake Up, the school resembles a solid high school in most states of United States of America.

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