Feral are named because they refuse to bow to anyone, and refuse to submit to any way other than their own. They are untamed, they are feral. Feral names end in 'on': ex: Eryon. Sometimes in 'us' ex: Arcturus

The Feral have a large grudge against the Oracles for omitting the possibility that the Fiends would betray the Purists and letting them into the Zodiac. The Feral do not make an appearance until Total Assault 3 where they have joined forces with the Purists to take back The Zodiac.

Apperance Edit

The Feral have possibly the most stunning appearance out of all of the races of the Zodiac. They have feline limbs, face, and eyes, yet instead of hair they have brilliantly colored feathers, of many different shades of blue, purple, and yellow. They stand around 6'08" and weigh around 317 lbs, yet because they have hollow bones they can leap great distances and run at great speeds, and are extraordinary assassins. Although their bones are hollow they are nearly unbreakable.

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