Fervor were an American metal band formed in Odaho in 1998 by Jeff MacGoughlin (vocals) and Ben Shief (lead guitar). The band also consisted of Darren Kyle (bass) and Jon Karr (drums). The band released their first album in 2001, Sirens, and their second Caller in 2004, before their third album in 2005, Fervor: The Album and another in 2006 Phase 2, before announcing their split in 2007.


Jeff MacGoughlin (vocals) and Ben Shief (lead guitar) started Psychedelic Turtle in 1997 in their native Odaho alongside Harrison Mathews (bass) and Joe Donavan (drums). Mathews and Donavan left in 1998, and where replaced by Karr and Kyle.

Fervor and Sirens

In 2001 the new lineup (MacGoughlin, Shief, Kyle, and Karr) hit the studio to record their first album, Sirens.

Phase 2 and split

After 2006's Phase 2 Jeff MacGoughlin reported tensions in the band, particularly between Karr and Shief. After touring in early 2007, MacGoughlin reported on his website that the band had split and that "he could no longer work with such assholes". Karr confirmed the rumour, and said he quit due to Shief, and vice versa. MacGoughlin went solo, releasing his solo debut Me Alone in 2008 with little sucess, Karr took a break from music, and Shief and Kyle formed PigeonHole in 2008.


Jeff MacGoughlin went solo after the band's split in 2007, and recorded and released his solo album Me Alone in 2008, with little sucess. He is reportedly recording a second album, which he says "will be a better standard". Ben Shief and Darren Kyle formed the hardcore metalcore band PigeonHole with vocalist Mike Shin and drummer Peter Blythe in 2008, releasing their Nocturnail EP that year, and Wings of Bitterness in 2009. Jon Karr took a break from drumming, before joining Morgue For Maria in 2010 following Joseph Lewis Junior's departure.


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