Fight is an friends sci fiction fanfiction.An Mist shows up,Trapping the friends and others in central perk.When an man is dragged away to his death,The survivors relise they must work together to survive.

One The Mist

Rachel Green sipped her coffee when she got it from Gunther."Thanks",She walked away with the cup and sat on the orange sofa,Next to Phoebe and Ross."So,Rach,I just found out that Joni is back in town",Ross said as he downed the last of his coffee."Really,How is she",Rachel asked as she continued on her coffee."Sorry to interupt,But who is Joni",Phoebe asked,Confused."Joni is an old neighbor of mine and Monica's",Ross replyed.

Just then,Monica and Chandler came in kissing."Sorry we were late.Joey is out getting some oranges",Monica continued to kiss Chandler."Get a room",Phoebe said without looking at their faces.Just then,They heard screaming come from outside."What is going on",Asked Rachel.

Just then,Joey and a couple of more people came running in,Joey dropping the oranges in the process.Just then,They heard an big yell from outside and everyone ran up to the window to see what was happening."What is that",Monica and Chandler said at the same time.They saw an big kracken,With mist surrounding it.Befour anyone could react,The kracken picked up and man and gulped it in its mouth.

The women screamed and the men puked.Chandler and Ross quickly ran up to the door,Trying to barricade the door.Soon,Other people were joining,Grabbing the orange couch and chairs."I'm going to try and call Carol and Susan",Ross quickly dialed the phone and was waiting for an answer."Fuck",He cursed.

"What,Ross",Monica asked him."The battery is dead",Ross dropped the phone and started to stamp on it."Ross,Calm down",Monica tried to hold him but he slapped her on the face.Monica went down like a ton of bricks falling down."Mon",Chandler held onto her and pushed her against the wall."He is just worried",Monica quietly said.Meanwhile,Gunther was in the back,Locking all exits.There was a couple of people helping him,Including Phoebe and Rachel.
"Rachel",Gunther spoke to her."Yeah,Gunther",Rachel put on an smile.She knew they had to survive this.She just knew."I was going to tell you this another time,But here goes.I-",But befour he could finish,An tentical smashed the window and grabbed onto Gunther."Gunther",Rachel screamed as the people held onto his legs.

"YAHHH",Phoebe screamed as she grabbed an butcher knife and started to hit the tentical.The tentical was too strong to even cut through.The others in the front heard the screams and an couple went in,Including Joey.Just then,They heard screams coming from the other room.

Two The Birds

Rachel screamed as Gunther's legs snapped off,Which caused her to be covered in blood all over her face."Quickly put this on",Joey shouted as he grabbed an peive of board and was covering the broken glass.Meanwhile,Their were some kind of birds trying to get in though the window at the front."What is that",Monica gasped as they started to make an small crack on the window.

"Oh my god,Try to stop the the crack",Chandler shouted as he started to put chairs against the window.Befour he could react,An bid smashed in and was flying all over the place.In an matter of seconds,The mist was coming in.

Everyone was ducking and screaming as the bird tryed to kill them.Monica was in state of shock,And Chandler was trying to protect her."Help",Ross shouted as an tenticel smashed through the glass,Destorying it whole.It grabbed onto an woman and she was dragged right out,While Ross was trying to help her."Basement",Chandler shouted as he grabbed Monica and everyone was rushing to the basement.Ross quickly kicked the secret door and ran in,Along with everyone else.

Almost everyone but Rachel and an man were in the basement."Hurry",Chandler shouted as Rachel and the man were running up to it."NOOOO",The man screamed as an bird attacked the man and was pecking his eyes out.Rachel dived in and Chandler shut the door,But another bird managed to get in.

The bird was trying to peck everyone's elses eyes out.They all started to run to the other side while the bird chased them."Help me",Phoebe screamed as the bird started pecking her neck.Monica quickly grabbed an fire extingushier and started whacking the bird to its death.

Everyone one looked at her in shock.Monica fainted,Causeing Ross and Chandler to grab her and put her on the small mattress on the side of the wall.Rachel sat down and watched everyone discuss what was going on and fell asleap.

Three The Final Call

Rachel woke up to yelling.She saw Ross and an overweight man fighting."Lisiten,Pal,I've got an son out there.I deserve that call",He glared at the man."Well i don't care,I need to make sure this is world wide"

"Lisiten,I don't care as long as i know my son is oka-",But befour he could finish,An explosion was heard.Everyone fell down and the man's phone fell.Ross dived for it and the man grabbed onto him."Hey,Fatty",Chandler shouted and the man turned around.Chandler punched him out cold."Try and phone Carol Ross",Chandler continued as he grabbed handcuffs from the cuboard."Why did Gunther have these",Chandler asked himself.Then Rachel remembered something.

"I know i was going to tell you another time but here goes.I-" Rachel relised Gunther must have been in love with her.Just then,She felt the baby kicked.She was going to lose this baby if war kept going on.So far,Only Phoebe knew about her pregnancy.Phoebe made an promise earlier she would protect the baby during this "fight".

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