Harry Potter. An Sunny Visit to Hogsmeade results in an fight for survival as Harry and Ginny are forced to fight the undead.


Harry Potter and his girlfriend, Ginny Weasley, were walking on the pathway, unaware of the chaos that lies ahead.

"What do you want for christmas", Harry asked. "You don't have to", Ginny protested, but Harry gave her an kiss.

"I will. I love you Ginny", he smiled as she smiled. "I love you too.

They heard an scream and looked ahead. To their horror, they Angelina Johnson looking at them, hunger in her eyes. She was covered in blood.

She slowly walked to them, and Harry and Ginny were frozen in fear. "Stupify", Harry raised his wand and cast it. However, she easily resisted it, and kept her walk.

"Run", Harry shouted and both of them ran. They saw people getting grabbed and eaten.

Harry and Ginny saw the pub The Hog's Head and ran inside. They saw Aberforth Dumbledore, along with an couple of students.

"Barricade", Aberforth and Harry helped with the barricade, while Ginny relised something. "Hermione, Ron", she whispered.

"I have got an mirror, i will find out if they are okay", Harry raised the mirror and shouted Hermione's name. No reply. Ron's name. No reply.

"The signal is gone", piped up one of the students. "Who are you", Harry asked. "Janet Brown, Ravenclaw. This is my brother, Nick who is in the poofs".

"Hey", Nick shouted. Ginny screamed as Nick raised his rifle and shot Janet in the knee. "You bastard", she screamed.

Harry and Ginny quickly ducked as Janet tried to shoot at Nick, but hit Aberforth in the head.

Ginny screamed as the barricade smashed and the undead came in. Nick was easily eaten, and Janet grabbed an stool and tried to hit them.

They couldn't hear Janet screams as they ran into an room. They saw an picture of an girl, smiling and waving at them.

"What's this", Ginny asked. As she picked it up, the desk melted and there was an small hole formed. "Come on".

Harry and Ginny climbed into it and relised it was an tunnel. They quickly ran, and opened the door at the very end.

They walked in and relised it was the room of requirement. "Thank god", Ginny whispered. "Who's there", somebody said.

"Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley", Harry said. Luna Lovegood popped up, her blonde hair in an mess, and she had blood splatted all over her.

"Hello Ginevra, Harry", she said in her dreamy voice. "Lisiten, Luna. Zombies have ov-", Harry was cut off by Luna. "Hogwarts, i know".

Hermione and Ronald's Surprise

Hermione and Ron were running as fast as they could. They had witnessed an zombiefied Dean eating Lavendar, who thought Dean was drunk.

"In here", Hermione whispered. They were in the hospital wing.

To their shock, they saw Madam Pomfrey treating injured survivors. "They are infected", Hermione said. Ron nodded.

"What, how would you know, you silly gir-", she was cut off when zombiefied Colin bit into her neck. She screamed and collapsed. "Into the office", her last words were.

Ron and Hermione ran into the office, and Hermione relised her wand was missing. "Fuck", Ron whispered as he pulled his wand out. It was snapped in half.

"Mum and Dad are going to kill me", he muttered. "Your mummy and daddy are dead", Hermione spat. Ron looked hurt.

Just then, the door smashed and an zombiefied Pomfrey was grabbing her hair. "Help me", she screamed. Ron grabbed Hermione and pushed her down.

The door smashed open and Pomfrey was about to eat Ron when there was an shot.

They looked up and saw Draco Malfoy, holding an gun. "Come on", he shouted. Ron and Hermione quickly followed him.

It was only then until they relised it was an trap.

Break In and Kitchens

Luna told Ginny how the Napolis had infested the zombies mind and that was how the outbreak had started. Ginny nearly screamed.

She was going mental. Harry said he was looking for more survivors, and he just left her with Loony Lovegood.

"LUNA SHUT THE FUCK UP", She screamed. Luna looked stunned, and then angry. "You bitch, you have never liked me".

"That's not true", Ginny protested, but Lovegood ran to the doors. "I will let all these bastards in if you apologise".

"Bu-", Ginny screamed as Luna opened the door. The zombies poured in, and Luna fell to the ground.

Ginny hid, and silently wished for an invisability cloat. One appeared, and she put it on.

She quickly ran out of the room, avoiding the zombies. That was when she tripped. She looked at who she tripped and relised it was Nevile.

"Ginny, Dumbledoredidth-", Nevile passed out, and awoke. Ginny screamed as she left the cloat behind, not caring.

"Harry", she screamed. "Ginny", came the voice of Hermione. Ginny followed the voice, and relised it was coming from the potrait.

"How do i get in", Ginny asked herself. She heard moans, and turned around. An zombie Nevile and Hannah were looking at her.

Ginny remembered Fred or was it George, anyway, talking about tickleing an pear. Ginny relised there was an pear, and tickled it.

The potrait opened, and Ginny got in and slammed it. She heard moans coming outside.

She looked around and screamed. There was an dead Seamus and Pansy. She looked up and saw Hermione holding an knife, covered in blood.

"YOU MUDBLOOD", Malfoy yelled, and Ginny's world frozen. She saw an injured Ron looking up in fear as Malfoy shot Hermione on the leg.

Hermione fell down, and screamed. Ginny kept herself quiet, not wanting to expose herself.

"My Father should have done this ages ago, i want to know who made these darli", he was cut off when Ginny ran in front of him and kicked the gun.

The gun flew to the other end, but she didn't care. She punched Malfoy on the nose, and he fell down. Malfoy cried as Ginny picked up Hermione's knife.

"Ginny, no", Ron screamed. Ginny raised the knife and hit Malfoy. She butchered him, not caring about the costs. "DIE", She screamed over and over.

Hagrid's Hut

Harry bashed Goyle's head in with an torch, which lit him on fire. He had promised Ginny and Luna he will come back, but he had been overun, and had to find an shortcut.

He remembered when he saw Nevile and Hannah getting chased by the zombies, and heard gunshots. That was when he found Hannah in an state.

Harry managed to get out of the castle, and saw an undead Slughorn trying to eat Padma. "Help me", she screamed. Harry hit Slughorn with the torch, and died.

"Where is your twin", Harry asked. "Dead", she told him. "You don't seem sad", Harry said. "It's because this has already happened in India".

"This has happened before", Harry was confused. "In 1789. I have an coffesion. I'm not Padma. I'm the Goddess of Truth".

"My old twin, Partival, was Goddess of Evil. After breaking up with Dean caused her to release the zombies. I killed her in hopes of them dying, but there is not".

"You-", he was cut off when Padma screamed. Speak of the devil, Partival was biting into Padma's neck. "Run to Hagrids hut, if you know what's good for you", she said calmly.

Harry quickly ran and saw Hagrid shooting zombies. "Hagri-", Harry yelled as he saw an zombie Fang bite into Hagrid's leg.

Harry turned around and was knocked out, and awakened in Hagrids hut. He saw Dumbledore, George, Hermione, Ron and Ginny.

'Who knocked me out", Harry asked. "I did, for leaveing me", Ginny told him. "What happened to Luna", Harry asked. "She died".

"No i didn't". Everyone turned around, and saw Luna, holding an rifle.

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