Final Destination 15 is a supernatural-horror movie starring Penn Badgley, Amber Heard, Kristen Stewart, Michelle Trachtenberg, Preston Bailey, Joey King, Beau Mirchoff, Thomas Dekker, Nikki Reed, Liam Hemsworth, Emma Stone, Logan Browning, Robert Hoffman, Camilla Belle, Megan Fox and Josh Hutcherson, including Margarita Levieva, Aisha Tyler, Ronney Mara, Noomi Rapace, Taye Diggs,


After the previous events, Mike has a premonition that the high school will collapse he saves his friends and his girlfriend now Death has come back for them.


Penn Badgley as Mike Wendell

Amber Heard as Janey Sider

Kristen Stewart as Abby Quinlord

Michelle Trachtenberg as Danisha Wendell

Preston Bailey as Billy Wendell

Beau Mirchoff as Dylan Bramsey

Thomas Dekker as Alcove Zanders

Nikki Reed as Harlee Davison

Liam Hemsworth as Craig Lewis

Emma Stone as Anna December

Logan Browning as Tamera Smith

Robert Hoffman as Daniel Willis

Camilla Belle as Kayla Simmons

Megan Fox as Michelle Robs

Josh Hutcherson as Josh Coop

Joey King as Marnie Dunn


Mike, Janey, Abby, Dylan, Tamera, Billy, Danisha, Marnie and Alcove ar the films only survivors.

Death's Killings

Michelle- Electrocuted on a power line

Daniel- A bunch of nails go into him

Kayla- Impaled through her chest by a pole

Josh- Crushed by a falling sign

Craig- Impaled through his head with garden shears

Anna- Cut in half by an axe

Harlee- Spear to throat


Marnie Dunn

Abby Quinland

Michelle Robs

Daniel Willis

Kayla Simmons

Alcove Zanders

Josh Coop

Tamera Smith

Dylan Bramsey

Craig Lewis

Anna December

Janey Sider

Harlee Davison

Danisha Wendell

Billy Wendell

Mike Wendell


A sequel was supposed to happen but it was cancelled but there will be a remake