Final Destination 16 is a horror movie, starring Mason Cook, Addy Miller, Tika Sumpter, Mackenzie Foy, Grant Goodman, Lily Pilblad, Anthony Keyvan, Caleb Barwick, Amanda Pace, Penn Badgley, Amber Heard, Kristen Stewart, Michelle Tractenberg, Joey King, Thomas Dekker, Logan Browning and Preston Bailey.


11 year-old Tommy Willis has a premonition of the mall colapsing on him and his friends. Now he must fight death along with the suvivors of the last film.


Mason Cook as Tommy Willis

Addy Miller as Chelsea Stein

Tika Sumpter as Josie Clarke

Mackenzie Foy as Lucy Troy

Grant Goodman as Mark Halls

Lily Pilblad as Holly Olsen

Anthony Keyvan as Carl Lennors

Caleb Barwick as Jason Reynolds

Amanda Pace as Kirby Pearce

Penn Badgley as Mike Wendell

Amber Heard as Janey Sider

Kristen Stewart as Abby Quinlord

Michelle Tractenberg as Danisha Wendell

Joey King as Marnie Dunn

Thomas Dekker as Alcove Zanders

Logan Browning as Tamera Smith

Preston Bailey as Billy Wendell


Tommy, Chelsea, Josie, Lucy, Mike, Janey, Abby, Alcove and Tamera are the only film's survivors

Death's Killing

Kirby Pearce-A grinder chops her up

Carl Lennors-Hit by a wrecking ball

Jason Reynolds-A pole impales him in his chest

Mark Halls-Skull bashed

Holly Olsen-Fell out 10 stories

Danisha Wendell-Bones crushed

Marnie Dunn-A wheel goes into her head

Billy Wendell-Head turned all away around


Kirby Pearce

Carl Lennors

Lucy Troy

Jason Reynolds

Mark Halls

Josie Clarke

Chelsea Stein

Holly Olsen

Tommy Willis