Final Destination 18 is a supernatural-horror film starring Odette Yustman, Jensen Ackles, Briana Evigan, Arielle Kebbel, Sophia Bush, Anna Hutchinson, Chris Hemsworth, Katie Holmes and Adam Brody


Summer Alcutt, an insecure, workaholic and ophthamologist that works at Eastfield Laser Eye Company finds out alongside her best friend Sean Murtaugh, a french teacher at Mt. Abraham High School that Death has been stalking them and their friends since they cheated Death years ago.


Odette Yustman as Summer Alcutt, a ophthamologist

Jensen Ackles as Sean Murtaugh, a french teacher and Summer's best friend

Briana Evigan as Adrianne McKinley, she is Ian's cousin

Arielle Kebbel as Karan Carpenter, Nora's niece

Sophia Bush as Claire Lawton, Sam and Katie's older sister

Anna Hutchinson as Alison Burke, the eldest sister of Thomas Burke

Chris Hemsworth as Eric Horton, Carter's brother

Katie Holmes as Emily Lewis, a failed lawyer

Adam Brody as Ryan McCorman, Emily's brother in-law

Death's Killings

Emily Lewis- She has her neck broken

Ryan McCorman- A tv falls on his head

Eric Horton- He is impaled on a pole

Karan Carpenter- She falls off a hotel roof

Alison Burke- She is choked to death

Claire Lawton- She is decapitated with a wire

Adrianne McKinley- Huge explosion through store

Sean Murtaugh- Huge explosion through store

Summer Alcutt- Huge explosion through store


Emily Lewis

Ryan McCorman

Eric Horton

Karan Carpenter

Claire Lawton

Alison Burke

Adrianne McKinley

Sean Murtaugh

Summer Alcutt