Final Destination 20 is a supernatural-horror film starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, Freddie Prinze Jr., Sarah Michelle Gellar, Eva Mendes, David Boreanaz, Kiele Sanchez, Milla Jovovich, Marley Shelton, Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett, Chris Pine, Melissa George, Bobbi Sue Luther, Kate Beckinsale and Edward Furlong.


Young girl named Julie Thompson has a premonition of the Becker Theater exploding and saves several others. Now they must cheat Death before it kill all of them.


Jennifer Love Hewitt as Julie Thompson

Freddie Prinze Jr. as David Carson

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Heidi Lutz

Eva Mendes as Maria Sanchez

David Boreanaz as Marcus Charleston

Kiele Sanchez as Samantha Stewart

Milla Jovovich as Patricia Martin

Marley Shelton as Karen Hauser

Ben Affleck as Frank Hauser

Josh Hartnett as Adam Wolfe

Chris Pine as Ryan Summers

Melissa George as Rachel Harris

Bobbi Sue Luther as Jenna Banks

Kate Beckinsale as Tracy Prescott

Edward Furlong as Daniel Simmons


Julie, David, Heidi, Maria, Marcus and Frank are the film,s only survivors

Deaths Killings

Tracy Prescott-Crushed by pillar after explosion

Rachel Harris-Fell 12 stories

Daniel Simmons-Stabbed in mouth with axe

Jenna Banks-Hit by car

Adam Wolfe-Impaled on tractor harrows

Patricia Martin-Car exploded

Ryan Summers-Stabbed in stomach 4 times by Karen

Samantha Stewart-Stabbed in chest 8 times by Karen

Karen Hauser-Shot in stomach 2 times and in back 1 time by Julie


Tracy Prescott

Rachel Harris

Daniel Simmons

Jenna Banks

Ryan Summers

Adam Wolfe

Patricia Martin

Frank Hauser

Karen Hauser

Samantha Stewart

Marcus Charleston

Maria Sanchez

Heidi Lutz

David Carson

Julie Thompson


Julie, David and Maria try to save Patricia

Julie: Oh my god Patricia next

(They run to save her)

Maria: Patricia don't leave

Patricia: I'm leaving you people are crazy

Julie: Patricia we think your next

Patricia: Get the hell away from me you crazy psycho bitch!

Julie: I'm telling you the truth I'm not crazy

Patricia: I'm leaving

(Patricia gets in her car and it blows up with her)

David: NOOOO!!!!

Julie: I did everything I can to save them but they all die

Jenna's Death

Jenna: I told you i'm not gonna die

Julie: Well we think you might be next on Death's list

Jenna: Well i'm not

(Jenna walks across the street and is hit by a speeding car)

(Julie stands there shocked)

Karen tries to kill Julie and Heidi

Karen: I need to kill you Julie

Julie: No, don't kill me Karen i am your best friend

Karen: I am going to die if you don't let me kill you

Julie: Heidi,mrun

(Heidi runs into a corner)

Karen: Come on Heidi all i want to do is kill you

Julie: Karen, don't kill Heidi

Karen: God wont stop me i have to do this Julie

Heidi: Get out of the way Karen

Karen: No Heidi, once you and Julie are dead i will be able to live forever

Julie: We will see about that

(Julie shoots 2 bullets in Karen,s stomach and 1 in Karen,s back killing her)

Julie: Rot in hell you maniac