Final Destination 6: The Countdown is the sixth installment of the Final Destination series and is the sequel to Final Destination 5. It stars Ashley Greene, Chad Michael Murray, Adam Brody, Katrina Bowen, Christy Romano, Wes Bently, Cody Longo and Louise Cliffe.


After a young woman has a premonition of a deadly tremor underneath a shopping mall, the survivors of the disaster begin to meet their demise one by one.



Ashley Greene - Rachel Mason, has a premonition of a disaster in a mall.

Chad Michael Murray - Johnny Burkam, Rachel's boyfriend.

Adam Brody - Justin Webb, a nerdy virgin.

Katrina Bowen - Olivia Cohen, a smart college student.

Christy Romano - Alexa Montgomery - a social worker who has a 2yr old son.

Wes Bently - Dr. William Jenkins, the town doctor.

Cody Longo - Kale Henderson, a pretty boy douche womanizer.

Louise Cliffe - Abby Davenport, a British model.

Premonition DeathsEdit

Abby - While the whole mall is in a panic she starts to run while in heels. She falls down and shards of glass fall from a broken skylight above and slice her torso in half.

Kale - While in the elevator, the tremor causes the ropes to snap which he then falls to his death.

Dr. Jenkins - A car from the roof top parking falls and crushes him.

Alexa - She falls down the crevasse with part of the floor.

Olivia - The tremor causes an explosion in the sports shop and a javelin goes flying through her chest.

Justin - The upper floor restaurant collapses and causes the hot oil to land on him burning his flesh.

Johnny - Exposed wires in a puddle of water electrocute him.

Rachel - The whole mall falls down the crevasse and Rachel falls to her death.

Real Life DeathsEdit

Abby - She gets stabbed in the hand with a knife and she falls back into a radiator electrocuting her.

Kale - The staircase collapses and she,s thrown against the steps, cutting her throat open on a splinter.

Dr. Jenkins - He gets his hair stuck in a fan blade and it rips his scalp out.

Olivia - While she,s washing windows, a hook comes off and as she is about to slide off, the hook decapitates her.

Justin - A grated fence falls right behind him, but then it falls on him and cuts him into pieces vertically.

Johnny - In the North Bay Bridge collapse, a truck crushes him and he falls into the water, drowning.

Alexa - As she tries to grab on to the bridge, a railing falls and without it,s weight, she falls off, drowning.

Rachel - Just as the main part of the bridge collapses, the truck that killed Peter and Sam in the vision falls off and a tire bludgeons her in the head.

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