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Final Destination 6 is an American horror thriller film which is going to be written and directed by Mary Harron. Final Destination 6 follows a group of high school students who is about to board on the ship but everything change after one of them had the vision of the boat going to sink.


Ten High school students with their teacher are about to board on the ship until a guy who is an outcast had a vision that the ship will collapse killing them all, Will he and his classmates escape before it is all over?


  • Adam G. Sevani as Marc McDowell
  • Skyler Day as Shirley McClure
  • Hunter Garner as Bradley Stratford
  • Ian Harding as Noah Skeetowski
  • Sasha Pieterse as Kat Hatfield
  • Ashley Newbrough as Ana Faulkner
  • Matt Lanter as Brody Hendricks
  • Jenna Dewan Tatum as Mrs. Ruby Gillespie
  • Elizabeth Rice as Savannah Holman
  • Chad Biagini as Keith Waller
  • Austin Nicholas as Bryce Fuentes
  • Kerry Beyer as Trevor Barry
  • Laura Ashley Samuels as Megan McFarland
  • Julin as Jessica McCarty
  • Rhonda Griffis as Ms. McDowell
  • Inna Korobikina as Pregnant Passenger
  • Jensen Ackles as Dr. Vaughan
  • Drew Roy as Sean
  • Dylan Patton as Jake


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