Final Destination 9 takes place after Final Destination 8, Katie Lawton, survivor of the Lawton Hotel, helps two victims of the explosion of S.S Lawton defeat Death and save their lives.



Emma Roberts as Katie Lawton/The survivor of the Lawton Hotel and Sam Lawton's sister

Vanassa Morgan as Mary Rice/A teenager who had the premanition about S.S Lawton exploding.

Jake T. Austin as Oliver Plake/Mary's friend

Leighton Meester as Camille Hans/Mary's best friend

Nicholas Day as Henry Flake/Mary's boyfriend

Dana Davis as Bailey Megale/The girl who believes in Mary

Aaron Yoo as Jin Yoo/One of Mary's classmates

Jason Momoa as Patrick Simson/Mary's teacher

Tony Todd as William Bludworth/The guy who knows death and Katie's new boss


Mary and Oliver survived and defeat Death with a help of Katie.

Death Killings

Jin Yoo- Eye pop out

Bailey Megale- Got hit by a truck

Patrick Simson- Stabbed in the chest and house exploded

Henry Flake- All orgains went flying

Camille Hans- Falls down 10 stores


Jin Yoo

Bailey Megale

Patrick Simson

Henry Flake

Camille Hans

Oliver Plake

Mary Rice

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