Final Fantasy: Alius Venatus

Square Enix (Even though this is fanon, it's still a FF game by name)

Square Enix (Same as above)
Series Final Fantasy
Platform(s) Unknown
Release Date Unknown
Genre(s) Fighting/Action
Mode(s) Single-player
Rating(s) Unknown
"Anybody can be a hero if they have to."
—Nimbus Alto
"But should they?"
—Ayame Inoue

Final Fantasy: Alius Venatus (More commonly referred to simply as Alius Venatus) is a spin-off/companion game outside the main Final Fantasy series. Few details about the story have currently been revealed.


FF: AV is being designed to be very similar to Final Fantasy XIII in respects to the overall gameplay, most notably the battle system and how an enemy reacts to the player if he/she is within their line of sight.

So far, it has been confirmed that:

In battles, as in Final Fantasy XIII, the player can control only one character out of a party of up to four (as opposed to FF XIII's three-limit party), but, unlike Final Fantasy XIII, you can always change the leader of your party, as long as you have two or more characters with you.

The ATB bar is set to make a return, and is relatively unchanged from the version in Final Fantasy XIII.

Like in Final Fantasy XIII, there is no MP in the game.

The Chain Gaugue ability from Final Fantasy XIII returns in Alius Venetus, and as with the ATB bar, it remains relatively unchanged.

Paradigms's will return, but nothing has been said about whether they will be changed.

At least two party members can use Summons, but it is unknown at this point what those Summons will be.


A Summary of the plotline has been disclosed, though it not currently known what role each character will play.

For years, the neighboring countries of Aura and Emerald have raged war. Now, the war has ended, and the peace will be celebrated with a union of marriage between both countries. However, someone - or something - is threatening that peace. Now, an unlikely team of heroes will stop at nothing to keep the peace, even if it means their lives. . . .


As of current, the Antagonist has been disclosed, but his indentity has not been revealed.

Main Playable Characters

  • Nimbus Alto - Nimbus is the protagonist of the Alius Venatus and a member of your party. He is a naturally shy boy, but isn't afraid to do what has to be done. He is the result of an affair between the King of Aura and a non-royal woman, making him an illigitimate heir to the throne. His mother was a direct descendent of the Cloud Walkers - the first humans, who were gifted with the ability to use magic - and the King was also descended. As he would also be a direct descendent, this would make it easier for Nimbus to learn to use magic effectively. His mother went missing after he was born, and the King died shortly afterwards, leaving him with another family.

Nimbus uses a scythe as his primary weapon, though he carries a carbine should he need to strike from a distance.

  • Ashalena - Ashalena is a member of your party in Alius Venatus. Once a noble woman, she lost everything when her husband died under mysterious circumstances. She was forced into poverty, and became a thief in order to support herself. At some point, she lost her eye sight, though she regained it a while later. That being said, her eyes have still lost their color pigment, giving her the appearance of a blind woman, something she uses to her advantage.

It is currently unknown what weapon(s) she will use in battle.

  • Orion Const - Orion is a member of your party in Alius Venatus. A mercenary from Emerald, Orion is hired by a mysterious man to kill the Prince and Princess at their wedding. He refuses, as his sister is one of the princess' ladies in waiting, and later learns that someone unsuccessfully tried to do it and that a bounty has been put on his head. While being chased by guards, he runs into Nimbus, who believes that someone is tying up loose ends. They team up and defeat the guards, one of which tell him that a mysterious man tipped them off as to where Orion was hiding.

Orion uses a rifle, preferring to kill his target from a distance.

  • Heidi Mjölner - Heidi is a member of your Party in Alius Venatus. Raised in the nearby country of Krqpt (Pronounced Crypt), she is the equivalent of a viking. She came to Aura with her brother when she was ten, after her parents were murdered. Her brother has since disappeared, and left her to fend for herself. She eventually toughened up into a hardened warrior. A fifteen year old with an attitude, she isn't afraid of of anyone or anything.

It is currently unknown what weapon(s) she will use in battle.

  • Bajie Whitaker - Bajie is a member of your party in Alius Venatus. A dark-skinned knight of the kingdom of Aura, she was taked with protecting Prince Hideki as he made his way to Castle Aura for his marriage to Princess Cirrus. After the prince and princess were poisoned and went into comas, she led the search for a hooded man who she observed leaving just before things went bad. She was tipped off that a man named Orion was the one responsible, and sent guards to arrest him. When only one returned, telling her of a young boy who was using magic to help Orion, she set out to find him, kneeling before him when she had; she had found another heir to the Aurian throne.

Bajie uses a royal lance in battle, customized to fit her status as a knight of Aura.

  • Ayame Inoue - Ayame is a member of your party in Alius Venatus. She is a direct descendent of the Cloud Walkers, making her a relative of Nimbus. She sees herself a superior to everyone else, which often causes complications with other characters. She harbors a dark secret, but she has forgotten

Ayame holds a sphere of energy, which she throws at enemies. She also uses magic to heal and support her allies.

  • Aidan Aias - Aidan is a member of your party in Alius Venatus. Nothing is known about him as of yet, other then he is nineteen - the same age as Nimbus.

It is currently unknown what weapon(s) he will use in battle.

  • Nelora Danir - Nelora is a member of your party in Alius Venatus. The last surviving resident of a village that was destroyed during the Great War, Nelora holds a grudge against both Aura and Emerald for being instumental in the death of her infant twins during the War. Now an elderly woman, Nelora leads the group of Mercenaries that Orion Const is a part of, hoping to seek revenge against both countries. When Orion seeks her help after joining Nimbus Alto, they find her base in Emerald destroyed, and Nelora half dead. She joins the party after she is rescued from the collapsed building.

Nelora uses duel pistols, much like Sazh from Final Fantasy XIII.

Supporting Characters

  • Princess Cirrus - Cirrus is the princess of Aura and the victim of an assassination attempt. She survived, but went into a coma, leaving no one on the throne. She is Nimbus Alto's step-sister, although she is not aware of this.
  • Prince Hideki - Hideki is the price of Emerald and the victim of an assassination attempt. He survived, but went into a coma, leaving his younger brother to take the throne.
  • Heinz Mjölner - Heinz is Heidi Mjölner's older brother. He brought her to Aura five years prior after their parents were murdered. He subsequently disappeared and was never heard from again. He plays a part in the game, but it is currently unknown what exactly will be his role.
  • Ekaj Whitaker - Ekaj is a member of Nelora Danir's mercenary group. Her second-in-command, he does everything that she can't. He is Bajie's Whitaker's father.


  • Stratus Alto - Stratus is Nimbus Alto's adoptive brother. He knows that Nimbus is the illigitimate heir to the throne, and secretly harbors resentment towards him. He poisons the price and princess as a way to blame Nimbus for the crime. He tips off Bajie Whitaker as to the location of Orion Const, a mercenary traveling with Nimbus, in order to get Nimbus killed. However, his plan backfires when Bajie joins Nimbus in learning what happened that day.

Stratus is a secondary antagonist.

  • Mysterious Man - The cause of the Great War 20 years prior, the mysterious man is the main antagonist in Alius Venatus.


The game take place in the fictional country of Aura, which has been raging a war with its neighboring country Emerald for the past twenty years.


Alius Venatus was concieved on March 18, 2010, after the designer read about Final Fantasy XIII, the then-most current Final Fantasy release, and became interested in creating a "Final Fanontasy".


  • "Alius Venatus" is latin for "Another Game", a joke name referring to the many Final Fantasy games.
  • "Nimbus" and "Alto" both are words for cloud formations. This is reference to his status as a direct descendent of the Cloud Walkers.
  • Several characters were made using the Character Customization feature in the game SoulCalibur IV.

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