Final Fantasy XIII: Fatal Revelation is a first-person shooter game that is a succesor to Crystal Reverbations. The game focuses on a wayward soldier as part of a first contact batallion that sets foot on Pulse. However, when survivors enter in a mass pilgrimage after an apocalypse destroys the planet, the l'Cie (which now come to represent the group of heroes) have to stand up and face tough challenges - not only Sanctum's return, but a Russian ultranationalist scheme which involves the death of everyone in an effort to claim Pulse as New Russia.


Gameplay is more similar to a first-person shooter: several modern weapons are available, and using a Pimp My Gun-inspired customization system, invidivual people can customize and even make new weapons and post them to the Internet, where they can be downloaded for use. Although all of the weapons can be used in the Weapon Shop, in-game weapons need to be picked up at least once to get their data scanned and available for campaign use.

As well, multiplayer allows players to make use of their weapons. As well, even in "Freestyle" where part limitations are taken off, the creator has enough common sense to ensure that wacked-out weapons (like Glock 26s with underbarrel AG-36 grenade launchers) are not allowed to be published.


Shortly after the events of Crystal Reverbations, everyone is living happily and Warchief has become romatically involved with Lightning (which leaves even Sledgehammer, the group genius, confused beyond belief). Everyone lives happily, until Hope returns to the house saying he heard noises in the forest. Scalpel scans the area and discovers a firebase is being set up. They contact the firebase, saying Pulsians are coming, and then exit their cover point. The soldiers are met by Rico James, a combat soldier sent to set up the base. After short negotiations, unknown yellow-eyed soldiers with machineguns assault the under-construction firebase: despite all odds, Rico proves himself nearly instantly and kills most of the soldiers. The first truce is made between Pulsians, and the firebase is relocated to near Oerba.

Shortly afterwards, the firebase's soldiers return with a small convoy of refugees. Warchief introduces Rico to Lightning, who acts highly cynical until Warchief tells Light to calm down (with intervention from Serah, of course). Rico says that something bad happened, and for all he knows the entire planet has gone kaput. The refugees are given some supplies from Oerba and form New Earth as an extension town.

Rico heads to the area where the l'Cie live. Meeting the rest of the squad, he discovers that aside from personality traits they are all roughly the same. Lightning puts a fait amount of trust into Rico: this increases until the two become best buddies (aside from Warchief, because he's Lightning's girlfriend.). This is mainly because earlier he saw Serah and Snow: he views Serah as kind and giving, while he views Snow as dumb and brutish. Sazh is viewed as kind, and wise, but not as wise as Hope: who is very wise.

The main reason Lightning trusts Rico is because one day, while walking to the firebase, soldiers with green eyes ambush Lightning. Lightning calls on Warchief and Rico, and they both kill the soldiers: Rico then picks up a patch off one of them and reads, "PSICOM." At this, Light and Chief's eyes widen: Sanctum has returned. A PSICOM jetpack sniper eventually tries to shoot Lightning: Warchief takes the shot in his armor while Rico aims and kills the armored sniper. Lightning considers Rico as a great friend, and helps Warchief up.

A week later, all is well. In Oerba, Hope spots a group of soldiers wearing unidentified gear: figuring they must be refugees, the soldiers go out to greet them. As soon as they are sighted, the soldiers open fire with assault rifles, incapacitating Warchief and wounding the rest of the soldiers: this leaves Rico to deal with them on his own. He kills them and others emerging, until he sees a tank. Taking an RPG and destroying it, he interrogates the driver who somehow survived why they are doing this. The driver says "I will tell you nothing, pig... this territory now belongs to Russia." Unsatisfied, and hearing the rumbling of more tanks, Rico shoots the driver with whatever pistol is at hand and radios the l'Cie to begin evacuation. When Lightning asks where Warchief and the squad are, Rico solemly replies, "He's in a coma... I've got some men from the firebase to medivac them." As the Blackhawk picks them up, more soldiers appear: Rico gets off the Blackhawk and holds them off. He is captured after being knocked out.

Waking in a Russian base, Rico is in a jail cell. Clambering up the wall, when the officer appears to begin his torture, Rico drops down and kills him with his own Glock. Moving through the base, he gets a PP-19 and then an AK-47, and eventually meets up with soldiers from Firebase Freedom (name given by the l'Cie). However, PSICOM ambushes them: the Russians attack, but seem to be losing. Rico heads up to the commanding officer and strikes a truce: knowing PSICOM wants Pulse free of non-Cocoonian taint, the Russian Federation and Firebase Freedom will ally themselves with each other. Shortly afterwards, during official negotiations, Rico convinces them that they need to permanently ally to ensure survival: the Allied Federation is the end result.

During several raids, the AF manages to undermine PSICOM by destroying several outposts and getting intelligence. On the final raid on the PSICOM base, PSICOM unleases a large robot which promptly causes swathes of destruction to the AF and destroys the attacking force: few, including the l'Cie, manage to escape. As the robot cuts a path of destruction across Pulse, it destroys Freedom and the Russian headquarters. Rico finally comes up with an insane plan.

Managing to construct an MOAB, Rico comes up with a dangerous plan that spells defeat or victory for what remains of the shambled Allied Federation. While a small part of the Federation (which the l'Cie are assigned to) escorts civilians away and another part attacks PSICOM(the Squad's job), Rico is part of the large amount of soldiers that will sacrifice themselves to detonate the supermassive bomb, destroying the robot. He kits up in the Squad's standard armor to prepare.

Warchief takes part in the final PSICOM assault. 90% of the forces are lost, but they eventually kill all of the PSICOM soldiers and reign victorious. Lightning eventually arrives, and the lovers wonder how Rico is doing - if he can't detonate the bomb, it will be for nothing. They then hear the ground shake, and know.

At Oerba, Rico loses all of his forces. As he retreats, he rigs the warhead to be manually detonated, then cuts through swathes of PSICOM soldiers in an escape attempt. When he realizes the robot is tampering with the weapon, he detonates it - right in the robot's face. He presumably kills himself doing so, but also neutralizes what remains of PSICOM and the robot.

At a funeral for the dead AF, Lightning promises a bright future for the AF soldiers and citizens. He answers that PSICOM members will be killed upon sight. At her home, Lightning mourns as Warchief comforts her and says, "Somewhere in an alternate universe, he survived that explosion... and he's here right now. He's happy, he thought he was going to die, and we're all hanging out and being friends. He'll be back... I'm sure of it."

As Warchief starts, the scene cuts to Ground Zero, where an extremely battered helmet lies. As he says "He'll be back...", a gloved hand, with tears in the fabric and blood on it, picks it up. As it is picked up, it activates and the camera lifts up to show a heavily injured Rico clutching an AK-47. He says, "I can't believe I survived that... next stop is home." He then walks into the sunset as the song I'm Coming Home, performed by Murder By Death, plays in full and into the credits. However, if the game is played on l'Cie difficulty (the most difficult possible), the song "Live To Win" instead plays during the cutscene, and only a short part, before I'm Coming Home beings playing.

Downloadable Content

Three "care packages" were made available as DLC for the game.

How It All Began

"How It All Began" is played through the pespective of a younger Rico, as World War III starts. The background is like V for Vendetta: the US is in a second Civil War (Rico's on the "good" side), and the Nazi party has taken over not only Britain, but Germany. Russia invades Germany, Britain rushes to help, and Russia then invades the fractured US. Rico, taking command, ends up helping Amercians escape to Canada, in a Kingston refugee camp. Eventually, Britain gains control of the nation and turns on the Germans: the Germans reveal a "doomsday weapon". Britain reveals a portal, and selects a few world citizens, including Rico, to go through. The opening of Fatal Revelations is then played through Rico's perspective, and an ending cutscene, FPS style, shows Rico's reaction to the "negotiation party".


"Returning" is a sequel to Fatal Revelations which takes place three months after the MOAB detonates in Oerba. Freedom, the capital of the AF, is shocked by Rico's lone survivor return - especially Lightning, who is so ecstaic after his return Warchief warns him, "Sorry bud, you're on your own on this one. When she's excited to see you she'll hug you so hard you'll need a neck brace to keep your head from flying off." This proves to be true: but shortly after the reunion, it is revealed a monster asteroid (called by a clone of Barthandelus) is heading towards Pulse. Even more shortly after THAT, Barthandelus reveals his continued existence: Rico and Warchief vow to kill him. Uprising happen in the AF, and after these are put down, the portal is found and reverse engineered, set to Earth instead of Pulse. With less than an hour left, Freedom evacuates to Earth, as Rico stays behind. He eventually kills Barthandelus, and with less than three seconds to impact, jumps through the portal at the last second. He ends up breaking his nose on landing. However, when he gets up with a bloody nose, he realizes they're smack-dab in the middle of London - and over one million world citizens have been waiting patiently for their arrival. An epilogue shows each of the characters' fates: Lightning and Warchief eventually legally marry, they adopt Hope, Sazh finds another woman, Serah and Snow adapt quickly, Rico marries his old girlfriend, and the entire group eventually moves back to the shambles of the US - and restarts the nation.

Weapons Pack

The Weapons Pack is the third Care Package. It adds weapons such as the HK417 and SVDS Dragunov into the game, and also introduces the first counter-sniper weaponry: the Barrett 98 Bravo and CheyTac "Intervention" M200.