ia a fighting game that test the skills of the final girls from horror movies


Laurie Stroide (From Halloween)

Alice Hardy (From Friday The 13th)

Nancy Tohmpson (From A Nightmare On Elm Street)

Sidney Prescott (Scream)

Juile James (from I Know What You Did Last Summer)

Kelli Presley (From Black X-Mas)

Skye Rotter (From My super Psycho Sweet 16)


Lynda Van Dyke (From Halloween, Beat Micheal Myers)

Jenna (From Friday The 13th 2009, Beat Jason)

Nancy H (From ANOES 2010,Beat Freddy)

Gale Weathers (From Scream,Beat Ghostface)

Karla Wilson (From I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, Beat Ben)

Alex Bell (From MSPS162, Beat Rotter)

Micheal Myers




Fisherman Ben


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