Finding The Gates is a 2016 American Supernatural Drama Dark Comedy Drama film written by by Gerald Di Pego and directed by Luis Sandoki.

It stars Adam Sandler, Ryan Reynolds, Daniel M. Hasan, Téa Leoni, Polly Walker, Kevin Connolly and Vincent Cassel.

It concerns 7 main characters whom all are all opposites to each other and are experiencing the same strange psychic phenomenon.

The phenomenon being they all possess strange psychic abilities and ultimatley come together to find a way out of their strange powers. Some however do not wish to be rid of the abilities that they have come to.


Jevlon Mencast, Carkel Davidson, Chestlebone Weating, Tina Trampton, Julie Sanderson, Phillipe Neroy and Harrison Eagle.

7 individuals from different towns of different states of the United States whom all on the 7th of July receive strange psychic abilities which they can't explain and fight hard to control.

7 very different individuals whom all come together with the group goal of finding a way to be rid of their unnatural powers.

Not all 7 of which though share the proposed overall plan and come quite fond to the idea of possessing the somewhat dangerous unique abilities and plan to exploit them for reasons of an also dangerous nature.

Jevlon Mencast is a Chicago fledgling comedian whom inherits the power of Clairvoyance and at first begins to use the ability to restart his stand up career but the ability itself begins to destroy his mind and effect the already unstable relationship with his family, Carkel Davidson is a Manhattan Playboy styled guy with no family and very little values as it would seem but he secretly longs for a family and is selfless when it comes to putting his life on the line for others, he inherits the power of Psychokinesis, The young 19 year old Michigan College Student Chestlebone Weating whom is trying to strike love with a fellow female college student whom happens to be his bestfriend and isn't interested in that way in return inherits the ability to shape-shift,

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