Fire in an pub is an eastenders fanfiction.Continues after 7/9/10 left off.


Stacey tells Peggy she killed Archie,And Peggy slaps her.Meanwhile,Phil pushes Billy and strangles him to death.Downstairs,Peggy chucks Stacey out of the pub and tells everyone that she tried to acuse her of something she didn't do.Jean comes out and Stacey tells her,Which Ronnie hears.

Peggy walks up stairs and Phil trys to push her downstairs.Roxy is in the bathroom and hears screams,Which is blocked downstairs by the music.Roxy screams and Phil runs up to her,Leaving an shocked Peggy.

Ronnie tells Stacey she did the right thing,While Jean runs back into the pub crying.Meanwhile,Roxy runs into her bedroom and trys to open the window to scream for help.

Phil knocks her out and sees baby Lily.Phil butchers her to death and Peggy sees this.Phil grabs gas and pours it all over the floor and asks it's the pub or him.Peggy sees the state of Lily and says its the pub.Phil blows the room up,Killing Roxy and Phil.The floor collapses downstairs.

This kills Ryan,Pat,Ricky,Charlie,Mo and Dot.Max and Vanessa try to escape,But Vanessa trips up and an knife gos through her heart.Max screams when another explosion happens,Which kills him.Janine,Tracey and the others escape and Stacey trys to get in for Lily.

It turns out Phil survived and tackles Peggy.The fight gos onto the kitchen and Peggy is about to be killed.Stacey walks into the kitchen and sees this.Phil turns around and stabs Stacey.Peggy is horrified as Phil slowly walks to her.The floor collapses,Killing Phil.

Peggy manages to get out of the kitchen and sees it collapsing.Peggy sees the stairs on fire and crys.Just then,She turns around and sees Stacey still alive,Begging for help.Peggy walks up to her,But an explosion finishes both of them.

The crowd outside see this and a few of them,Including Abi and Shirly,Are killed when blowen away from the explosion.Meanwhile,Sam is in the toilet with her baby and names him Phil.Just then,She sees smoke coming in the door and she opens it.She sees fire everywhere.

Sam shuts the door and opens the window.She manages to get Phil outisde and when trying,Fire explodes and is burned alive.Sam falls down and burns alive.


Jean is seen crying over Stacey and Lily's death.Then,Fire men are seen inspecting the burned down pub and see baby Phil crying.Meanwhile,Ronnie and Jack are in silence.

Peggy wakes up and it turns out she survived by using Stacey as an sheild.She walks about and sees Grant.She asks him what he is doing but he fades away and it turns out Peggy was dead.

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