The Firebird is a villain in the 100 Acre Wood series. He is the secondary antagonist of Fantasia in the 100 Acre Wood 2.

  • Character Information

  • Other Names - The Phoenix

  • Personality - Fiery Red.

  • Goal - To Burn Down the Forest.

  • Home - His Volcano

  • Friends - His Boss Zira. Peg Leg Pete. Chernabog. Prince John. Shere Khan. Scar. Sid Phillips. Ratigan. Emperor Zurg. Stinky Pete. Scroop. Lotso. Meowrice. Scar

  • Enemies - Spring Sprite. Bambi. Cholena. Jiminy Cricket. Nicodemus. Justin. Jenner. Winnie the Pooh. Piglet. Tigger. Woody. Buzz Lightyear. Jessie. Elizabeth Brisby. Timmy Brisby. Jeremy the Crow. Fievel Mousekewitz. Simba. Timon. Pumbaa. Nala. Goofy. Mewsette. Jaune Tom. Robespierre. Baloo. Bagheera. Little John. Martin Brisby. Genie. Abu. Iago.

  • Minions - Demons

  • Powers and abilities - Fire. Lava Flows.

  • Likes - Burning Things

  • Dislikes - Anything that Grows

  • Fate - Disappears and gets destroyed by the rain

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