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If Aerialbots needed pilot's licenses, Fireflight would certainly never have gotten his. He's a definite hazard in the skies. He becomes mesmerized by the spectacular views he sees from above, and, consequently, often pays little attention to where he's going, leading to near-crashes with buildings, mountains, even other aircraft. Only constant prodding by his fellow Aerialbots keeps Fireflight's mind on his assigned tasks. But they can't get angry at him - they realize his carelessness is a result of what humans would call "a childlike sense of wonder," and they can hardly fault him for that. Still, flying alongside him is definitely unnerving to the other Aerialbots; "Sometimes I wonder whose side he's on," says Skydive.

During a battle on Hoth Gigatron Petrified Fireflight when all the Autobots tried to team up against Gigatron. He was later unpetrified after Gigatrons defeat.

Fireflight was beaten up by an upgraded Starscream when Starscream shot a missile at his tail.

Fireflight combined into Superion during the Battle of Korriban but Darth Grievous injured all of the Aerialbots into separating with his Sith Magic.

Fireflight was hailed as a hero at the end of the Transformers Wars on Cybertron.

Dark FutureEdit

In Darth Grievous's evil vision of the future Fireflight was killed during the Autobots last stand against the Sith. Despite killing several Seekers he was killed by the Seekers.


Fireflight can fly at speeds up to Mach 2.0 with a range of 1000 miles. In jet mode, he can shoot missiles that explode and release a mist of highly flammable liquid he calls "fire-fog." In robot mode, he uses a photon displacer gun, which severely distorts visual images by altering the course of photons in light waves. Anyone within the vicinity of a blast from this gun would not be able to see things as they actually are until after the gun's effects wear off, which can take up to five minutes. He combines with his fellow Aerialbots to form the giant robot known as Superion.


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