Harry Potter. Albus and Rose start their first year at Hogwarts. As they make friends, they find out an new dark lord is rising.

Prolouge, TrainEdit

Albus moaned as his mother kissed him on the head. "Be good", she told him which was the 20th time today. "Ginny, you have embarrased him", his father told her.

"Oh shut up", she snapped. Albus Potter said his goodbyes to his parents and his aunt and uncle. He and his cousin Rose were starting their first year at Hogwarts.

His elder brother, James, was already at hogwarts and was in his second year. He was sorted into Gryffindor, and Albus wanted to be sorted into Gryffindore or Ravenclaw.

He was as smart as his aunt Hermione, who was Rose's mother. Rose was also smart, and thus they became best friends when they were six.

Rose wanted to be sorted into Gryffindore, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. She didn't fancy hufflpuff, until her cousin Molly was sorted there.

The train drove off, leaving heartbroken parents. Ginny turned to her youngest daughter, who was running to catch the train. "Looks like we have another Ginny", Hermione whispered to Harry and Ron.

Albus and Rose got into an empty compartment. "I wonder what would happen if i get sorted into Slytheren", Albus told Rose. "It dosen't matter", she told Albus.

"It does for me", he moaned. "Beside, Uncle Harry said that you are allowed to chose, although it is rare if you get sorted into an house you don't want", Rose explained matter of factly.

"Oh well", he looked out from the train. They hard an knock on the door, and both friends turned. The door opened and an boy and an girl, both of them their age, came in.

"Can we sit here", the boy asked. "Yes", Rose and Albus said in unison. "Thanks", the girl whispered as she shut the door.

"My name is Rose Weasley, and this is my cousin Albus Potter, what are your names", she asked. "My name is Tom Brown, i'm an halfblood", he explained.

"My name is Janet Star, i'm an muggleborn", she said. "Don't worry, my mother was an muggleborn", Rose said. "Is she".

The four of them became best of friends befour the trolley came with the sweets. Rose had the most money, and she spend all of the chocklate frogs for all of them.

When they were eating, an blonde boy and two of his friends came in. "Look at this. The son and daughter of the legendary heros of the war", he remarked.

"You must be malfoy", Rose glared. Her father told her about his father when they were in Hogwarts. "You must be the daughter of an mudblood", Malfoy mocked.

Albus and Tom stood up. Tom immediatly attacked him, while Rose and Albus tried to held him back. When Mafloy and his goons left, Janet asked.

"What's an mudblood". "Muggleborn. Some people are ignorant and they call muggleborn's that word", Rose looked down and looked like she was on verge of tears.

"At least he is just an rich posh moron", Albus was trying to keep Rose from being upset.

1, The Sorting HatEdit

"First Years, Over here", yelled an woman. Hagrid had retired, and he lived near Harry and Ginny, so he was replaced by Lavendar Brown.

"Okay, get on the boats. Four on each. Do not fall on the lake", she yelled over the rain. Albus, Rose, Tom and Janet shared an boat.

"I wonder if i will be in Sylthern", Janet whispered to Rose. "You won't. Muggleborns are usually put in Ravenclaw or Gryffindor", she whispered back.

All the first years saw Hogwarts castle for the first time. "Wow", Albus heard Rose whisper. He was feeling the same. His feelings rushed back to him.

What if he was sorted into Sylthern, his uncle Ron said he would disown him, until he apologised as Ginny had hexed him to kingdom come.

"First years, this way", said Proffesor Longbottom as they got out of the boat. He led them to the hall. "Students, when you are sorted, you will go to your house's table.

From the next seven years, this house you will be sorted in will become home away from home", he told them. The students were amazed when they saw ghosts float up in the air.

They were led to the next room and were told to wait in the line. Albus was nervous. He was sweating. He couldn't believe this.

"First, Appleseed, Lisa.

After few people were shouted out, Tom was shouted out. Tom placed the sorting hat on his head. "RAVENCALW", the hat yelled.

It was Albus turn. He ran to the hat and put it on. "Mmm, seems like you have brains like Rowena. You are brave as Godric. You are ambitious as Salazar and you are loyal as Holena".

"What", Albus was nervous. "I'm afraid, it is up to you", the hat told Albus. "Ravenclaw", he told the hat. "RAVENCLAW", the yelled.

Albus ran to the table and sat next to Tom. He looked over, and saw James. He was the only one in Gryffindor clapping for him, as he was his brother.

Next was Janet. It was two minutes for her to be sorted. "SYLTHERN", the hat yelled. Everyone who know her blood staus was shocked. "No", Tom whispered in shock.

Rose was the last person to be sorted. "RAVENCLAW", the hat yelled. Rose sat across from Albus. The head teacher, gave an speech, and told them that they could eat. Food apeared.

"Ain't it shocking about Janet", Rose was the first to speak. "Yeah", replyed Albus. "I can't believe it", Tom spoke up. Several people were lisitening.

An girl asked them about Janet. "She is an muggborn", Rose told the girl. The girl was also shocked, and gossip speard among the ravenclaw group.

"Although i am kinda glad that i'm here", Rose said as she turned into her stake pie. "Me too", Albus muttered. He looked over and saw James chatting to his friends.

Albus then remembered something. He had overheard James and Teddy, his godbrother, taking an bet. "Ravenclaw", was Teddy and "Gryffindor", was James, even though he teased he would be in Sylthern.

Teddy himself was in Ravenclaw, along with Victore. This is one of the reasons they fell in love, and were snogging in the Ravenclaw table.

After the feast, they were told to follow the head boy and girl. Teddy and Victore. Victore smiled as she saw Rose and Albus.

They were led into the Ravenclaw Common room, and were told where their dorms were. Rose and Albus were the last ones up.

"I wonder how Janet is feeling", Rose wondered out loud. "Probary crying", Albus was sad. One of his new friends, was in Sylthern, the darkest house of the four.

Meanwhile, Janet was teased and bullied when they found out she was an muggleborn. She quickly ran to her dorm, and was bullied by Lori Parkison. Janet cried herself to sleap.

2, WeekendEdit

Rose tucked herself up with an book at the cornor of the room. It was officialy her first weekend at Hogwarts. She was good at all the subjects, something that her mother was proud of and it reminded of her.

Rose heard an sob coming outside. Rose put the book down and ran to the entrance. She saw Janet crying. "Janet, why are you crying", Rose asked in shock.

"All my clothes, gone", she chocked out. "What", she asked in horror. "All my roomates hate me", she sobbed. "That's it", Rose grabbed on Janet's hand and rushed to the headmaster's office.

"Come in", came the voice of Minerva Mcgonagall. "Why is Miss Star crying", Minerva asked in shock. "All her housemates in Sylthern are bullying her because she is an muggleborn", Rose explained.

"That is Awful", Minerva was shocked. "That's it. Sylthern is losing all it's points, they are getting detention from Proffesor Slughorn, and Miss Star is getting another resorting".

Rose was shocked and happy at the same time. "But how is that possible", asked Rose. "Because, once someone had commited suicide as he was an muggleborn place in Sylthern".

Minerva grabbed the hat from the desk and put it on Janet's head. "This is appaling", shouted the hat at Minerva. "I have sorted this girl".

"And resort her. Because Syl-", she was cut of when the hat screamed Hufflepuff. Rose was sad she wasn't sorted at Ravenclaw, but at least she would be safe. For now.

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