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Flavor of Love (Season 4) is the fourth season of Flavor of Love in which Flavor Flav brings female contestants into his mansion to compete for his love for the fourth time. The show originally aired on the 14th of July, 2009 and featurants.

Contenstants Edit


Lil' Gee (Age 25): When Flav was left with Shawte and Lil' Gee in the final two, he chose Lil' Gee over Shawte because he felt Shawte was too agressive.


Riderz (Age 27):

Tonic (Age 22)

Fee Knix (Age 25)

Caliente (Age 30)

Red Hotz (Age 23)

Cyclone (Age 33)

Eboneee (Age 25)

Elektric (Age 32)

D Town (Age 26)

Ice Teeh (Age 30)

Flamer (Age 28)

Exotic (Age 23)

Davine (Age 30)

Lemon (Age 22)

Kim Chee (Age 29)

Diamondz (Age 24)

Dizzee (Age 31)

Choklat (Age 23)

Winta (Age 22)

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