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Happy Tree Friends series

Flippy Flipped Off

Followed by:

Flippy II: Flipping Me Off

Gross revenue:

392,923,829,734 U$D

Flippy Flipped Off is the first feature film (FFF) in the Flippy series.


The film begins with Flippy leaving a huge asylum. After fourteen years, he's finally released. The people can't wait for him to get home. They then hold a big bash, with Flippy. The next morning, they are all killed. Flippy doesn't remember a thing, thinking he did it. He goes to the police, and the next morning, the police are dead. Then, he sees himself in a reflection, a darker side of him. He then tries to run, but after reaching his house, the darker side of him gets to his house, then he comes to life. The normal Flippy and the flipped-out Flippy then battle. Soon a bigger battle ensues. After stopping, Flippy kills Dark Flippy, but Dark Flippy can't be killed, then Flippy decides to keep him as a friend. Soon when going to a big party, Flippy flips out and kills everyone. Then, the riot squad comes and kills Flippy and the survivors.

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