Harry Potter. Harry, Ron and Ginny were the only survivors of the Final Battle. They travel back in time to set things right.


The black haired man looked at the mirror, tears in his eyes. It was an exact year since the battle.

"Run", Harry yelled to Hermione as the death eaters were closer to the pair. Hermione obeyed and she ran the other direction. A big mistake.

Hermione continued to run and she was tripped up by Bellatrix Lestrange. Lestrange laughed and set her ropes on fire.

Harry heard Hermione scream in pain, and wanted to help her, but he couldn't. He had to run and find Nagina.

Meanwhile, Ginny Weasley ran from the spells that were trying to hit her. She hid behind the staircase, wands hitting potraits, still trying to kill her.

She heard her mother scream. Ginny turned around and looked. She saw Molly trying to revive Fred Weasley, who was killed by Lucious Malfoy.

Malfoy raised the wand, and killed Molly, who fell down next to Fred.

Ron Weasley and Luna Lovegood were running from two werewolfs. "This way", Ron screamed over the chaos.

They weren't expecting what they saw. Nagina quickly jumped onto Luna and strangled her, Ron in shock of what was happening.

Ron then saw George and Arthur. They were already killed by Nagina. Ron saw the sorting hat and put his hand in it. He grabbed Gryffindore's sword and slice Nagina.

Ginny ran after her dead mother, but was stopped by Fluer Weasley. "This zis not zhe time", she screamed and Ginny wasn't prepared at what she saw next.

Bill Weasley fell over the banistor, dead. "NO", Fluer screamed. "Pleaze not this. I'm Zregnant, no", however, Fluer was killed by Malfoy.

Seeing this, Harry pulled out his wand and killed him with the killing curse. "You fucking bastard", he yelled over and over.

There was screams. Harry and Ginny turned around, and saw an dead Hagrid. Harry ran up to him, and more screams were heard.

Harry looked up, and Lord Voldermort was laughing at him. Without thinking, Harry raised his wand and performed the killing curse, even he didn't know all the horcurxes were destoryed.

Voldermort was prepared, and his body fell backwards. This didn't stop the death eaters, giants and the dementors.

Ginny screamed as she saw Nevile getting grabbed by an dementor, and his soul was sucked out of him. The same treatment happened with Percy.

Charlie, along with his friends, were attacking the giants while on top of the dragons. One of the giants grabbed onto the dragon Charlie was on, and threw it at hogwarts.

The Dragon hit the Astromony tower, making it about to collapse. Lovers Nevile and Hannah were on the tower, and tried to get down. They weren't lucky, and were killed.

The castle was collapsing, and all of the survivors tried to flee. They managed to flee, although Ron was still trapped.

However, the fleers weren't expecting hundreads of giant spiders attack them. Harry grabbed onto Ginny, and they ran back to the castle.

Harry wished he could fight, but his wand had been snapped. He and Ginny jumped into the lake, ignoring the coldness.

The next day, they woke up and learned everyone had been killed. Ginny relised Ron could still be alive, and they searched for them.

They saw an injured Ron. "Whe Hermo", he asked. He couldn't speak. He was lost for words. "Dead", Harry whispered.

Every Flower of that generation, had been killed.

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