Flying Police Car

The evil flying black and white police car

"What is this? Police cars that can fly? Impossible!"
—F-22 pilot

Flight capable police cars are basically flying evil cop cars to help the evil cops rule the skies. The flying police car is distinguished as all cops main aerial vehicle and the cops mostly used vehicle. Their main armament is missiles, bombs and Vulcan cannons and has the same capabilities of an F-18.

Notable deployments in G.I. Cop hunters

"Beware of engaging the evil cops flying police cars. They defeated those F-22 raptors and are a true threat to our air power as well."
Flying police car shoots down racing plane

Evil flying police car shooting down a racing plane

The flying police cars notable acts was to shoot Down Air Force one and destroy most of the F-22s in the skies and on the airstrip.

The flying police cars other notable moments is where the evil cop leader Narud ordered the flying police car squadrons to escort the nazi bomber planes and fight the F-18s protecting the Mammoth tank prototype but failed to stop the Mammoths deployment.

The Nazi cops used their flying police cars alongside their Me-109s and their Me-262s to terrorize the B-52s and their F-18 escorts.

The Soviet cops utilized flying police cars as well alongside their MiG fighters.

The United Cops Alliance wield Flying police cars armed with better weapons to easily defeat the cop hunters best fighter jets and one was sent to destroy most of the Cop hunters space cannons with their new anti-satellite missiles.

Notable Flying Police Cars

Sky Terror Squadron