Follow My Lead - A Massugu Ni Ikou Fanfic is a story by Nightpelt in the dog anime series Massugu Ni Ikou (Let's Walk Straight)



Rain fell from the sides of Mametarou's wooden house. "What am I to do?" he mumbled in his mind to himself "If I go find Gen and take him to far side of the Hamoshei Mountains, the pack will fail." As Mame got up, he went to search for his friends Honoko, Sora, Sebastain, Shokora and Mimiasu at Dark Alley. As Mame ran across, trying to whiff the air, he was scenting that Gen was on his trail. "Going to keep running." Mame thought as he ran straight for the smells and shadows of his friends glowing from the candles that glimmered the distance ahead.

"So I was thinking if we could catch up to Conductor Tumisei's train..." Sora was saying as she layed her paws on a map of the city. "...We could catch up to Mame and bring him aboard to Hamoshei." as she finished talking about her plan, Sebastian jumped around and said ((Sebastian has cute 'kawaii' smiley face and hopping around)) "Maybe sweetie..." He barked with energy "...We could wait for Mame to come, he always has the mind with plans and brings the best of melon pan.

"MELON PAN!!!" Honoko barked ((Honoko smiles big and sways arms up shaking them anime style)) "Oh my, I love Melon Pan! Where's my sweetheart Mame, I need melon and a heart of happiness." "Calm down..." Shokora barked "...Not every dog gets happy for something they beloved, just ask Gen, he's smart and knows the rights from wrongs."

((every one of the dogs has shocked anime faces and is waving arms around like crazy, Sora has mad feeling on her head.)) "YOU IDIOT!" She yelled, shaking Shokora with her arms "Gen knows nothing you stinkin' flea chewtoy, what I know is Mame knows more than Gen does about our plan." "Is that true?" Mame asked, walking in from the lights of that dark alley. "Ummm...yep...eep" ((Sora gets embaressed)) "It's fine..." Mame said. "My owner Iku-chan has moved from here, leaving me alone, but I'm fine and I'm well and healthy ready to find Gen at-" "MAMETAROU-SAN!" Honoko barked happily, she tried squiggling over to him, but her stomach was as bad as can be. "Mame..." she barked, panting for some air. "The vet said I am finally having my first litter, so we have to move before my pups are born." Mame looked shocked for a sec, with her news. "A litter?" he thought ((Mame appears with a thought of a thousand miniature Honoko puppies running around him.)) Mame gasped and then said. "Alright everyone, it's time to go." Mame walked slowly, while the other dogs followed him. "Could puppies be a good thing to start a second life." Mame thought "Or can they be bad and cause a life to turn upside down?"

Chapter 1: A Canine Camp?

As Mametarou lead his pack of pals out of the city's limits, the quest began when all of a sudden, a loud rumble emerged "It was me... Shokora said in his sweet voice "...I'm so hungry right now "WELL YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT, YOU FURRY FLEA-MAGNET!!!" Sora shouted angerly ((Sora does her angry face)) "Well, at least he's not sick." Mame said "Sebastain, you and Ms. Mad Mouth over 'there' will keep Honoko safe at the nursing den, if anything goes wrong, alert me and the other dogs as soon as possible." Mametarou said "Agreed." Sebastain replied.

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