For Queen and Country (1991) is the seventeeth official entry in the James Bond film series, and the third to star Timothy Dalton as 007. It is also the first Bond film of the 90s and takes place sometime between Live and Let Die and For Your Eyes Only, with Donald Pleasence briefly reprising his role as Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the pre-title sequence.

In the film Bond is dispatched by MI6 to Algeria, where American weapons mogul Walter LaFayette is meeting with Algerian Minister of Defence Muhamad Nasouf to establish a weapons agreement with the United States and Algeria. But Bond soon discovers LaFayette has ties with KGB agent Leov Karsovski, and they are planning on forcing the U.S into a military presence in Algeria and provoking Soviet intervention, thus causing a full scale war. The film was released on July 20th 1991, earning $67,0000 in opening week and receiving mixed to positive reviews. Dalton's performance and those of the supporting cast were praised, though the convoluted and confusing story were criticized by some while praised by others. The film was included in the 007 video game Ultimate Bond: Dr. No To Die Another Day, released in 2009 and chronicling each Bond film from 1962-2002.


The film opens with the pre-title sequence which is unrelated to the rest of the film, James Bond ( Timothy Dalton) undergoing an investigation in Venice, following a SPECTRE lead. After being captured by his old nemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld, 007 tactfully escapes his grasp and destroys Blofeld's plans in Venice.

Bond returns to MI6 where M ( Robert Brown) is meeting with Muhamad Nasouf, the Algerian Minister of Defence. M explains to Bond that MI6 is trying to improve British-Algerian relations, with MI6 hoping to prevent a KGB insurgents in the country. Nasouf is scheduled to meet with American weapons mogul Walter LaFayette, whose company World Weaponry Co. will supply Algerian British-trained agents with the means to topple potential dictator and Soviet sympathizer Ahmet Kaluhfri, who seeks to form an alliance with the USSR and seize Communist control of Algeria. The Algerian agents will assassinate Kaluhfri and allow a peaceful government to assume control of Algeria, with the weapons agreement between LaFayette and Nasouf enough to do so. Bond is dispatched to oversee the deal and make sure nothing goes wrong, as Kaluhfri knows of the plan and will deploy agents.

Bond flies to Algiers where LaFayette and Nasouf plan to seal their agreement. As expected not everything goes to plan and Kaluhfri's agents attack the building and assassinate Nasouf. LaFayette flees with the agreement to his ship Vengeance off of the Algerian coast. With no other opposition to his power Kaluhfri assumes control of Algeria and invites KGB General Leov Karsovski to form a bond between the two nations. With a dictator in power in Algeria the USA decide to intervene and begin an offensive stance against the country and Kaluhfri. Karsovski plans to allow the US to ravage Algeria and receive millions in reparations for the Soviet assistance in Kaluhfri's reign of power. The scheme will fund KGB efforts to further gain power. With Algeria backed by the KGB Karsovski plans for America to wage a short war with Algeria and Kaluhfri to surrender thereafter, with the dictator transferring all of the money Algeria will receive to repair and use it for the KGB. LaFayette also has malign intentions and allied himself with Karsovski to get some of the money for his company. He used his henchman, Boris, to assassinate Nasouf and cause tension between the USA and Algeria.

Bond is captured by Karsovski's men while infiltrating a KGB base in the desert, and interrogated. He reveals he was assigned to safeguard the meeting between LaFayette and Nasouf, wherupon Karsovski informs Bond of LaFayette's allegiance and his masterplan. Kaluhfri arrives at the base via his private plane and demands the money from Karsovski, who growing tired of Kaluhfri's impatience shoots the dictator dead and cutting out "the middle man" as he tells Bond. He then is able to instil a puppet leader to make peace with the US. Karsovski leaves with his entourage and Bond on Kaluhfri's jet, bound for Moscow, where Karsovski will return a hero of the KGB. Bond manages to escape Karsovki's clutches and parachute out of the plane, landing off of the coast of Algeria and climbing aboard LaFayette's ship. He manages to find the double agent and holds him at gunpoint, as LaFayette holds control of the money being transferred to Karsovski. LaFayette refuses and Bond shoots and incapacitates him, destroying the connection between the Algerian national fund and the KGB.

Learning of this problem and suspecting LaFayette of betrayal, Karsovski arrives via jet onto the Vengeance and kills LaFayette, unaware that it was Bond who sabotaged his plan. Boris than attacks Karsovski for killing his master, giving Bond enough time to escape via the plane. En route to London he informs the CIA of the entire plan and the US deploy their army from Algeria to the Vengeance to dispose of Karsovski.

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