For You... Anything is a 2012 American coming of age drama film written by Bruce A. Evans and directed by Steven Soderberg.

It chronicles the story of four boys during the 1960's whom run off from their bad foster guardians to acquire the treasure of a long dead boy whom died in the woods of Veneta, Portland along with a large amount of money he swindled from his billionaire parents whom did not care for him.

The film is brought by Stand By Me Screenwriter Bruce A. Evans who like fellow Stand By Me Screenwriter Raynold Gideon decided to bring a coming of age boys movie to the new generation in testament of their 1986 classic and of famous Stand By Me actor River Phoenix's death.

It stars Blake Woodruff, Slade Pearce, Remy Sweeney, Noah Gray Cabey, Steve Coogan, Morgan Freeman, Kim Dickens, Veronica Webb, Daryl Mitchell, Deborah Foreman, Mick Foley and Gena Rowlands.


Four boys all whom possess foster parents in Veneta, Portland run off to the woods to reclaim the treasure which comes with the body of a young rich boy whom died in the 1960's fleeing from his parents with their riches.

The boys face the local high school bullies whom have also set their minds to acquiring the treasure.

The film plays at a timeline which sees the present where the main one of the boys Timothy is recounting the story and then once the story of the childhood adventure hits climax it is revealed Timothy's best friend in the group whom so consequently was the leader of their little four group was killed following that by the bully teenagers whom had set out for the treasure too.

It shows he is now indeed a police officer with a wife and two children and had succeeded along with the help of grown up brothers Leslie and Lex Eaterbrooken in imprisoning most of the teen gang all apart from the leader Marley Butcher as when time came to expose him Leslie got in with Lex's fiance and as a result was murdered by his own brother instead changing the case to that murder and Lex finding himself imprisoned.

Timothy busts him out and asks he help in getting the final person responsebile for the horrible stuff that happened to them as kids including their leader friends murder from when they were children.

He agrees and the two set off on a road trip to bring him down.

The film shockingly concludes with Lex instead of just letting the police apprehend him kill him after Marley brings up his brother and his ex-fiance as well as the horrible things they did to them as children.

Lex following on writes himself a note for Timothy and as the police bust in upon him he shoots himself in the head and dies instantly.

Timothy is then imprisoned but failed with the great share of the dead boy's money he acquired as a child but decided never to use.

The one whom comes with the money to bail him out was his abusive foster mother whom he ran away from.


  • Blake Woodruff as Timothy Lorkins
  • Slade Pearce as Justin Maxwell-Jr.
  • Remy Sweeney as Lex Easterbrooken
  • Noah Gray Cabey as Leslie Easterbrooken
  • Steve Coogan as Timothy Lorkins/ 30's
  • Morgan Freeman as Leslie Easterbrooken/30's
  • Daryl Mitchell as Lex Easterbrokken/30's
  • Kim Dickens as Patricia Lorkins
  • Veronica Webb as Naomie Billings
  • Deborah Foreman as Lawyor Lena Harrington
  • Mick Foley as The Taxi Driver


  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole
  • Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home) - The Impalas
  • Stay Just A Little Bit Longer- The Zodiacs
  • Save the Last Dance For Me- The Drifters
  • Little Darling- The Diamonds
  • Bye Bye Love- Everly Brothers
  • Come and Go With Me- The Dell Vikings
  • Runway- Dell Shannon
  • Duke of Earl- Gene Chandler
  • Johnny B Goode- Chuck Berry (Played in Marley Butcher's car)
  • Blue Berry Hill- Fats Domino
  • Sherry Baby- Frankie Vallie & The Four Seasons (Played following the boys singing the song to each other as they hike the Death Rock
  • Earth Angel- The Temptations
  • In The Still of the Night- Five Satins

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