The Franchise Wars is a Gaming War between the Legendary Halo series and the New and Blossoming Total Assault series. (Although not an actual war it was more like a massive gaming frenzy or arms race per say.)


  • May 3, 2011
    • TAUC is released.
    • Closest Shave in ranking between 2 games in gaming history.
    • Angered Bungie declares war on TA and the Franchise Wars begin.
  • October 9, 2012
      • TA2 game and Halo 2 Film are released.
      • The Total Assault Franchise is now tied with the Halo franchise.
      • Ancy Bungie frantically tries to gather with Neill Blomkammp to hurry and finish Halo 3 Film before 2014.
  • 2012
      • July - Issue 1 of the TA comics is released.
      • October - Issue 2 of the TA comics is released.
      • December - Issue 3 of the TA comics is released.
  • 2013
      • February - Issue 4 TA released
      • April - Issue 5 TA rlsd
      • June - Issue 6 TA rlsd
      • August - Final TA Issue rlsd, BUNGiE tries to sue SpIn Games for releasing 7 issues.
      • November - BUNGiE's sue attempt fails and Halo 3 Film is released, and due to its rushed state, is not looking good review-wise.
  • 2014
      • January - TA3 is released. The reviews break Halo's, and it sells out in 4.8 minutes around the globe, beating Halo 3's. And so has begun Halo's fall.
      • January 29th, 2014 - TA3 sells 1 more copy than Halo 3, ending the war, and crowning Total Assault 3 the best selling first-person shooter game on Earth, ending Halo's reign of tyranny.

The Results

As far back as 2007, Halo 3 reigned supreme as being the most played FPS in history. For 7 more years it was the highest played game, and most played FPS. TAUC got last place in the top ten most played games yes, but TA 2 was ranked second due to the first one's success, and then Total Assault 3 sold 5 Million more copies than Halo 3, which was 13.1 Million at the time of TA 3's release. See: Top Video Games

The End of the Franchise Wars and Halo's Downfall

"Oh, no my friend, Halo will not last forever, when I release this game, the world will bow at its feet, and people will soon forget about Halo the way they did pong." - The words of Ambrose Compton in response to Cliffy B when he doubts TA can cripple Halo.

Upon the release of Total Assault 3, Halo began its downfall. Over the course of the last months of 2014 and over the course of 2015 the number of online multiplayer matches began to drop more quickly, of course, they had already begun to drop when Total Assault II was released. The Storyline of the Total Assault series as one whole is said to be spectacular and groundbreaking, and is one of the 'Most Original Stories ever told' and the scary part about it is that is used actual theories and could indeed be real. In August of 2015, a Comic Book was released, titled Davian vs. Spartan-117. It came in 4 issues and was non-canon, made by Mark Verheadin as a homage to the Franchise Wars between TA and Halo. In the story, Master Chief's ship is thrown into a paralell demension, and he lands on Earth, dominated by the UEM. Master Chief is mistaken as a Grendel, and is attacked, and he kills all of the soldiers attacking him. Davian is alerted of this, and he arrives in the barracks to find all of the Strikers slaughetered. The story progresses over the course of Davian hunting down, and attempting to kill Spartan-117. Spartan-117 also tries to kill Davian who keeps returning to fight him in every issue, and finally in Issue 3 Master Chief says, "Dammit! You just don't die! Do you!?" Master Chief then throws a grenade in the room and locks him in at the end of Issue 3. Davian returns in Issue 4 in a deranged state, almost insane. Davian then captures Cortana and erases her memory banks, the enranged Master Chief then takes down 4 Ravagers and tackles Davian off a cliff. And then at the end, Davian activates a Spike grenade and says, "Take care, John, your luck just ran out." Davian then sticks the grenade to him and shoves him down into a hole. However, John pulls Davian down with him, and as Davian's hand slips off the edge, the comic, and thus, the series ends in a cliff hanger, and the questions such as "Who won?" are left unanswered.


  • Fusion - First Issue, still third best selling.
  • Duel - Second Issue, second best selling.
  • Cortana - Third Issue, fourth best selling.
  • War - Fourth and Final Issue, best selling out of DVS.

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