Freddy Vs. Chucky Vs. Jason or Freddy Vs. Chucky Vs. Jason In The Devil's Playground (as its much better known as) is a 2013 horror film starring Jackie Earle Haley, Ron Perlman, and Derek Mears.


Jason (Derek Mears), Freddy (Jackie Earle Haley), and Chucky (Ron Perlman) all die at the same time, and there body's go into Hell. The Devil (Mark Strong) arrives and informs them that with all of there souls it would be too much trouble, so he gives them a chance: 3 rounds to kill each other. Who ever is still alive by the end of the 3rd round gets to go back to Earth... and the battlefield is the center of Hell, The Devils Playground! But something isn't right...


  • Derek Mears as Jason Voorhes
  • Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger
  • Ron Perlman as Chucky (Voice)
  • Mark Strong as The Devil

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