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Reptilian race of Saurians crushed on planet of anthropomorphic animals.Their henchman,killer natrix with mechanic legs named Acade meeted team of warm-blooded:Chila,the sand cat,Siale,hybrid of domestic dog and seal,Raptor,unknown bird from Cretaceous,and Wave,otter-engineer,agent of D.E.E.P.(Dinosaur Extermination Elemental Power).So,he traited his race.Only way to save the planet is to defeat Saurians!


  • Chila,sand cat.Leader of team.
  • Siale,hybrid of dog and seal.Born because his breed start evolving with features of pinniped.
  • Raptor,unknown type of bird.Perhaps a relic from Cretaceous period.
  • Acade,henchmen of Saurians,natrix with mechanic legs.
  • Wave,otter-engineer,agent of D.E.E.P.
  • Sponger,disabled spongesquirrel,also agent of D.E.E.P.Non-playable.


  • Serpent Savanna.Boss:Titan Serpent,gigantic robotic snake.
  • Wave Riding.Boss:Cera,riding a water bike.
  • Great Valley.Boss:Littlefoot.

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