Freezed is a Canadian Horror Slasher 2013 film. The film stars Ryan Merriman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Chandler Riggs and Addy Miller.


San Andreas (1984), a high school class is going to sleep over at Mirror Lake. They say an unknown legend you can't escape or hide from, is out there. (2009), a family camping at Mirror Lake again, and doesn't know about the risk they're taking...


The Film opens with a guy (Mr. Smith) running in the dark woods and the guy run as fast as he can then decided to jump off the hill and screen goes black and the title appears.

Robbie, Anna, Robert and Anne packing their items and having fun then goes inside the car then drives away. In there way on the Mirror Lake, Robbie remembers something while looking in the mirror when he suddenly loses control then was going to hit a another car but he stops it.

Robbie, Anna, Robert and Anne goes out on the car


Ryan Merriman as Robbie Andrews

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Anna Andrews

Chandler Riggs as Robert Andrews

Addy Miller as Anne Andrews

Matthew Lillard as Mr. Smith

Bobby Campo as Jesse

Chelan Simmons as Amanda

Crystal Lowe as Whitney

Nicholas D'Agosto as Travis

Katie Cassidy as Jessica


Robbie Andrews

Anna Andrews

Robert Andrews

Anne Andrews


Jesse - Behead after he encounter the monster in the woods.

Whitney - Butchered after she goes outside to buy condoms.

Travis - Stabbed in croutch and head after he and Amanda hear a noise and goes outside to check it.

Amanda - Behead after she encounter the monster and run and fight him.

Jessica - Slashed and Butchered after she decided to stay on the cabin alone and fights the monster but is failed.

Mr. Smith - Commits suicide after he jump off in a high hill breaking his skull.

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