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Fresh meat is an horror movie about a snake who goes on a rampage mauling people in sight. It is set for release on October 3rd 2008.

Jake Gyllenhall As Jess Pfloog:A cartoonist who makes cartoons for the daily new yorker he is also a MMA in his spare time.He is killed while fighting in a MMA match when the snake brutally tears his throat open.

Benecio Del Toro-Dario Rodriguez:Appears as the one responsible for creating the snake, he sets his creation lose on everyone as vengance.he is noticeable as being the only one to not be killed by the snake due to the snake being loyal to him

Halle Berry-Marissa Sabian:Appears as Dario's henchwoman she is cold and calculating.she survives as she is seen as the snake's caring mother

David Duchovny-Harold Salvo:A college professor he is forced to evcacuate when the snake arrives also the snake catches up to him and brutally rips his tsticle's off killing him

Corbin Bleu-Bruce Gibberns

David Alan Grier-Leo Gibberns

Jeff Bridges-Leco Calrendy

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