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Friday The 13th Part 2 3D is a 2018 3D Slasher Horror film that will be presented and shot in digital 3D technology. It is a sequel to the 2017 remake, Friday The 13th and the 14th installment in the Friday The 13th franchise. Unlike its predecessors, this installment features Jason pitted in the snow for the very first time within a wintry atmosphere. The film stars Thomas Dekker, Katija Pevec, Amanda Crew, Alex Pettyfer, Avan Jogia, Michael Bailey Smith, Jordan Pressler, Naomi Watts, Jimmy Bennett, Chris Zylka, Lindsay Schoneweis, Cody Longo, Michael B. Jordan, Nicholas D'Agosto, Nicole Andrews, Max Van Ville, Portia Doubleday, Justin Welborn, Travis Davis, Stephanie Maheu, Brent Stait, Jessica Stroup, Daren Kagasoff, Tim de Zarn, Agnes Bruckner and Taylor Handley.



Friday The 13th Part 2

Welcome back to Crystal Lake.


A local resident named Tommy Jarvis travels through the snow-saturated mountains of Camp Crystal Lake to kill infamous serial killer, Jason Voorhees because he kidnapped his sister, Heather and killed all her friends. Along his journey, a new group of teenage campers come to Crystal Lake in the winter to go sledding and play in the snow while camping out in a cabin. Tommy encounters the group of teens and one of the girls from the group, Anya, accompanies Tommy on his journey to find his sister and kill Jason. Meanwhile, the new campers find themselves trapped in a twisted game of Cat and Mouse as Jason begins stalking and picking off each and every one of them to maintain Crystal Lake as his territory.


In the middle of the woods of Camp Crystal Lake, 1962, Tamara Jarvis (Agnes Bruckner) emerges from a brush while slathered in sweat and hyperventilating in terror. She runs through the forest from someone attacking her, and while she's looking over her shoulder as she quickly dashes across the woodland, Tamara runs straight into her 12 year-old brother, Tommy (Jimmy Bennett). He's screaming hysterically and shedding tears, unable to catch his breath while Tamara wraps her arms around him and tries calming him down. As the siblings embrace one another strongly, they suddenly hear footsteps plummeting into the twigs. Tommy begins to panic and tremble once again, and Tamara orders him to run back to their house and make sure their mother and sister are safe. While Tommy is hesitant to leave Tamara, he ultimately takes a deep breath and sprints across the woods, leaving Tamara to fend for herself. She breaks down into tears and prays to God that her family remains unharmed. After hearing a rustling noise coming from behind her, Tamara turns around and sees her attacker, Jason Voorhees (Michael Bailey Smith) emerging from the fog, unmasked and wielding his trusty machete. She gapes at the undead killing machine in horror before making a run for it in another direction. Tamara manages to find her way out of the woods and frantically rushes inside her car. She plunges her key into the ignition, but her engine fails to start. Tamara fights through her tears as she furiously begs aloud for her car to start, but the more she turns her key in the ignition, the more her engine stalls. She slams her wheel in frustration and stares into her rearview mirror, where she finds Jason casually sitting in the backseat. Terrified and too shocked to move a muscle, Tamara absently stares into the mirror with tears dripping down her cheeks and a facial expression of heartbroken defeat. She briskly opens the door and dashes out of her car, but is denied her escape at the last second when Jason grabs her arm, pulls her back in and closes the door. Tamara struggles helplessly with her assailant and screams for help, but Jason slashes her across the throat with his machete, killing her. After Tamara's blood splashes onto the windshield, Jason steps outside of the car, moves her body over to the passenger seat and sits down in the driver seat. Jason calmly turns the key in the ignition, and this time, the engine successfully activates. He then pushes the accelerator all the way to the floor of the car, driving at full speed toward a large tree. Once Jason rams the car into the tree, Tamara's body crashes through the windshield and is flung lifelessly onto the street.

Jumping forward to present-day 1980, Alice Hardy (Portia Doubleday), the sole survivor of the Camp Crystal Lake massacre from last summer, is sleeping through a rainstorm in her upstairs bedroom. As the rumbling sound of thunder savagely increases, Alice is awoken from her sleep and she stares outside her bedroom window, watching the raindrops crash onto the ground with melancholic gloom. She drags herself out of bed and stumbles into her bathroom, where she washes her face in lukewarm sink water. Realizing her mirror is misty with condensation, Alice wipes the fog off and discovers a hockey-masked Jason Voorhees standing behind her. Alice manages to let out a scream just as Jason drives an ice pick in her temple, when suddenly Alice wakes up in her bed, revealing it was only a nightmare. She's panting and sweating in terror, slowly catching her breath and realizing she's safe in her home. Heavily traumatized from her encounter with Jason and Pamela, as well as the murder of her friends just a year ago, Alice regains control of herself and performs her breathing exercise, staring outside at the rain as she breathes in and out. She takes a moment to gaze at her drawings posted on the wall, then goes to take a shower.

After stepping out of her shower, Alice throws on a towel and pops a couple amphetamines, washing them down with sink water before she stares at herself blankly in the mirror. She answers the telephone and it's revealed to be her mother, and they quickly descend into a heated dispute regarding Alice's blatant absence. Alice explains that the reason she hasn't kept in touch with neither her mom nor her father is because she wants to regain her independence and put her life back together, which is why she bought a house in Crystal Lake rather than moving back to California. Her mother becomes upset and tries to persuade Alice to come back home with she and her father, arguing that being alone isn't the answer to moving on from a tragedy. However, Alice abrasively counters her mother's request and insists that living on her own near the camp where she was attacked is the only way she can truly conquer her fears and face the incident that has damaged her. As Alice and her mother fail to see eye to eye, and their argument further spiraling, Alice assures her mother that she still loves her but doesn't feel like carrying on with their fight before abruptly hanging up. As she sinks into her couch, Alice sighs with frustration and contemplates the lonesome lifestyle she's choosing for herself.

Later in the night, temperatures lower and snowflakes begin to fall from the sky. After getting dressed and starting a fireplace fire, Alice is startled by a threesome of unexpected knocks at the front door. She tenses, takes a deep breath and cautiously walks toward the main entrance, breathing heavily with anticipation. Alice slowly turns the knob and opens the door, when she quickly breathes out in relief upon being greeted by her four closest friends; her boyfriend, Ricky (Cody Longo), her best friend, Heather (Amanda Crew), Heather's boyfriend, Nick (Max Van Ville) and fellow companion, Brady (Chris Zylka). Alice is ecstatic to see her friends gathered together at her doorstep and warmly invites them inside her home, giving Ricky an impassioned French kiss and wrapping her arms around Heather in a benevolent embrace. Ricky offers everyone a beer before he starts guzzling one down himself, and Brady goes into the kitchen and gathers some graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows to make s'mores. Heather and Alice sit down next to each other on Alice's sofa and have some girl talk about what they've been up to. Nick automatically finds himself uncomfortable by Heather and Alice's girl chat, and accompanies his bros in the living room where he and Ricky commence smoking weed from a bong. Brady, rather than joining them at smoking, roasts some marshmallows over the fireplace and shamelessly devours a quantity of s'mores, getting warm chocolate smeared all over his face in the process.

After Heather and Alice enter the living room, they gather on the couches with Ricky, Nick and Brady. Brady, who still has chocolate smeared across his lips, gets some of the paste wiped off his face by Heather, who seductively licks the chocolate off her finger after referring to Brady as a slob. While huddled together near the fireplace, Alice, Ricky, Heather and Nick drink down cans of beer and take hits off of Ricky's bong while Brady lectures them about the dangers of smoking and drinking. Ricky makes a comment about Brady being single because of his straitlaced demeanor, which genuinely hurts his feelings though he chooses to stand his ground and remain unadulterated. Heather and Alice defend Brady and give him praise for deciding against bad choices, but even he admits that the reason he doesn't try anything is because he's too afraid to step outside his comfort zone. Alice cuddles up to Ricky and the pair starts kissing, while Nick and Heather also commence curling up in each other's arms and make out after drinking. Brady becomes jealous since he's the only one without a companion, and compensates by interrupting his friends' make-out sessions to tell a scary story. Ricky and Nick rudely silence Brady for the compassion of their girlfriends, but Alice and Heather insist that he tells them his campfire tale. Much to the annoyance of Ricky and Nick, they sit back with their girlfriends while Brady eagerly moves to the empty couch and proceeds to tell the real-life horror story about the Lake Bodom Murders. He explains that on June 4th, 1960, a group of four Finnish teenagers went camping along the shore of a lake near the city of Espoo's Oitaa Manor. By the following morning, three of the friends were found murdered while the fourth youth was badly injured but alive. The victims had been repeatedly stabbed and bludgeoned inside of a tent, and to this day, the murderer was never caught. Alice and Heather are nestled in Ricky and Nick's arms, listening to Brady's story with terror-distressed expressions. Ricky and Nick, on the contrary, can't help but giggle and mock Brady's anecdote and dictate that he needs to get laid. Not wanting to hear anymore of Brady's tale, Heather convinces Nick to go explore the woods with her and the two dismiss themselves from the group.

Brady goes off on a tangent about Jason Voorhees to Ricky and Alice, but seeing as they want to be left alone, and that Alice doesn't want to hear him glorify the psychopath who murdered her friends, he thoughtfully gets up off the couch and excuses himself from the living room. While Ricky and Alice are cuddled up in one another's arms, Ricky starts aggressively nibbling on Alice's neck, but she gently pushes him off and instigates a serious discussion. Unable to control his raging hormones, Ricky continues making advancements toward Alice until she convinces him that she's serious. Though he truly wants to have sex with her, Ricky reluctantly gets ahold of himself and agrees to listen. Alice talks about her uncertainty with staying in Crystal Lake so far from her parents, and admits she's been having second thoughts about her own emotional strength. Sympathizing with his girlfriend's loss, Ricky kindly assures Alice that she's stronger than she thinks, and that moving in on her own proves just how determined she is to mature into a fully developed individual. Swayed by Ricky's sweetness, Alice leans in and begins making out with him. As they're kissing becomes more ferocious, Alice states that she's ready to lose her virginity, much to the surprise and exhilaration of her overheated boyfriend. Immediately, Ricky gives Alice a kiss on the lips before rushing off to get a condom from his car. Gearing up to finally have sex and say goodbye to her purity, Alice snuggles down in a sleeping bag and eagerly waits for Ricky to return.

In the kitchen, Brady seizes a bottle of Luksusowa Vodka from the refrigerator and dashes upstairs into Alice's bedroom. While he's chugging down the vodka in private self-pity, Brady comes across a framed photograph of Alice that's resting on her nightstand. Intoxicated and secretly in love with Alice without the courage to confess, Brady lies down on his back on top of Alice's bed and masturbates to her photograph as he simultaneously swigs the alcohol in loud gulps. As Brady comes closer to reaching an orgasm, he stares up at the ceiling and discovers Jason Voorhees standing over him. As Brady gapes at the hulking killer, Jason snatches the vodka bottle out of his hand and crushes it into pieces. Subsequently, Jason slashes Brady's throat with the glass shard while the helpless college student bellows and wheezes in agony. As Jason vigorously drags the shard back and forth across Brady's gushing neck, he ultimately succeeds in decapitating him.

While Nick and Heather are strolling around the woods, they stumble across a large, imposing house located at 42 Cars Crash Road. Nick recognizes this house as the place he was always terrified of because of the townsfolks' belief it was haunted, and decides to finally face that fear by going inside to explore. Heather tries to talk him out of it because the house creeps her out and the weather is getting colder, but Nick is determined to find out what all of the supernatural fuss has been about. Realizing she needs to overcome her own fears, Heather agrees to go inside the house with Nick in spite of her trepidation. Once the pair walks inside through the unlocked front door, they encounter several floors and find themselves entranced by the building's pristine condition. Unbeknownst to Nick and Heather, the mailbox in the front yard is etched with the name, "Voorhees".

In Alice's living room, she and Ricky are having intercourse in their sleeping bag. After the couple concludes lovemaking, Ricky tells Alice that he loves her and, out of genuineness and overwhelmed emotion, she returns the beautiful phrase. With their naked bodies pressed up together, drenched in sweat, Alice and Ricky cuddle one another closely as they remain lying under the sleeping bag. Suddenly, the pair hears a thumping sound emanating from the rooftop. Ricky initially laughs off the sound and dismisses it as squirrels, but after another pounding occurs in the same location, Alice becomes worried and asks Ricky to go outside and check for what's causing the noise. Though he's visibly annoyed by Alice's request, and even attempts to persuade her into believing it's only squirrels fighting for nuts on the roof, Ricky reluctantly gets out of the sleeping bag and puts his clothes back on before heading outside. Alice, who feels reinvigorated after having experienced her first sexual encounter, relaxes and smiles confidently.

Looking up at the rooftop, Ricky fails to notice any shenanigans occurring that would explain the mysterious thumping noises. Just as he's about to turn back and go inside, Ricky hears a rustling sound coming from the nearby forest. He calls out to the suspected location, but receives no response. Curious about what's creating these strange noises, Ricky wanders around the narrow streets when suddenly a snowball falls from a tree and lands on his shoulder, giving him a startled fright that sends him jumping backward. Once Ricky realizes it was only a snowball that hit him, he catches his breath and chuckles with uncertainty.

During the time that Alice is relaxing in her sleeping bag waiting for Ricky to return, Jason is surreptitiously standing behind the oblivious girl. Sensing the presence of somebody in the living room with her, and thinking that it's Ricky who's standing behind her getting ready to play a joke, Alice begins joking around and talks to the killer as though he's her boyfriend. After getting no response to her lewd comments, Alice peers upward at the ceiling and realizes it's Jason Voorhees hovering over her. Screaming and panicking, Alice ducks into her sleeping bag, which Jason grabs and zips shut. Sealed in the sleeping bag, Alice struggles and screams to her surprise as Jason picks her up and propels her through a glass window. After Alice crashes onto the ground in her backyard, Jason bursts through the backdoor and brutally stabs her seven times in the chest and four times in the stomach with his machete.

Walking down the road on his way back to Alice's home, Ricky stumbles into the front yard where he decides to relieve himself. Ricky is in the process of urinating on a tree when Jason Voorhees strikes him from behind, bashing his head against the trunk of the tree.

As Nick and Heather are wandering aimlessly through the Voorhees home, Nick goes inside Jason's old bedroom and discovers a collage of photographs posted around the wall featuring the deformed, hydrocephalic child. Disturbed by Jason's grotesque visage, Nick invites Heather inside to take a look, and while she's gazing at the pictures intently, she instantly makes a connection between the facial features of the 11 year-old boy and those of the man who murdered her family 18 years ago. Heather gradually becomes freaked out and feels as though there's someone else inside the house with them, but Nick disregards her paranoia and insists they go down into the basement to find further clues of who lived there.

While Nick and Heather are exploring Jason's home basement, Heather finds Pamela's severed head in an altar surrounded by candles and runs to find Nick. As Nick continues to explore the basement, a sudden rope noose made out of barbed wire dangles down from the upper staircase and wraps tightly around Nick's neck. The wire digs deeper into Nick's throat, and he clutches his bleeding throat while crying out in agony. Heather finds Nick being strangled and runs to his aid, where she tightly holds onto Nick and attempts to lower him down. From the top of the stairwell, Jason pulls on the wire and drags Nick upward, making the spikes cut deeper into his throat as he's pulled higher off the ground. Heather screams in sorrow and continues to hold onto Nick, but he eventually lets go of his throat and dies painfully while hanging in the air.

Screaming in terror, Heather flees from the basement and makes a run for the front door, dashing out into the night. As she's running as fast as she can away from the building, Jason rushes to the entrance and throws his machete at Heather. The machete pierces Heather's shoulder and she's instantly plummeted to the ground. While she lies writhing in pain, Jason walks over to Heather, grabs her by the legs and starts pulling the panic-stricken college girl across the snowy surface back toward his house. Heather screams helplessly as she's getting dragged away with the blade still embedded in her shoulder, and after Jason hauls her up the stairs to his porch, Heather's fingernails drag across the wooden floorboard before she's sucked inside the interior of the home. Her desperate cries for help reverberate across the land, then suddenly cut to silence when Jason slams his front door shut.

Two months later, on Friday, December 13th, 1980, a group of party-desirous teenagers are snowmobiling through the snow-covered mountains of Crystal Lake headed to a cabin for winter break. The teens include preppy Chet (Alex Pettyfer), an arrogant and self-centered snob who owns the winter cabin, his smart and sensitive blonde girlfriend Anya (Katija Pevec), jokester and sex-craved Trevor (Avan Jogia), his best friend Charles (Michael B. Jordan), a gorgeous, brunette party-girl Di (Lindsay Schoneweis), handsome, comparatively mature Spencer (Nicholas D'Agosto) and his blonde hairstylist girlfriend, Amanda (Nicole Andrews). They come across a No Trespassing sign during their travel, but Chet dismisses it and insists they continue going in their direction before an estimated snowstorm kicks in. Trevor asks why there's a sign prohibiting their journey to Crystal Lake, and Chet simply states that some "crazy shit" happened there a long time ago.

As Chet and his friends continue making their way over the snow, they stumble across the groundskeeper of Crystal Lake, Ronnie (Justin Welborn) shoveling the field. Chet asks Ronnie if he knows how much farther it is to his estate since most of the signs are covered with snow, and rather than answering his question, Ronnie suggests that they all turn around and go back home in order to avoid any potential trouble. Spencer assumes that Ronnie is merely being a jerk and urges him to tell them where they are since the temperature is dropping, but refusing to cooperate, Ronnie insults Chet and his group for their ignorance, stupidity and privilege. In retaliation, Chet steps off of his snowmobile and gets in Ronnie's face, threatening to beat him down and leave him to die in the cold unless he changes his attitude. Ronnie gives a devilish grin and ominously warns Chet that he and his friends are going to die if they pursue their journey, and before their argument becomes physical, Anya separates the squabbling men and advises Chet to let it go. Catching his breath, Chet slowly backs away and gets back on his snowmobile with Anya behind him. Once the teens resume their traveling, Chet spits in Ronnie's direction and the girls stare at him in revulsion. As he watches the naive youngsters ride off into the Crystal Lake woods to their impending doom, Ronnie maintains his twisted, cocky smile and calmly proceeds to shovel snow off the walk.

Living alone in a Chicago apartment, Tommy Jarvis (Thomas Dekker) is sitting at his desk and making a Halloween mask. Following the news report of yet another disappearance in Crystal Lake, Tommy turns up the dial on his radio and listens to a distraught man exclaiming how his wife went missing in the woods near Camp Crystal Lake and that the police haven't been able to find any trace of her. As he's carefully listening to this broadcast, Tommy receives a phone call from Officer Lund (Travis Davis), who regrettably informs him that neither he nor the rest of the Crystal Lake police force have found any indication of his missing sister, Heather's whereabouts. Too distraught and withdrawn to say anything in response, Tommy devastatingly hangs up the telephone and walks past his shelved collection of handmade masks over to a collage of newspaper clippings about Jason Voorhees pasted on the wall. He has circled bits of information regarding Jason's drowning and physical appearance, and begins to stare into Jason's deformed eyes with powerful wrath. Consumed with hatred for Jason, Tommy stabs a sewing needle into his photographed visage. He then goes into his drawer, pulls out a newspaper article about Camp Crystal Lake's bloody history and cuts out an image of Jason's hockey mask with a pair of scissors. Going into his apartment's fitness center, Tommy vigorously pounds a punching bag with his fists accompanied by Jason's photographed hockey mask attached to the center. While he punches the heavy bag repeatedly with sweat streaming down his face and permeating his undershirt, Tommy takes one last look at the hockey mask before throwing a pushing punch, which pushes his hand all the way through his target.

Chet, Anya, Trevor, Charles, Di, Spencer and Amanda arrive at Chet's beautifully designed winter cabin situated in the middle of the forest, adorned with snow and surrounded by large trees. His friends gape at the vacation lodge in astonishment, taking notice of its secluded position and a nearby mountain perfect for skiing down. The youngsters turn off their snowmobiles, grab their belongings and eagerly scurry inside for warmth. Chet, lacking subtlety and overly taken by his family's fortune, begins to brag about his inherited wealth and goes into detail about how much money his parents had to put in to purchase such a pristine estate. Everyone makes themselves at home; Spencer throws himself onto the warm sofa, Trevor builds a fire in the fireplace, Chet turns on the illuminating lights and Anya cuddles up against him. Di and Amanda turn on the television and relax on the couch, while Charles makes himself comfortable on Chet's father's leather man-cave chair. Trevor opens up another compartment which leads to a pool table sitting in the center of the room, further increasing his appreciation for the cottage. Charles quickly pops up off the chair and joins Trevor in the unnoticed section, where they each obtain a cue stick, rack up the 15 balls and play a game of pool. Trevor grows frustrated when he fails to make the shots and resorts to hitting the pool balls into the pocket with his hands, causing a winning Charles to burst out laughing.

While Tommy is tossing and turning in bed, straining to get some sleep, he rolls over on his side and turns over a framed photograph of his deceased older sister, Tamara on the nightstand. He stares at her photo intently, his eyes gleaming and swelling with tears, and as he becomes transfixed by his sister's hopeful, optimistic smile, Tommy recalls a memory from childhood:

Twelve year-old Tommy is having a nervous breakdown in his tent, hugging his knees to his chest and crying uncontrollably. As he stays huddled inside his zipped-up tent, balling his eyes out and quivering with terror, Tamara knocks on his bedroom door and asks him to let her in, but a petrified Tommy refuses and continues sulking over the traumatizing incident that has handicapped him emotionally. Tamara repeatedly knocks on his door and tugs on the handle, but Tommy is unable to break free of his fetal state. As Tamara becomes frustrated by her brother's stubborn refusal to talk with her, her boyfriend Paul (Taylor Handley) rushes upstairs, snatches a key on top of the doorframe and carefully unlocks Tommy's door. Tamara waits outside while Paul quietly enters the domain and speaks to Tommy in a soft, understanding tone. Because Tommy is too shaken and stirred, he doesn't say anything but instead listens to what Paul has to say. Crouching on the floor in front of the sealed tent, Paul advises Tommy that the best way to overcome his deepest fears is to merely face them. He mentions that being a martial arts fighter has taught him to not only stand up for himself, but also to not allow his weaknesses and fears get the better of him. Absorbing Paul's insightful wisdom, Tommy starts to calm down and his tears minimalize. Paul also notifies Tommy that he cares about him deeply and wouldn't let anything happen to him or his sisters, resulting in Tommy managing to put on a slight smile as he wipes away his remaining droplets.

After this memory flashes behind his eyes, Tommy urgently jumps out of bed and seizes Tamara's photograph before departing from his apartment. He storms determinedly into his car and places Tamara's picture on top of his dashboard, then proceeds to drive off toward New Jersey. Once he approaches a traffic sign directing him toward Jersey, Tommy stops the car briefly and chooses to travel the quickest route to Crystal Lake.

While Di is sitting in the lounge getting her hair styled by Amanda, Anya joins her girls and compliments Amanda on her remarkable ability to trim off split ends. Amanda assures Di that she'll be able to win the hearts of countless men once she's finished with her hair, to which Di subtly informs her friends that she's had her eye on one man in particular. Anya and Amanda suddenly become anxious to know who and giddily beg Di to tell them, but she refuses to give away his name. Anya asks Di to at least describe the person she's crushing on, and she reveals that she's been friends with this particular guy for a long time, she met him during their senior year in high school and he's got blonde hair and green eyes, two features she especially desires. After she shares this information, Anya slowly snaps out of her eagerness and worries that Di is talking about her boyfriend, Chet. Di realizes the uncertainty in Anya's expression and promises her she doesn't have to worry because she would never go after her best friend's boyfriend. Anya then covers her anxiety with an awkward laugh, insisting that she's not insecure enough to think Chet would cheat on her. While Amanda is blow-drying Di's hair, Di asks her how things are going with Spencer, and Amanda shamelessly announces that their sex life has strengthened since they first started dating. Feeling slightly jealous, Anya mentions that she and Chet haven't even had relations in two months because they've both been studying for exams. Amanda comments that Chet is a beautiful specimen, and if she doesn't take full advantage of having him as a companion, then passing exams won't matter much. Realizing she needs to show Chet how much he means to her, Anya determinedly leaves the lounge and goes to find him. Amanda carries on about what a great lover and cook Spencer is, while Di listens attentively and stares off enviously.

Chet, Spencer, Trevor and Charles are sitting around a table in the living room playing the Thumper drinking game. Trevor fails to mimic Spencer's goofy hand gesture in time, so as a consequence he is forced to chug his can of beer. As the sophomoric friends are becoming more intoxicated and laughing hysterically amongst their drunken selves, Anya walks into their domain and aggressively wraps her arms around Chet's neck. She whispers seductively in his ear instructing him to come follow her, and Chet instantly takes Anya's hand and escorts her upstairs into his bedroom while Spencer, Trevor and Charles make catcalls and cheer aloud for their friend in celebration that he's about to make love. Chet and Anya lock themselves in the bedroom, quickly undress themselves and ferociously commence foreplay on Chet's king-sized bed. While the two horny teens are having sex, their moans of pleasure resonate throughout the cabin and as a result, Spencer, Trevor and Charles crack up and give each other exuberant high fives as they resume their game and slurp their beverages around the table.

Chet, Anya, Trevor, Charles and Amanda gather together in the kitchen where Spencer is cooking spaghetti squash pasta for everyone. Amazed by the flavor and relatively low quantity of carbs, his friends praise him for his ability and recommend he consider dropping out of college in exchange for cooking school. Amanda brags about Spencer's remarkable gift for preparing food and gives him a kiss in gratitude, cutely stating that she'll continue to sleep with him as long as he continues serving up his trademark cuisines. While everyone is digging into their pasta dishes, Spencer serves up a platter of hot chocolate for his friends to enjoy while they're eating. Because it's her favorite drink, Anya happily guzzles her hot chocolate and exhorts Amanda to never allow her relationship with Spencer to end. Trevor asks Charles how his video game developing has been coming along, and Charles unhappily reveals he hasn't found a company who's willing to invest in his ideas. However, he informs everyone that he's received a call for an acting audition located in New York that's scheduled for the following week. Amanda congratulates Charles on his growing opportunities and asks him what kind of acting he's pursuing, to which Charles replies he wants to work on Broadway productions since it requires him to utilize several abilities he's acquired as an actor. Di, who has changed into a tight blue top and short jean shorts that expose her cleavage, belly and legs, enticingly enters the kitchen and takes a seat next to her friends. Trevor, who is undeniably entranced by Di's gorgeous physique and fresh hairstyle, compliments her on her hair and strains to come up with something else to say. Chet also appears to be captivated by Di's looks and gazes at her in amazement, and she stares back at him with a mischievous smile. Anya perceives the flirtatious unspoken interaction between Chet and Di and becomes jealous, giving them a glare of suspicion.

While Ronnie is still shoveling snow off the land, mumbling aloud about how much he loathes performing the same task every winter and wants to do something more with his life than shovel, he catches a glimpse of a large figure moving past the trees in the nearby forest. Ronnie calls out to the shape and demands that he find somewhere else to wander, but the figure has already disappeared into the darkened woods. Rather than pursuing the mysterious wanderer, Ronnie returns to his shoveling and dismisses the shape as just another lunatic townie.

Jason Voorhees, who's bundled up in a torn black hooded jacket and a black T-shirt underneath, walks across the snow-covered grounds along the path to his childhood home at 42 Cars Crash Road. Entering his home through the front entrance and walking down the basement into his mother's shrine room, Jason envisions Pamela (Naomi Watts) standing before him, wearing her beige turtleneck sweater and black jean leggings while his eleven year old self (Jordan Pressler) is standing idly next to her. Pamela smiles at Jason and refers to him as her "special, special boy", and he stares at her from across the room while listening carefully to what she has to say. Pamela congratulates Jason for carrying on with his work in the name of his beloved mother and instructs him to finish what they started last summer by killing off all the new youngsters trespassing on their land. Without uttering a word, Jason agrees to comply with Pamela's request, and in return she manipulatively assures Jason that her love for him is as immortal as he is.

Chet, Anya and Di go snowshoeing in the forested hills and travel uphill while using poles to help themselves along. Once the trio reaches the top of the mountain, they stare out into the white sky and admire the visual beauty of their wintry scenery. Chet, who remembers racing to the top of the mountain with his father when he was a child, tells the girls about his past experiences at Crystal Lake and his family's lifelong attachment to the lakeside. Anya comments that the view from on top of the hill is magical, and Di commends Chet for his willingness to be open about his sentimental memories. Anya grabs a water bottle from her bag and starts swigging it, along with Chet and Di, to maintain their hydration. Chet wraps his arm around Anya's shoulder and cuddles her closely, and they both stare out into the view while Di looks on at the affectionate couple with a twinge of envy. As Chet and Anya stare into each other's eyes getting ready to lean in for a kiss, Di playfully chucks a ball of snow at Chet's back and challenges him to a race downhill. Playing along with her cutesy dare, Chet grabs hold of his poles and races Di to the bottom of the mountain in his snowshoes. Anya, who is growing increasingly annoyed with Di's advances toward her boyfriend, rolls her eyes and snowshoes down to the bottom of the hill.

While Amanda is sitting on top of a hill strapping on her ski boots, she voices her concern to Spencer about trespassing in the woods and going skiing without a license. Without putting much thought into the consequences, Spencer puts his hands through the straps on the ski poles and accuses Amanda of being inhibited because she was earlier expressing her excitement about skiing down a large mountain. Though she's hesitant about getting hurt, Amanda develops a sudden rush of confidence and is determined to overcome her fear of the woods and of falling. She bravely picks herself up, slips into her protective goggles, seizes her ski poles and cockily insists that she is going to beat Spencer down to the bottom. Spencer proudly accepts Amanda's challenge and eagerly steps into his skis before waddling over and positioning himself on the slope. Spencer asks Amanda if she is ready to go, and after she gives an enthusiastic go-ahead, the pair commences gliding down the hill. While Spencer and Amanda proceed down the hill in a lazy zigzag fashion, Jason is secretly watching them while standing in the forest.

As Trevor and Charles are ice fishing in the frozen lake, waiting for a fish to bite, they place their tip-ups over the hole, drink down bottles of vodka and begin conversing about Trevor's buttoned-up attraction for Di. Charles tries to encourage Trevor to tell Di how he feels about her, but Trevor admits he is too insecure to come forward with his feelings plus he's far too out of her league to even stand a chance. Charles recommends talking to Di and getting to know what she's truly like as a person before he decides whether or not he's worthy of her, but Trevor humorously insists that he is more likely to get lucky with a fish than with Di. When a fish finally bites, Trevor reels his line in and lifts the fish along with it. Once he unhooks the fish from his line and drops it into the bucket, Trevor proceeds to make lewd conversation with Charles over their drinks regarding the unfair differences between catching a fish and picking up women.

While Spencer is skiing rapidly down the mountain, just about to approach the bottom of the slope, Jason tosses an axe which slices through Spencer's waist, cutting his body into two pieces shortly before the upper and lower halves of his body slide apart and slither down the snowy mountain track. Jason continues to stand patiently behind the trees, watching Amanda as she happily skis down the path unaware that her boyfriend has just been murdered.

As she is laughing about how much fun she's having skiing, Amanda realizes Spencer isn't waiting for her at the bottom of the slope. She turns her head around in an attempt to look for him, but as she's sliding down the hill she suddenly sprains her ankle and falls headlong onto the ground, tumbling all the way down the mountain. While Amanda is plummeting several feet down the snow-capped mountain, her leg becomes fractured and she lets out a scream of unbearable suffering. Amanda ultimately tumbles to her stop at the bottom of the hill, and she grasps her wounded leg while crying out in agony. As snowflakes continue to blow about in the wind, Amanda starts dragging herself across the icy surface in desperation. After she manages to crawl a few feet, Amanda encounters a pair of hunting boots standing in front of her and blocking her escape route. She looks up to find Jason Voorhees standing over her and looking down at her hopeless teary-eyed visage. Amanda screams for someone to come help her and she makes a last-ditch effort to crawl away from him, but is stopped when Jason stomps on her broken leg. While Jason is eyeing the incapacitated girl's body, he decides it would be more fun to let her suffer in the freezing cold and die on her own, so he walks away and leaves Amanda lying motionlessly on her stomach in the snow.

Back at Chet's winter home, he, Anya and Di are playing a game of Monopoly when suddenly somebody knocks on the door. Thinking it's one of their friends, Chet walks over to the entrance while Anya and Di resume playing the game. As Anya is rolling the dice, Di begins talking to her about her relationship with Chet. Anya insists that she and Chet are doing fine together and that they have reconnected during their time at the lodge, but Di suggests that Chet appears to be distant as though something or somebody else is on his mind. Realizing that Di is trying to stir up trouble between she and Chet, Anya ignores her mischievous remarks and uncomfortably moves her game piece. Wondering what's taking Chet so long to return, Anya excuses herself from the living room and walks over to the front entrance where she finds Chet talking to Tommy Jarvis. Tommy informs Chet that his sister, Heather, went missing near Camp Crystal Lake along with her friends, and asks if he has seen her anywhere in the area. Chet regrettably notifies Tommy that he doesn't recognize the girl in his missing persons information sheet, and just as he is shutting the door in Tommy's face, Anya intervenes in the conversation and asks Tommy to show her his sister's picture. Tommy hands Anya the information sheet and she sympathetically studies Heather's appearance, offering her condolences to Tommy for his loss. Chet, who is stubbornly apathetic to Tommy's plight, carelessly states that he will "keep a look out" for his sister and recommends that Tommy goes somewhere else to investigate. Taking a hint, Tommy says his goodbyes to the couple and thanks them for trying to help. Once Tommy walks away, Chet shuts the door and sighs with relief. Anya glares at Chet and scorns him for being so rude to Tommy, but Chet rebuts her accusation in belief that he had no reason to care about another person's dilemma. Disgusted with Chet's apathetic behavior, Anya storms out of the cabin and rushes after Tommy. Chet attempts to reason with her to come back, but once he sees Anya running toward Tommy's car, he returns to the living room and sinks into his couch. As Chet is sulking over Anya walking out on him, Di moves closely beside him on the sofa and caresses his hand. Anya apologizes to Tommy for her boyfriend's attitude and offers to join him on his journey to find Heather. Tommy warns her that it may be in her best interest to stay with her friends, but Anya aggressively insists that she is going to help him find his sister. Flattered by her generosity, Tommy welcomes Anya inside his car and the pair drives off to the other side of the lake.

Once Ronnie returns to his cabin, his girlfriend, Kristy (Stephanie Maheu) manages to get his attention by getting a bottle of whisky and drinks it while dancing seductively in front of Ronnie. Exhausted from his long day of shoveling, Ronnie takes off his gloves and sits down on his sofa while watching Kristy perform her exotic dance on the table. As she's dancing, Kristy begins to slowly unstrap her bra and snorts cocaine, which seduces Ronnie into getting himself ready for sex. Quickly taking off his pants, Ronnie lies down on the couch and invites Kristy to get on top of him. After stripping entirely out of her clothes, Kristy throws herself on Ronnie and the pair initiates passionate, aggressive lovemaking. While the two lovers are enjoying their moment of tenderness, a rock is suddenly hurled through the glass window. Terrified by the ear-splitting disturbance, Ronnie and Kristy prematurely conclude their sex and get off of each other. Ronnie puts his pants back on and carefully walks over to the broken window, leaving Kristy to tremble with apprehension as she stands inert next to the couch. Once he approaches the shattered frame, Jason is casually standing on the outside of the window. Thinking he is some deranged townie, Ronnie angrily orders Jason to get off of his property and threatens to call the police if he doesn't leave, but Jason quickly decapitates Ronnie with his machete.

Horrified, Kristy screams and races upstairs into her bedroom. Jason climbs over the window sill and pursues his next victim to her sanctuary, walking leisurely up the stairs. Kristy, who has locked herself inside the bedroom, drops onto the carpeted floor and sits with her back against the wooden door. As she is holding her hands on her mouth, breathing at an abnormally rapid rate and holding back tears, Jason begins transpiercing the door with an axe. Kristy hurriedly picks herself up and runs straight into the bathroom for safety, but Jason successfully obliterates the door and makes his way inside before cornering Kristy in the lavatory. He grabs Kristy by her neck and begins to strangle her, and in retaliation Kristy rips off the left side of Jason's hockey mask. Further infuriated, Jason grabs Kristy's face and smashes it into the mirror, which protrudes her facial shape through the metal on the outside of the cabin.

Hearing a devilish chuckle in the room, Jason turns around and finds Pamela standing in the doorway. She applauds Jason for his increasingly inventive methods for killing and reminds him to finish off the rest of the intruders at the winter cabin before they get a chance to escape. Pamela walks up to Kristy's lifeless body and comments on how young and pretty she was, nihilistically asserting that people of physical beauty are a waste and that life is nothing more than a cruel joke. In Jason's hallucinatory fantasy, he is suddenly transformed back into his 11 year-old child's body. Pamela lovingly strokes 11 year-old Jason's deformed face and sweetly commands him to make people remember the two of them and in addition "what fear tastes like".

Jason trudges through miles of snow on his way back home, carrying Ronnie's severed head along the way. Downstairs in Jason's dark, dilapidated basement, Heather Jarvis is being held captive and chained by her wrist to a baby's crib. On the floor beside her is a bloody pile of partially devoured carcasses, which she has been eating for the last two months in order to survive. Heather desperately tugs at her chains and whimpers as a result of discomfort, but she is only creating more bruises on her wrist in the struggle. Hearing the sound of a creaky door opening, Heather screams as loudly as possible for help in hope that someone is looking for her, but it is only Jason stomping down the stairs. Jason throws Ronnie's head across the floorboard and acquires a roll of barbed wire which he uses to wrap around the necks of previous victims. Heather gapes at this brutal sight in repulsion and watches as Jason throws a chain of barbed wire around a rafter and uses it to suspend the upper half of Spencer's corpse from the ceiling. Unable to cope with the horror before her eyes, Heather begins to cry and holler at the top of her lungs.

During their drive around the lake, Anya notices the photograph of Tamara on top of the dashboard and asks Tommy who she is. He explains that the girl in the picture was his older sister, Tamara who got murdered by Jason Voorhees in 1962 and that she has been a guiding force in his life that's motivated him to toughen up and never allow fear to prevent him from facing a challenge. Confused about who he's talking about, Anya questions Tommy about who Jason is and he gives her a rundown on the psychopath's history; describing Jason as a deformed outcast who drowned in Camp Crystal Lake when he was eleven and then came back to life to exact revenge on anybody who crosses his path. Anya initially disregards Tommy's claim and voices her belief that somebody else is merely impersonating Jason in order to scare people away from the area, but Tommy affirms that it's the real Jason because he's witnessed his inhuman attributes. Realizing Tommy's certainty and determination, Anya peeks into the backseat and discerns a .357 Magnum double-action revolver inside his duffel bag. Feeling too uneased to ask about the gun, Anya keeps quiet and lies back in her seat with uncertainty while Tommy maintains his focus on the road.

After pulling over at his stop near the forest, Tommy reaches into his duffel bag and pulls out the .357 Magnum, reassuring Anya that he's only bringing it for their protection. Though she's hesitant about going in the woods with him, Anya gets out of the car with Tommy and follows him into the forest where they begin their investigation. As the two companions are wandering through the woods, Anya asks Tommy what he plans to do if he manages to find Jason out there, and Tommy confidently declares that the only sure-fire way to destroy Jason is to either cut off his head or drown him in the lake. Anya is still skeptical about coming across an undead killing machine in the area, but Tommy cocks his gun and recommends that she keeps her eyes peeled for anything suspicious. Secretly smitten with his passion, Anya smiles and agrees to fully commit herself to helping Tommy out as best as she can. Suddenly, Tommy stops in his tracks after discovering a trail of large footprints in the snow. Anya speculates that a bear could be hiding out somewhere, but Tommy insists never once growing up has he encountered a single bear anywhere near this region.

As night begins to fall, three locals named Herman (Brent Stait), Roy (Daren Kagasoff) and Marlean (Jessica Stroup) drive recklessly around the streets in a Chevrolet Chevette. Herman, who is an alcoholic degenerate, rolls down his window and swings an aluminum baseball bat against a road sign while his best friend, Roy steers the Chevy and laughs uncontrollably. Sitting in the backseat, Marlean laughs along with her companions and points out a fence that's coming up ahead. Enthusiastic about another chance to cause destruction, Roy guzzles down a can of beer, presses the accelerator to the floor and the car shoots forward into the fence, shattering it into pieces. Herman, Roy and Marlean take a moment to release their belly laughs and howl in merriment to the sky. Marlean throws her arms around Herman and the two lovers start smooching in the front seat, much to the discomfort of Roy who voices his judgment that Herman is over twenty years older than Marlean. She doesn't wholeheartedly agree with Herman's reckless desire to trash the area, but admits she finds disturbing the peace and destroying property to be intoxicating. Herman confesses that he despises Crystal Lake due to its heinous reputation and the incompetency of the police department, feeling as though he holds a God-given right to take the law into his own hands.

Herman, who is being carried along by Marlean on account of his inebriation, wanders into one of the cabins at Camp Crystal Lake armed with a baseball bat and gasoline can. Roy procures a crowbar from behind Herman's tire and proceeds to follow the couple inside the cabin with intentions to vandalize it. Marlean, who's taking a last-minute rethink of their tactics, suggests that they should get back in their car and leave before someone discovers them, but Herman insists that they must follow through with their plans to destroy every last piece of land on Crystal Lake. Too cowardly to stand up to Herman, Marlean reluctantly agrees to stand by him and allows the wreckage to commence. Herman uses his bat to crack the television screen, knock ornaments off the furniture and split tables in two. Roy stabs his crowbar into the walls and rips open the wallpaper, laughing devilishly at the chaos he's creating. Marlean, though slightly rattled by the senseless vandalism, smiles with intrigue and chooses to join in. She flips over a couch and chucks a brick through the window, where she catches a crepuscular glimpse of Jason Voorhees walking around the land. Worried they're going to get in trouble, Marlean alerts Herman and Roy to the figure lurking in the darkness.

Herman walks up to the shattered window and spots Jason wandering around the field. Thinking he is another trespassing troublemaker, Herman leans out of the window and shouts at Jason to leave the premises. Responding to Herman's threats, Jason deviates from his planned route and starts making his way toward the delinquent's cabin. Marlean turns fearful of the hulking killer's physique and begs Herman to leave, but he decides to stick around in confidence that he can handle the forthcoming maniac if a fight ensues. Marlean backs away into the corner while Roy and Herman grip their weapons, just before Jason barges in through the front entrance. Herman berates Jason for intruding into their spot and hurls abusive taunts at him, but Jason just stands immobile in the doorway. Noticing the deformities on Jason's half-exposed face, Roy begins laughing at him. Herman threatens to kill Jason unless he leaves the cabin, and seeing as he isn't moving, Herman whacks Jason in the stomach with the aluminum bat. Once Jason drops to his knees, Herman swings the bat across his face, seemingly breaking his neck and resulting in him collapsing. Convinced that he's killed Jason, Herman turns his attention to Roy and Marlean and brags about his victory. Marlean tries to regain her composure and Roy continues to mock the unconscious Jason's disfigured appearance. As the three share a brief laugh, Jason miraculously recovers from his blows and rises from the floor. He retaliates by grabbing Herman and twisting his head around until it faces backward.

After Herman drops lifelessly to the floor, Roy tries to kill Jason by striking him in the face with his crowbar. Completely unaffected by the blow, Jason snatches the crowbar from Roy's hand and uses it to whack Roy across the face, sending him to plunge upon the floor. Marlean loses all composure and goes into hysterics, curling up and crying in a corner, while Roy, who is struggling to regain consciousness, spits up bloody teeth all over the rug and dizzyingly staggers to his feet. He curls his fingers into a ball and gets ready to punch Jason square on the jaw, but as he thrusts his fist forward, Jason clutches Roy's hand and snaps it backward. As Roy screams and wails out of torture, Jason takes his machete out of its sheath and rams it into Roy's stomach, killing him instantly.

Just as Jason turns around and shifts focus to his final victim, Marlean makes a desperate attempt to escape by crawling through the window, and Jason, relishing in the panic he's instilled in her, allows Marlean a chance to fight for freedom. Although she manages to squeeze herself halfway through the outside of the cabin, Jason decides to take action and slams the window down onto Marlean's lower back. Paralyzed from the waist down, Marlean falls back into the cottage on her stomach and insistently pleads for her life. Without any sympathy for the crying girl, Jason immobilizes Marlean by way of resting his hunting boot on her upper back and stabs her six times in the back with his machete. In his mind's eye, Jason is suddenly accompanied by Pamela and his eleven year-old self, both of whom are standing beside him and observing Marlean's bloodied corpse on the floor. Pamela looks over at Jason and smiles.

Going through the woods, Anya and Tommy eventually reach the old campgrounds and find the eviscerated body of what looks like a dog. The two wanderers are about to enter some condemned buildings in the off-limits area when an intruder suddenly shines a flashlight across the trees, startling the pair and prompting them to turn around with a jolt. As the flashlight shines brighter on their squinting faces, the figure begins moving forward and emerges from the dark revealed to be Officer Lund. He reprimands the two for trespassing and brings them back to the police station. Having a heart-to-heart discussion with Tommy at the office, Anya in attendance, Lund tells Tommy he and the rest of the force are still doing everything they can to find Heather before advising him that he and the town do not want any trouble, as it has been quiet in the area for the last year. Lund goes as far as suggesting Tommy pack up and leave and continue his searching somewhere else, telling them that they were too close and that things have been quiet for a year now and they like to keep it that way. Having lost his faith in the police, Tommy ignores Lund's advice and leaves the station with Anya in tow. Getting back into his car fuming, Tommy tells Anya he isn't going to give up on his quest for Heather. Anya warns him that they could get arrested the next time they're caught searching around the campgrounds, so Tommy deduces that they will just have to do some exploring further away from there.

Officer Lund is filling out some paperwork at his desk when he catches sight of two fellow officers escorting Crazy Ralph (Tim de Zarn) to the door. Lund questions Ralph about what trouble he is causing that actually landed him in the slammer, and he discloses that the judge sentenced him to a week's imprisonment for drunk and disorderly conduct. Snickering in contempt for the well-known alcoholic, Lund warns Ralph that if he persists in drinking and scaring people away from the area, he will end up spending much more time behind bars. Having eavesdropped on the conversation between Lund and Tommy, Ralph accuses him of spelling doom for Tommy and Anya by sending them back to town. He goes off on a tangent about the death curse on Crystal Lake and declares that Lund is completely oblivious to the dangers surrounding him and his poor town. Annoyed by Ralph's proselytizing, Lund urges him to go back home to his wife before she contacts them again asking where her husband wandered off to. Aching to get a deeper rise out of the irritated authority figure, Ralph grins mockingly and asks Lund how many more people have to go missing in the area before he stops choking down donuts and does something useful. As the escorting officer places his hand on Ralph's shoulder, telling him it's time to leave, an infuriated Lund storms over and pins Ralph against the wall, threatening to get him thrown out of town if he doesn't stop spouting his gospel. The other officers pull Lund off of Ralph and just before he makes his way out of the office, Ralph tells Lund he hopes he can inspire him to start realizing the wickedness in Crystal Lake and the effect it's having on the townsfolk. Once Lund manages to calm down, he comes to believe that Ralph is the one responsible for Crystal Lake's recent string of mishaps.

While Heather is alone in Jason's basement, faint with hunger, she reluctantly reaches into the cut-open body of a deceased dog and removes its internal organs. Sickened by the wet, gooey sensation of animal guts squeezing against her palms, Heather closes her eyes and forces the entrails inside her mouth, but while she's chewing slowly in the struggle to swallow, Heather gets nauseated by the repellent taste and vomits. As she's choking on the remains of meat and trying to catch her breath, Heather breaks down and sobs loudly. Drawn to the sound of her cries of despair, Jason approaches Heather and she begins crying for freedom. Heather pleads with Jason to let her go and not hurt her, promising she won't tell anyone about what he's done to her, and in response Jason kneels down and lifts his hockey mask up to reveal his identity as the man who murdered her mother and sister. Seeing the man's familiar disfigured face sends Heather into hysterics as Jason slides his mask back on and rises from the floor. As the utterly horrified Heather screams, Jason is visited once more by a vision of Pamela, who orders him to keep Heather alive long enough to draw Tommy in. Jason listens attentively as Pamela tells him the only way he can keep her memory alive is by finishing off the remaining two members of the Jarvis family.

In the living room at the winter lodge, Chet and Di are laughing and getting intimate with one another as they're playing a drinking game. Di, seeing this as an opportunity to get with Chet, proceeds to tug on his outer shirt and seductively suggests to Chet that they should go finish the champagne upstairs as she gives him a very lustful look. Chet, who has resisted her previous seduction attempts from throughout the day, finally allows Di to grab his hand and lead him to the master bedroom as they both smile. As they head to the bedroom, Chet grabs the bottle of champagne and takes one last swig, ogling Di's buttocks as he follows her.

Tommy and Anya come across the Voorhees home during their walk through the woods. Deciding they need shelter on account of the weather, Tommy knocks on the door but nobody appears to be home. Anya peeks inside the house through the window, but all she can discern is old-looking furniture and a vacant hallway. Tommy continues to pound the door harder and calls out for someone to let them inside, and while Heather is lying on the cold floor in the basement, she hears the loud knocking going on upstairs and starts screaming for help. Anya can hear Heather's muffling screams and alerts Tommy, when suddenly Jason comes over and pummels Heather unconscious. Tommy moves to the side of the house with Anya, and she tells him the sound has stopped. Confident that someone is in the house, Tommy insists that they need to break in. Anya advises Tommy to get back to his car and go somewhere else before they get caught, but he instead searches for an opening believing that someone could be in trouble. As Jason is carrying Heather upstairs, Tommy vaguely sees him through a dirty window. Anya finds herself in a panic and tugs Tommy away from the window, begging him to run back to the car with her. He grabs her arms and tells her he saw a shape walking up the stairs, so Anya decides they should go to the police and warn them that something strange is going on at this house, but Tommy swears the police won't help them. He tells Anya to act as a lookout while he swarms the building for any unlocked entrances. While Anya keeps watch in the front yard, Tommy climbs up top to the second story and creeps in through a window. Anya then climbs over the backyard fence and is let inside by Tommy through the backdoor.

As Tommy and Anya creep through the kitchen, they find newspaper clippings dating back to the 1940s as well as a basket of rotten fruit. Disturbed by the moldy odor and outdated findings, Anya clutches Tommy's arm and confides her fear of wandering around the home and possibly stumbling across a rotting homeless person. Tommy motions Anya to remain silent and promises that if the man comes walking back downstairs, they will make a run for it out the backdoor that he let her in through. The pair moves into the hallway and sees that the door leading down to the basement is slightly open, prompting Tommy to investigate since that's where the screams were coming from. He carefully opens the door just wide enough to fit through and creeps downstairs, while Anya follows suit after she cautiously shuts the door. Walking around the wide open space, Anya and Tommy quickly realize that nobody is down there yet Anya confidently attests that she heard screams from below the building. On account of moving through sheer darkness, Tommy puts his hand out in search of light. As he is searching frustratingly for something to grab onto, Tommy suddenly feels his palm prick. Anya reaches out for whatever Tommy just touched and grabs hold of the same object as it punctures her skin. She sucks the blood through her finger and asks what it was that just cut them. Tommy flips a switch and the light turns on, when he and Anya both realize that it was a strip of barbed wire. Droplets of blood drip over Anya's head and she looks up, horrified at the sight of Spencer's upper torso hanging from the ceiling. Tommy follows Anya's gaze and stares upward at the suspended corpses. As she is backing away with trembling horror, Anya stumbles and falls over a mutilated dog. Tommy helps her up and asserts that they're leaving this home now, but as they make it to the bottom of the stairwell, they hear thumping footsteps coming down the stairs. Without further ado, Tommy and Anya turn off the light and hide in a bathroom. Jason marches downstairs into the basement and searches for the intruders, convinced that he heard a noise. Holding their breaths and standing still, Tommy and Anya stick their heads out and take a peek from behind the bathroom door. Jason drags Herman's dead body out into Tommy and Anya's view and garrotes him with barbed wire. Tommy and Anya silently watch in horror as his body is strung atop the wall. Subsequently, Jason drags Roy's body out from underneath the stairwell and uses a hand saw to behead him. Anya's eyes dilate with horror as Tommy presses his hand to her mouth, demanding that she doesn't make the slightest sound. Jason positions Roy's severed head on top of a table, and unable to resist the grotesque image, Anya quickly pushes Tommy's hand off her mouth and regurgitates. Jason spots Tommy and Anya in the bathroom, forcing the two to shut and lock the door while desperately searching for an escape. Jason thrusts his machete through the door and starts kicking it in with his boot, and Tommy pulls back a window curtain only to discover that the window is boarded up. As Jason begins ripping the door into pieces, Tommy and Anya escape through the pit latrine. Jason barges into the bathroom and sees that the two intruders have escaped, so he angrily turns around and scurries to find them.

Tommy and Anya run into the woods, fleeing from the house onto the highway. They flag down oncoming cars, but their efforts go in vain as several motorists continue to idly drive by and refuse to help. Ralph, who is driving on his way home in his truck, fortunately finds Tommy and Anya scrambling across the dark road and offers them assistance. The two breathlessly struggle to explain their plight, stating that they unknowingly wandered into the home of Jason Voorhees and are now being pursued by the masked maniac, which Ralph believes without question and goes on about Jason's return from the grave. He invites Tommy and Anya inside his truck and offers to take them somewhere safe, but the two find themselves at a loss about whether or not they should trust the old man. Anya approaches the passenger side but Tommy grabs her arm and pulls her back, thinking that he might be some lunatic, but Ralph promises he won't hurt them and that he means no harm. Knowing he is their best chance for safety, Tommy and Anya hesitantly get inside the truck, but Jason appears and smashes through the glass window with his fist, grabbing Ralph's head and squeezing it between his hands. Screaming in surprise, Tommy and Anya leave the vehicle and run for their lives while Jason kills Ralph by crushing his head with his bare hands along with his hooked fingers digging into Ralph's flesh.

Inside the master bedroom, Di makes out with Chet as she removes both of their clothes and proceeds to have sex without using protection. While they enjoy themselves in bed, Charles and Trevor pass the time getting stoned and drinking champagne that they smuggled from the family's private beer stock. Trevor starts sulking over not telling Di how he felt about her and agonizes about the impossibility of them hooking up since she's already fooling around upstairs with Chet. In an effort to console his buddy, Charles tells Trevor he loves him and that he's a great guy who a slutty girl like Di doesn't even deserve. Trevor pretends to wipe away his tears and asks Charles if he would be willing to make out with him as compensation, and in response Charles playfully shoves Trevor back against the sofa and insists that they play their favorite silly game in order to snap him out of his gloom. Unsure if he wants to go through with the impending process, Trevor takes one final hit off the weed and hesitantly rolls up one pant leg. Breathing heavily in and out, Trevor gives his go-ahead and Charles gives him a powerful smack across the leg. Wincing in pain, Trevor looks down at the red mark left on his leg and gleefully scowls while muttering obscenities. Now getting ready for his oncoming strike, Charles chugs the rest of the beer and lifts up his sweater, exposing his sturdy, muscular physique. He orders Trevor to just do it and get it over with, and with little hesitation Trevor delivers a sharp blow across Charles' abdomen. He lets out a howl of anguish and grits his teeth, and once they recover from their smacks Trevor recommends playing ice hockey. As Chet and Di are having sex, they're interrupted by Trevor, who wanders into the bedroom despite having heard their moans. In a humiliated surprise, Di covers her nude body with the bedsheet and Chet jumps out of bed holding a pillow against his groin. Trevor turns his head and apologizes profusely to the couple for his intrusion, but a raging Chet pins Trevor against the wall and hurls insults at him. Trevor repeatedly expresses his remorse and pleads with Chet to refrain from killing him, and though he's still fuming Chet lets go of Trevor and gets back into bed with Di, who has broken out in a fit of laughter. Before leaving the bedroom, Trevor is directed to the basement by the seething Chet where he should find sports equipment lying around.

Going into the basement, Trevor makes lewd comments about Di and mocks Chet for his ungrateful attitude toward everything he has the entire way down. Upon finding sports implements in a cupboard, Trevor changes into a jersey and pulls out a pair of hockey sticks and ice skates but notices there isn't a puck anywhere in sight. After resting his equipment pieces near the stairs, he searches endlessly through other compartments before returning to the stairs where to his dismay, the hockey sticks and ice skates have mysteriously disappeared. Trevor calls out for Charles, convinced that he's playing a joke on him, when suddenly something falls and softly hits the floor, making him turn with a jolt. Moving slowly toward the direction of the noise, Trevor looks down and sees a puck conveniently waiting for him. Trevor bends down to pick up the puck, and once he rises Jason is standing right behind him. While turning around, Trevor bumps into Jason and makes a fast attempt to flee, but Jason grabs him and throws him like a ragdoll into the wall, knocking him down on the floor. Struggling to regain his balance, Trevor staggers to his feet and makes another attempt to run away when Jason grabs hold of his neck and squeezes, choking the life out of him. As he's running out of breath, Trevor clutches Jason's arm and tries to plead with him despite being muffled. Jason then kills Trevor by tearing out his throat and letting his bleeding body drop to the floor.

While Charles is smoking, he sees a tiny spider crawling underneath the sofa, startling him. Unable to move on account of his weed-fueled paranoia, Charles keeps a close watch on its whereabouts when suddenly the spider creeps up behind him and crawls up his hand, resulting in Charles flailing around as he springs off the couch. After he picks himself up and makes a dart for the basement doorway, Charles calls out for Trevor and asks him what's taking so long. He wanders downstairs and warns Trevor not to scare him by jumping out of a corner, and while looking around Charles discovers his friend's corpse in a freezer with the hockey puck inserted into his mouth. Horrified by the ghastly spectacle, Charles races up the stairs when Jason, who has been hiding underneath the stairwell, trips him with a hockey stick. Tumbling down the remaining stairs, Charles hits his head on the floor and loses consciousness.

Tommy and Anya run through the woods and realize they have to cross a creek, and while crossing it they spot Tommy's jeep which Jason has set on fire. Anya tries pulling Tommy away but he starts sprinting for the burning jeep, determined to retrieve his gun despite Anya's screaming protest. Tommy opens the driver's door and carefully reaches for the .357 Magnum in his duffel bag, struggling to avoid touching the fire while Anya urges him to get away from his jeep before he gets burned. Gritting his teeth and expending full physical effort, Tommy manages to seize his gun and speeds back into the woods. Anya suggests that they run back to the cabin to warn her friends, but Tommy speculates that Jason already made it there and thinks they should go back to the Voorhees home to save whoever he brought upstairs. Anya recommends going to Chet's house so they can at least call the police, but Tommy tells her Jason's hostage could be dead by the time police arrive, and that the home will shelter them from the cold wind. While she's reluctant about leaving the others behind, Anya concurs with Tommy's idea and follows him down the path to the Voorhees home. As the two keep running, Anya trips over something buried and perceives a hand sticking out from under the snow. She rummages through the snow and uncovers the deceased, frozen body of Amanda. Tommy begs Anya to keep running and save themselves, however, Anya is too upset to just leave her friend. She cradles Amanda in her arms and begs her to wake up, not wanting to believe she is dead, but Tommy grabs Anya's arm and starts dragging her along to the home while she cries out.

As Charles slowly regains consciousness, he realizes he's tied to a pool table with barbed wire. He wriggles his bloody hands and lets out a howl of anguish, but none of his friends are around to hear him. While Charles' efforts to squirm out of his grasp remain useless, Jason emerges from a shadowy corridor brandishing an axe. Still tugging hard at his spiked ties, Charles begs Jason not to hurt him, but his cries go ignored as Jason chops off his right leg with the axe. Charles writhes in agony on the table, imploring Jason to spare his life, but Jason once again raises his axe above his head and amputates Charles' left leg. Once Charles slips out of consciousness from the unendurable pain and excessive blood loss, Jason drives the axe into his chest, killing him. Still not entirely satisfied, Jason uses his axe to sever Charles' arms before leaving his dismembered corpse on the pool table and making his way upstairs.

Making love with Di in his bedroom, Chet fails to hear Jason enter the room. Jason takes a moment to voyeuristically observe the naked couple, listening to their moans of pleasure and seeing that they're coming close to reaching their climax, before he starts moving toward the bed without making his presence heard. While he is on top of Di, Chet is skewered by Jason with his machete, which the killer drives into Chet's back. Di screams in horror as Chet spits up blood and collapses on her chest, instantly succumbing to the injury.

Di hysterically pushes Chet's corpse off and runs out of the bedroom screaming. Entering the bedroom of one of her girlfriends, she throws on their white nightdress over her nude body and hides under the bed. Di clasps her mouth and cries silently as she peeks from under the bedspread, where she sees Jason's hunting boots approaching the doorway. Jason walks into the room and checks both sides of the bed, acting as though he doesn't detect any sign of Di's presence. As she remains silent and lets her tears spill down her cheeks, Di watches in relief as Jason vacates the bedroom. Removing her hand from her mouth, Di takes a deep breath when all of a sudden Jason grabs her legs and starts pulling her out from under the bed. While being dragged away from the bedroom and into the bathroom, Di begins screaming and begging for mercy as her fingernails drag across the wood floorboard. She cries for help and holds on to a carpet for dear life, but Jason lifts her up and smashes her head through a glass window. Jason then throws Di out the window and she lets out her final scream before she hits the icy concreted patio face-first.


Thomas Dekker as Tommy Jarvis - A resident of Crystal Lake with an affinity for masks, Tommy Jarvis lived with his mother and two sisters after his parents got divorced. At the age of 12, Tommy witnessed his mother and older sister, Tamara, being murdered by serial killer Jason Voorhees and developed a passionate hatred toward Jason as a result. He is a quiet, reclusive individual who lives alone in an apartment in Chicago, avoiding contact with almost everyone from his past. For the past several years, Tommy has researched everything there is to know about Jason and prepares to kill him once and for all to avenge his family's death. He engages in physical training and hand-making masks as a way of coping with his demons. Bold, fearless and determined, Tommy puts his training skills to use once he realizes that Jason has his younger sister, Heather, captured and will stop at nothing to destroy Jason's reign of terror.

Katija Pevec as Anya - She is a college student and Chet's girlfriend who joins him and their friends to Camp Crystal Lake for the winter vacation. A smart and sensitive girl who can also be bitchy at times, Anya loves to go skiing, drink hot chocolate and help out people in need. She is best friends with Amanda and Di, but occasionally worries that Di is secretly after Chet. Anya learned from her father how to use a gun at an early age, so she's equipped with some survival skills that suit her well once Jason targets her. Out of the kindness of her heart, Anya agrees to accompany Tommy on his quest to find Heather and destroy Jason.

Amanda Crew as Heather Jarvis - She is Tommy's younger sister and a resident of Crystal Lake. As a child, Heather witnessed the deaths of her mother and older sister, Tamara, at the hands of mass murderer Jason Voorhees. Severely traumatized by her losses, Heather has moved away from Crystal Lake and now lives with her boyfriend, Nick, in Chicago. A melancholic yet hopeful and friendly girl, Heather constantly makes attempts at bettering herself to move on from her tragic past, going to therapy and taking medication daily. She is best friends with Alice and relates strongly to her, as they both have experienced painful traumas. Once she's abducted by Jason, Heather gradually develops a backbone and puts up a fight, realizing that she must face her worst nightmare in order to survive and make her deceased loved ones proud.

Alex Pettyfer as Chet - He is a snobby, spoiled rich kid who invites his girlfriend, Anya, and group of friends to stay at his parents' cabin for the winter break. Chet's goal for the vacation is to hook up with Anya and strengthen their relationship, though his arrogance and narcissism get in the way of that. Chet is very proud of his family's wealth and doesn't mind showing it off once in a while. Having never worked hard for the things he's wanted, Chet never learned how to defend himself in a dangerous situation. As a result, he's somewhat of a coward when it comes to fighting Jason.

Avan Jogia as Trevor - He is one of Chet's friends who is invited to stay at his parents' winter cabin in Crystal Lake. Trevor shares a bromantic relationship with his closest friend, Charles, and harbors strong feelings toward Di. A stoner who's too insecure to tell Di how he feels, Trevor spends much of his break smoking weed and drinking beer. He's stocked with clever, witty jokes and loves playing hockey.

Michael Bailey Smith as Jason Voorhees - Jason Voorhees was born in the small town of Crystal Lake on June 13th, 1946 to Elias and Pamela Voorhees. Jason was afflicted with severe facial deformities, Hydrocephalus, enlarged heart and was mentally disabled. Raising Jason on her own, Pamela kept the boy isolated from the community, not letting him attend school and educating him in their home on the outskirts of Crystal Lake. In the summer of 1957, Pamela, unable to get a babysitter for Jason, resorted to bringing him to Camp Crystal Lake where she worked as a cook. While being bullied by the other campers, Jason attempted to escape from his tormentors and ran onto the dock on the lake, but the cruel children caught up to him on the dock and they threw Jason into the lake where he drowned. The counselors were supposed to be watching the children, but instead they were talking and having sexual intercourse in the woods. Decades later, Jason mysteriously resurrects as a full-grown, gruesome monster with protruding teeth and crossed eyes and he makes it his mission to kill anyone who enters "his" lake in an act of vengeance against society for his mistreatment as a child. Physically, Jason is ogre-like, bald with some facial and skull deformities. He wears a torn black hooded jacket, a black T-shirt underneath, black normal jeans, black leather gloves, a black leather belt, a pair of black hunting boots/shoes and his trademark hockey mask with the 3 Detroit Red Wings signs. While Jason is able to murder his victims using a variety of methods such as strangling with his bare hands, ripping someone apart or killing with whatever is handy, his favorite weapon is his machete which he uses for stabbing, gutting or slashing throats. Jason is able to survive any kind of injury, can be brought back to life, and possesses a unique ability to regenerate any lost and damaged tissue. Jason is shown to be extremely intelligent and high-functioning, while possessing some tactical sense and strategic planning despite his hydrocephalic deformities. Jason can seemingly appear near his victims through means of walking, and he can easily slip in and out of areas undetected. Jason can use anything at his disposal as a weapon, he can create improvised weapons, and instantly use them effectively. He needs only to pick up a weapon before he instantly becomes proficient in it.

Jordan Pressler as Young Jason Voorhees

Naomi Watts as Pamela Voorhees - Pamela Voorhees (nee Sue) was born circa 1930. As a teenager, Pamela met and married Elias Voorhees, a miner from Ohio. As the couple lived in a trailer near Crystal Lake, Elias would often abuse Pamela verbally and physically for any perceived misdeed, be it real or imagined. In 1946, sixteen-year-old Pamela became aware that she was pregnant with a son. She became convinced that the unborn boy was speaking to her. One day, Elias arrived home from work after a rough day at the mine, and he became tired of Pamela's psychotic ramblings and savagely beat and raped her. Enraged, Pamela went to her husband as he was sleeping and hacked him to pieces with an axe, convinced that this was the only way to protect herself and her son. Pamela then blew up their trailer and dumped Elias' body in the lake. Soon after, Pamela moved into 42 Cars Crash Road after she imagined her son exclaiming how beautiful the house was, despite warnings from the real-estate agent that the building was haunted. Pamela's son, Jason was born on June 13th, 1946 at Wessex County Marshall. Pamela proceeded to raise her son apart from the other children in their new house. In the summer of 1957, Pamela is offered the job as a cook at Camp Crystal Lake by David and Louise Christy. Taking Jason with her, Pamela attempts to keep her son sheltered from the other children, but her attempts are in vain. One day, the other campers harass Jason and chase him onto the dock, where they proceed to throw Jason into the lake where he drowns. After Jason's drowning, Pamela loses touch with reality and spends the next six months in a mental institution. Following her release from the hospital, Pamela is rehired as the cook at Camp Crystal Lake in 1958. Pamela finds that she is unable to stop thinking about Jason's drowning, and each night, she goes to the children's cabin while the occupants are sleeping to ensure that they are safe. On July 4th, Pamela suffers a break down while watching the children sleep and goes into a fit of rage. She starts crying hysterically as she thinks about Jason while watching the children peacefully sleep in their beds, and hears the group of counselors singing at the campfire. Convinced that it is the counselors' fault that her son has died, Pamela gets a hunting knife from the kitchen and follows counselors Barry and Claudette to the barn, where they commence sexual foreplay. Pamela sneaks upstairs and catches the teenagers off guard before murdering them both with the knife. Pamela is never suspected of the crime and Camp Crystal Lake is soon closed. In the years that follow, Pamela continues her vendetta to keep the camp closed. In 1962, Pamela poisons the water and sets several fires around the campground to prevent the camp from opening. In 1979, David and Louise's son, Steve Christy begins fixing up the abandoned camp. Pamela tries to persuade him not to open the campground, but Steve is determined to end the story of the curse of Camp Blood. On June 13th, 1979, what would have been Jason's thirty-third birthday, the camp is almost ready for reopening, and Pamela decides to take matters into her own hands. Taking with her a hunting knife, axe and arrows, Pamela makes it her mission to kill all of the new counselors at Camp Crystal Lake to prevent another child-drowning tragedy and ultimately avenge her son's death.

Jimmy Bennett as Young Tommy Jarvis

Chris Zylka as Brady - He is best friends with Heather, Ricky, Nick and Alice. Brady is a single, charming and slightly vulgar college student with an unabashed love for legendary horror stories. A likable geek, Brady secretly has a crush on Alice, but prefers to masturbate to her in private rather than come straightforward with his true feelings. He has a skilled knowledge about the legend of Jason Voorhees and in some ways, sympathizes with him as an underdog.

Lindsay Schoneweis as Di - She is a wild, gorgeous, brunette party girl who arrives with her best friends, Anya and Amanda, and several other college students, as she accompanies Chet to his parents' winter cabin for break. Di's goal for the vacation is to drink and have as much sex as possible, no matter who it's with. From her tight, colorful outfits that expose her belly, legs and cleavage, Di loves getting attention from other guys. She's fun, free-spirited and adventurous. Unfortunately when it comes to facing Jason, Di cowers in terror.

Cody Longo as Ricky - He is Alice's boyfriend and a student at Crystal Lake College. Ricky supports Alice as she recovers from her struggles, but can also be too immature sometimes to pay attention. He is close friends with Heather, Nick and Brady, joining them at Alice's home for a winter hangout party. Ricky loves to drink beer and smoke weed, especially since the pressures of college work have left him exhausted and in desperate need of fun.

Michael B. Jordan as Charles - A stoner and wannabe game developer, Charles is best friends with Trevor. He spends the winter with him and an entire group of college kids at Chet's Crystal Lake cabin. Charles is pursuing a career in Broadway acting, spending his free time auditioning for productions in New York. He loves drinking and smoking weed with Trevor, and the two become very goofy together. Suave with the ladies, Charles is also a loyal companion who never lets his friends down.

Nicholas D'Agosto as Spencer - Along with his girlfriend, Amanda and a few others, Spencer accompanies Chet to his parents' winter cabin in Crystal Lake. He is a handsome, intelligent and wildly inventive college student with an affinity for cooking. Spencer enjoys skiing and playing drinking games of which he frequently wins. A chill, fun and relaxing individual, Spencer doesn't let anything bother him and gets along well with everyone. Though occasionally, he will break the rules for his own advantage.

Nicole Andrews as Amanda - She accompanies Chet to his winter home near Crystal Lake along with her boyfriend, Spencer. A cute, mature blonde with a talent for hairstyling, Amanda enjoys a close relationship with her best friend, Di. She thinks twice before breaking the rules but knows how to have a good time, and is slightly creeped out by the woods. Amanda has been afraid of Jason Voorhees' legend since she was a teenager, but tries to put that behind herself. She can also be inhibited at times, talking a big game but too scared to always live up to her lofty ambitions.

Max Van Ville as Nick - He is Heather's boyfriend and the close friend of Alice and Ricky's. Nick convinces Heather to join him at Alice's house for a winter get-together in Crystal Lake. He supports Heather genuinely through the pain of her family's death, and does his best to show her a good time. A good listener with a hankering for alcohol, Nick possesses a fine balance of seriousness and fun. He wants to have sex with Heather but is willing to wait for her to be ready.

Portia Doubleday as Alice Hardy - She is a budding artist and the sole survivor of Jason and Pamela Voorhees' rampage from one year ago. Coping with the dramatic losses of her friends, Alice bought a house for herself in Crystal Lake because she believes running away won't solve her problems. She continues to draw sketches and pursue her affinity for art, and has formed a strong bond with Heather Jarvis. Alice began a romantic relationship with Ricky and confides in him whenever she's feeling depressed. Still suffering from nightmares, Alice relies on both medication and meditation to cope with last year's massacre. She chooses to remain out of touch with her parents in order to regain independence.

Justin Welborn as Ronnie - He is the groundskeeper of Crystal Lake who shovels up the snow every winter. Ronnie is a juvenile, self-centered man who loves making money and having sex with his promiscuous girlfriend, Kristy. He is very thorough at getting a job done, but finds himself frustrated with the work and wants to do more than shovel snow. Ronnie is supplied with a crass vocabulary and becomes both aggressive and dominant during lovemaking.

Travis Davis as Officer Lund - He is a local police officer who conducts the investigation to find Heather Jarvis and her friends after they go missing in Crystal Lake. Officer Lund is a hardworking, dedicated man of the law who plays by the book without getting creative. He takes his cases seriously but lacks the conviction to truly solve the crimes that he strives to conquer. During a late night at the office, Officer Lund loves snacking on donuts.  

Stephanie Maheu as Kristy - She is an exotic dancer and the girlfriend of Crystal Lake groundskeeper Ronnie. A seductive mix of sexy and gothic, Kristy enjoys having rough sex, snorting cocaine and drinking whisky. She completely submits herself to Ronnie's commands and compliments him on the work he does around the campground. Kristy is a fast, sharp thinker, though her fighting skills are limited.  

Brent Stait as Herman - He is the boyfriend of Marlean and best friend of Roy. Herman is a crass, alcoholic hick who enjoys wandering the hills of Crystal Lake and causing as much destruction as he can. Knocking down signs, crashing into fences and picking fights with random strangers are some of Herman's favorite daily activities, and he's aided and abetted by his two companions. A rebel who abhors Crystal Lake due to its heinous legend, Herman prefers to take the law into his own hands and sees the law as nothing more than a joke.

Jessica Stroup as Marlean - She is a young woman living in Crystal Lake, New Jersey. Marlean is the girlfriend of Herman and a close friend of Roy's. She accompanies Herman on his reckless adventures and aids him in relentlessly trashing the area. Though she has an air of maturity about her, Marlean willingly indulges in Herman's rebellious antics simply because she finds it intoxicating. While Marlean is over 20 years younger than Herman, she is still romantically attached to him.

Daren Kagasoff as Roy - He is the best friend of Herman and a close partner-in-crime to Marlean. Roy consistently tags along with Herman when he goes around vandalizing Crystal Lake and also enjoys drinking heavily. He finds it funny to drive drunkenly around the streets and crash into things in the night while no one is around to witness. Roy relishes in his juvenile behavior and knows how to put up a fight as long as he's got a weapon handy.

Tim de Zarn as Ralph - He is a long time resident of Crystal Lake, and is well known for drunkenly wandering around the town on his bicycle rambling about the death curse on Camp Crystal Lake. After the supposed drowning of Jason Voorhees at Camp Crystal Lake in 1957 and the murder of a pair of camp counselors on the campground a year afterward, Ralph becomes convinced the camp is cursed and begins to warn the townsfolk to stay away from it, claiming God tells him to ward others away from the accursed area. Due to his alcoholism, Ralph is largely ignored by his neighbors.

Agnes Bruckner as Tamara Jarvis - She is the deceased older sister of Tommy and Heather. A sweet, caregiving and gentle person, Tamara shared a close relationship with her mother and siblings when they were kids. She conducted herself admirably in survival fighting and taught her siblings to never be afraid of life's many challenges. Tamara was studying to be a child psychologist because she loved working with children and keeping them safe.

Taylor Handley as Paul Holt - He was Tamara's boyfriend. An impassioned martial arts fighter, Paul boasted the physical strength to wrestle with Jason and stop him from harming Tamara, but his ability only sufficed briefly. Since Tamara's death, Paul's whereabouts remain unknown as the trauma of losing his beloved companion sent him spiraling into a deep depression.


Tamara Jarvis - She briskly opens the door and dashes out of her car, but is denied her escape at the last second when Jason grabs her arm, pulls her back in and closes the door. Tamara struggles helplessly with her assailant and screams for help, but Jason slashes her across the throat with his machete, killing her. After Tamara's blood splashes onto the windshield, Jason steps outside of the car, moves her body over to the passenger seat and sits down in the driver seat. Jason calmly turns the key in the ignition, and this time, the engine successfully activates. He then pushes the accelerator all the way to the floor of the car, driving at full speed toward a large tree. Once Jason rams the car into the tree, Tamara's body crashes through the windshield and is flung lifelessly onto the street.

Brady - While the couples are off making out, Brady sneaks into Alice's room with a beer bottle so he can drink in private. Inside her room, Brady finds a picture of Alice sitting on her nightstand, and he decides to use it for masturbation fuel. He lays down on Alice's bed, masturbating with one hand and drinking beer in the other while staring at Alice's picture. As he's coming close to reaching an orgasm, Brady looks up in pleasure at the ceiling, and Jason is standing over him. Before he can react, Jason snatches the beer bottle out of Brady's hand, crushes it, and slices Brady's throat with the glass shard. While Brady struggles in anguish and gasps for air, Jason eventually decapitates him.

Alice Hardy - While Alice is lying inside of her sleeping bag in her living room, Jason quietly stands over her and she assumes that Ricky is standing above her getting ready to play a joke. When Alice looks up at the ceiling, she sees that it is Jason standing above her and she screams in terror. Jason kneels down and zips Alice's sleeping bag shut with her inside of it, before picking Alice up and throwing her through the glass window. Jason then walks outside into the backyard where Alice has landed, and he stabs Alice 7 times in the chest and 4 times in the stomach with his machete while she lies trapped inside her sleeping bag.

Ricky - Ricky wanders into Alice's front yard and decides to urinate on a tree. Once he begins peeing, Jason suddenly rushes up behind Ricky and smashes his face against the tree, effectively crushing Ricky's skull and disfiguring his face.

Nick - While Nick and Heather are exploring Jason's home basement, Heather finds Pamela's severed head in an altar surrounded by candles and runs to find Nick. As Nick continues to explore the basement, a sudden rope noose made out of barbed wire dangles down from the upper staircase and wraps tightly around Nick's neck. The wire digs deeper into Nick's throat, and he clutches his bleeding throat while crying out in agony. Heather finds Nick being strangled and runs to his aid, where she tightly holds onto Nick and attempts to lower him down. From the top of the stairwell, Jason pulls on the wire and drags Nick upward, making the spikes cut deeper into his throat as he's pulled higher off the ground. Heather screams in sorrow and continues to hold onto Nick, but he eventually lets go of his throat and dies painfully while hanging in the air.

Spencer - While Spencer is skiing down a mountain with Amanda, Jason is standing on top of the hill and watches the couple slide by. Spencer is skiing down the mountain at full speed, and as he approaches the bottom, Jason tosses his axe sideways and it bisects Spencer at the waist, splitting him in half and causing the top and bottom halves of his body to slide down the mountain.

Amanda - While she is skiing down the hill, Amanda turns her head to look for Spencer and accidentally sprains her ankle, causing her to fall and tumble down the mountain. As she's falling down the mountain at a fast speed, Amanda breaks her leg and screams at the top of her lungs. Once she finally reaches her stop at the bottom, Amanda screams and sobs in pain while holding her broken leg with both hands. With no one around to help her, and the snow blowing in the air, Amanda begins to desperately crawl on the ground. While crawling away, Amanda notices a pair of hunting boots standing in front of her, and she looks up before noticing Jason looking down at her. Amanda screams for help and turns herself around, attempting to crawl in the opposite direction. Jason stomps on Amanda's broken leg, forcing her to let out a scream of intense pain. Jason then walks away and leaves Amanda to die on her own from the cold. Amanda lays hopelessly on her stomach on the ground and slowly dies from hypothermia as the night goes on.

Ronnie - While Ronnie and Kristy are having sex inside of a cabin, a rock is thrown through the glass window. The two become frightened and Ronnie puts his pants back on and slowly walks over to look out of the broken window to see who threw the rock. When he goes to look, Jason is standing at the window. Ronnie angrily tells Jason to get off of his property, and Jason pulls his machete out of his pocket and quickly decapitates Ronnie.

Kristy - After Jason kills Ronnie, Kristy screams and runs upstairs into her bedroom. Jason climbs into the cabin through the broken window and walks up the staircase trying to find Kristy. Kristy locks herself inside of the bedroom and sits on the carpet while lying against the bedroom door. While Kristy is sitting against the bedroom door, Jason breaks the door down with an axe and Kristy runs into the bathroom. Jason enters and corners Kristy in the bathroom and grabs her by the throat, choking her, and she rips off the left side of his mask in the struggle. This infuriates Jason further and he grabs Kristy's face with both hands and smashes her face into the mirror, which protrudes her facial shape through the metal on the outside of the cabin. 

Herman - Herman, who is intoxicated and wielding gasoline and an aluminum baseball bat, wanders into a cabin with Roy and Marlean, intending to destroy the place. He sees Jason walking around the woods while looking out the window, and screams at him to get off of the premises. Jason hears Herman screaming at him and decides to walk into the cabin to confront him. Once inside, Herman berates Jason and calls him retarded, threatening to kill him if he doesn't leave. Jason stands still and silently, and Herman hits him in the stomach with the bat, causing Jason to fall on his knees. Herman then whacks Jason across the face with the bat and makes him collapse on the floor. As Herman thinks he's won the fight, Jason suddenly emerges from the floor and snaps Herman's neck.

Roy - After Jason kills Herman, Roy grabs a crowbar and hits Jason across the face with it. Unaffected by the blow, Jason grabs the crowbar out of Roy's hand and hits him across the face with it, knocking Roy down and causing him to spit up some teeth. Bloody and dizzy, Roy slowly stands up and gets ready to punch Jason, but as he's delivering his hit, Jason grabs Roy's fist and breaks his hand, before stabbing Roy in the stomach with his machete.

Marlean - Marlean starts crying and panicking after Jason kills Herman and Roy, and she attempts to escape by crawling out of the window inside of the cabin. While Marlean is climbing out of the window, Jason slams the window down onto Marlean's lower back, causing her to fall down onto the floor paralyzed from the waist down. Marlean lays flat on her stomach and begs Jason not to kill her, and he steps on her back with his hunting boot to hold her down and stabs Marlean 6 times in the back with his machete.

Ralph - While Tommy and Anya are screaming for help in the street, Ralph is driving around in his truck and offers to help them. Ralph tells Tommy and Anya the legend of Jason; about how he died as a child and is now coming back for revenge. He then tells the duo to get into his truck where he'll take them somewhere safe, but Tommy and Anya don't fully trust him. Ralph promises he won't hurt them, and they reluctantly decide to get in. As Ralph is about to drive off with Tommy and Anya, Jason punches his fist through the glass window and grabs Ralph's head. Tommy and Anya scream and run out of the truck, while Jason places his hands firmly around the left and right side of Ralph's head. Jason hooks his fingers in Ralph's skull and sinks his fingernails deeply into his flesh, causing blood to pour profusely out of the left and right side of Ralph's head. Once Jason lets go of his head, Ralph slumps dead over the seat of his truck.

Trevor - Trevor goes looking for a hockey puck in Chet's basement to play a game of hockey with Charles in the snow. After he picks the hockey puck up off of the floor, Jason appears standing behind him and startles Trevor. Trevor attempts to flee from the basement and Jason grabs him before throwing him violently against a wall, knocking Trevor down on the floor. Trevor stands up and tries to run away, but Jason grabs him by the throat and chokes him. Trevor holds onto Jason's arm as he loses oxygen, and Jason rips out Trevor's throat with his bare hand, causing him to choke on his blood as he slowly loses his breath and collapses on the floor.

Charles - Charles goes looking for Trevor in the basement so they can play a game of hockey outside in the snow, and finds a freezer. Charles opens the freezer and sees Trevor's body lying inside of it with the hockey puck in his mouth. Charles is horrified and runs up the stairs, but Jason, who is hiding underneath the staircase, trips Charles with a hockey stick and causes him to fall down the stairs. Once Charles hits his head on the floor, he slips out of consciousness and lays wounded on the floor. When he wakes up, Charles realizes he's tied to a pool table in the basement. He struggles to free his hands from the ties, but Jason appears wielding an axe. Charles begs Jason not to hurt him, and Jason raises his axe. Charles helplessly pleads for his life, but Jason ignores him and cuts off Charles' right leg with the axe. Charles screams in agony, and Jason then cuts off his left leg. Charles loses consciousness from blood loss, and Jason proceeds to stab him in the chest with the axe. Jason cuts off Charles' left and right arm with the axe, and leaves his dismembered corpse laying on the pool table.

Chet - While Di and Chet are having sex on a bed, Jason quietly walks into the bedroom and voyeuristically watches the naked pair as they're making love. Chet is laying on top of Di as the two continue their foreplay, and both are about to reach an orgasm when Jason suddenly stabs Chet in the back with his machete. Naked and spitting up blood, Chet quickly dies from his injury and collapses on Di's chest.

Di - After Jason kills Chet, Di screams and pushes Chet's body off of her before she jumps off the bed and runs out of the bedroom naked. Di comes across a white nightdress inside of another room, and quickly puts it on to cover her nude body. Di then hides underneath a bed and holds her breath to avoid being found. Jason walks inside the room and looks around for Di, while she lays safely under the bed and quietly holds back tears. Di holds her mouth shut and Jason exits the bedroom. Di keeps silent and stays under the bed, and Jason grabs her legs and pulls her out from underneath. Di screams for help and begs for mercy, and Jason drags her into the bathroom. As she cries for help and holds onto the floor, Jason picks Di up and smashes her head through a glass window. Jason then throws Di out of the window and she screams before landing face-first on the snow-covered concrete.

Officer Lund - Officer Lund searches around Chet's cabin and goes inside of each room to find the missing campers. Armed with his flashlight, Officer Lund quietly walks around the cabin and calls out for the victims. He walks upstairs and enters the bathroom, noticing the window has been shattered. Officer Lund looks outside the window and sees Di's corpse lying on the ground. He becomes startled and pulls out his gun for protection. Jason sneaks up behind Lund and wraps a stock of rope around his neck, strangling him. While he's being strangled, Lund dizzily raises his gun and attempts to shoot Jason, but accidentally fires at a mirror. Lund slowly begins to lose consciousness before falling lifelessly on the floor. 

Anya - Tommy, Anya and Heather find a window in Jason's basement that leads to the outside, but they're blocked in by a wall of snow. Heather crawls out of the window and through the snow, and Tommy proceeds to do the same. While Anya is standing inside the basement waiting for Tommy to come back and rescue her, Jason sneaks up behind Anya and slashes her across the throat with his machete. Anya slowly turns around in shock, and she and Jason stand face to face. While Anya stands still bleeding profusely from her neck, Jason stabs her in the stomach and through her back with his machete.


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