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Friday The 13th Part 2 3D is a 2018 3D Slasher Horror film that will be shot in Digital 3-D. It is a sequel to the 2017 remake, Friday The 13th and the 14th installment in the Friday The 13th franchise. Unlike its predecessors, this installment features Jason pitted in the snow for the very first time within a wintry atmosphere. The film stars Thomas Dekker, Katija Pevec, Amanda Crew, Alex Pettyfer, Avan Jogia, Michael Bailey Smith, Jordan Pressler, Naomi Watts, Jimmy Bennett, Chris Zylka, Lindsay Schoneweis, Cody Longo, Michael B. Jordan, Nicholas D'Agosto, Nicole Andrews, Max Van Ville, Portia Doubleday, Justin Welborn, Travis Davis, Stephanie Maheu, Brent Stait, Jessica Stroup, Daren Kagasoff, Tim de Zarn, Agnes Bruckner and Taylor Handley.



Friday The 13th Part 2

Welcome back to Crystal Lake.


A local resident named Tommy Jarvis travels through the snow-saturated mountains of Camp Crystal Lake to kill infamous serial killer, Jason Voorhees because he kidnapped his sister, Heather and killed all her friends. Along his journey, a new group of teenage campers come to Crystal Lake in the winter to go sledding and play in the snow while camping out in a cabin. Tommy encounters the group of teens and one of the girls from the group, Anya, accompanies Tommy on his journey to find his sister and kill Jason. Meanwhile, the new campers find themselves trapped in a twisted game of Cat and Mouse as Jason begins stalking and picking off each and every one of them to maintain Crystal Lake as his territory.



Thomas Dekker as Tommy Jarvis - He is a local resident at Crystal Lake and has a remarkable passion to fight for what he believes in. When Tommy was a child, he, his mother and his sisters were targeted at the campground by mass murderer Jason Voorhees. After Jason killed his mom and sister, Tamara, Tommy started his research on the bizarre boogeyman to learn everything about him and started training to fight him one day. Once Tommy's sister, Heather is kidnapped years later at the camp by Jason, he puts his skills to use to track down and ultimately kill Jason once and for all to avenge his family's death. Tommy is also a skilled mask maker who spends most of his time designing and hand-making different kinds of masks as a way of coping with his demons. A sort of recluse, Tommy lives alone in his apartment and keeps to himself, deciding that the farther he stays from people, the safer. But when the time comes to take down Jason, Tommy is bold, fearless and determined.

Katija Pevec as Anya - She is one of the new campers at Crystal Lake and Chet's girlfriend. Anya is a self-described tomboy who enjoys spending time with her guy friends and participating in guy-type activities. She is a smart, beautiful girl with a big heart who is willing to help those in need, but can also be bitchy at times. Anya is very strong-minded and learned from her father how to use a gun at an early age, so her survival skills are much more advanced than others. She enjoys helping people, and feels overwhelmed sometimes by Chet's behavior and thoughtlessness.

Amanda Crew as Heather Jarvis - She is Tommy's sister and a local resident at Crystal Lake who has just moved into a new city to start a fresh life. Heather is deeply traumatized by the death of her mother and sister that she witnessed at the hands of mass murderer Jason Voorhees from when she was a child and has never fully recovered, though she is still going to put up a fight. Heather was once close with her brother, Tommy, but she now restrains herself from him to feel safer. She shares a close relationship with her boyfriend, Nick, and best friend, Alice. Since she and Alice have both experienced traumatic losses, Heather finds comfort in Alice as they relate strongly to one another. Heather attempts to face her demons by tagging along with her boyfriend, Nick, to go back to her hometown of Crystal Lake and have a fun wintery weekend. But she is forced to deal with her childhood nightmare when she is attacked and abducted by Jason, who wants to settle the Jarvis Family score. Though a bit of a wimp upon initial attack, Heather is courageous and advanced enough to do what she has to to survive.

Alex Pettyfer as Chet - He is the leader of the new group of campers at Crystal Lake and Anya's boyfriend. Chet invites his friends to come over to Crystal Lake at his family's cabin for the winter break and to reconnect with Anya. Chet is a wealthy scholar in line to go to Princeton who cares a lot for his friends, but can certainly be a snob at times, shows little interest in Anya's feelings, and is very uptight about his belongings. Though he possesses a tough exterior and thinks he can have any girl he looks at, Chet also carries a bit of a cowardly demeanor when it comes to fighting Jason.

Avan Jogia as Trevor - He is one of Chet's guests who tags along with him and all their friends to Crystal Lake for a fun vacation in the snow-covered mountains. Trevor is best friends with Charles and is always in the mood for mischief. He is a game developer who has a raunchy sense of humor and is unable to take anything seriously. All Trevor wants to do is have fun and break the rules, even if it bothers those around him. Together, Trevor and Charles enjoy smoking pot, playing video games and getting high off of psychedelic drugs such as LSD, and they value their bromantic friendship in general.

Michael Bailey Smith as Jason Voorhees - Jason Voorhees was born in the small town of Crystal Lake on June 13th, 1946 to Elias and Pamela Voorhees. Jason was afflicted with severe facial deformities, Hydrocephalus, enlarged heart and was mentally disabled. Raising Jason on her own, Pamela kept the boy isolated from the community, not letting him attend school and educating him in their home on the outskirts of Crystal Lake. In the summer of 1957, Pamela, unable to get a babysitter for Jason, resorted to bringing him to Camp Crystal Lake where she worked as a cook. While being bullied by the other campers, Jason attempted to escape from his tormentors and ran onto the dock on the lake, but the cruel children caught up to him on the dock and they threw Jason into the lake where he drowned. The counselors were supposed to be watching the children, but instead they were talking and having sexual intercourse in the woods. Decades later, Jason mysteriously resurrects as a full-grown, gruesome monster with protruding teeth and crossed eyes and he makes it his mission to kill anyone who enters "his" lake in an act of vengeance against society for his mistreatment as a child. Physically, Jason is ogre-like, bald with some facial and skull deformities. He wears a torn black hooded jacket, a black T-shirt underneath, black normal jeans, black leather gloves, a black leather belt, a pair of black hunting boots/shoes and his trademark hockey mask with the 3 Detroit Red Wings signs. While Jason is able to murder his victims using a variety of methods such as strangling with his bare hands, ripping someone apart or killing with whatever is handy, his favorite weapon is his machete which he uses for stabbing, gutting or slashing throats. Jason is able to survive any kind of injury, can be brought back to life, and possesses a unique ability to regenerate any lost and damaged tissue. Jason is shown to be extremely intelligent and high-functioning, while possessing some tactical sense and strategic planning despite his hydrocephalic deformities. Jason can seemingly appear near his victims through means of walking, and he can easily slip in and out of areas undetected. Jason can use anything at his disposal as a weapon, he can create improvised weapons, and instantly use them effectively. He needs only to pick up a weapon before he instantly becomes proficient in it.

Jordan Pressler as Young Jason Voorhees

Naomi Watts as Pamela Voorhees - Pamela Voorhees (nee Sue) was born circa 1930. As a teenager, Pamela met and married Elias Voorhees, a miner from Ohio. As the couple lived in a trailer near Crystal Lake, Elias would often abuse Pamela verbally and physically for any perceived misdeed, be it real or imagined. In 1946, sixteen-year-old Pamela became aware that she was pregnant with a son. She became convinced that the unborn boy was speaking to her. One day, Elias arrived home from work after a rough day at the mine, and he became tired of Pamela's psychotic ramblings and savagely beat and raped her. Enraged, Pamela went to her husband as he was sleeping and hacked him to pieces with an axe, convinced that this was the only way to protect herself and her son. Pamela then blew up their trailer and dumped Elias' body in the lake. Soon after, Pamela moved into 42 Cars Crash Road after she imagined her son exclaiming how beautiful the house was, despite warnings from the real-estate agent that the building was haunted. Pamela's son, Jason was born on June 13th, 1946 at Wessex County Marshall. Pamela proceeded to raise her son apart from the other children in their new house. In the summer of 1957, Pamela is offered the job as a cook at Camp Crystal Lake by David and Louise Christy. Taking Jason with her, Pamela attempts to keep her son sheltered from the other children, but her attempts are in vain. One day, the other campers harass Jason and chase him onto the dock, where they proceed to throw Jason into the lake where he drowns. After Jason's drowning, Pamela loses touch with reality and spends the next six months in a mental institution. Following her release from the hospital, Pamela is rehired as the cook at Camp Crystal Lake in 1958. Pamela finds that she is unable to stop thinking about Jason's drowning, and each night, she goes to the children's cabin while the occupants are sleeping to ensure that they are safe. On July 4th, Pamela suffers a break down while watching the children sleep and goes into a fit of rage. She starts crying hysterically as she thinks about Jason while watching the children peacefully sleep in their beds, and hears the group of counselors singing at the campfire. Convinced that it is the counselors' fault that her son has died, Pamela gets a hunting knife from the kitchen and follows counselors Barry and Claudette to the barn, where they commence sexual foreplay. Pamela sneaks upstairs and catches the teenagers off guard before murdering them both with the knife. Pamela is never suspected of the crime and Camp Crystal Lake is soon closed. In the years that follow, Pamela continues her vendetta to keep the camp closed. In 1962, Pamela poisons the water and sets several fires around the campground to prevent the camp from opening. In 1979, David and Louise's son, Steve Christy begins fixing up the abandoned camp. Pamela tries to persuade him not to open the campground, but Steve is determined to end the story of the curse of Camp Blood. On June 13th, 1979, what would have been Jason's thirty-third birthday, the camp is almost ready for reopening, and Pamela decides to take matters into her own hands. Taking with her a hunting knife, axe and arrows, Pamela makes it her mission to kill all of the new counselors at Camp Crystal Lake to prevent another child-drowning tragedy and ultimately avenge her son's death.

Jimmy Bennett as Young Tommy Jarvis

Chris Zylka as Brady - He is the leader of the old group of campers and a close friend of Alice's. Brady is nerdy in a lovable way and has a strong education in the mathematics and physics industry. He lives for scary legendary stories and tries to get his friends in on the joy of them as well. Brady secretly has a crush on Alice, but is too afraid to ever admit it.

Lindsay Schoneweis as Di - She is a fun-spirited and outgoing teen who loves to party more than anything. Di has sophistication, but often puts it to little use and instead uses her sexy body energy to get her way. She cares a lot for her friends and is always there to support when needed. Di is very fun and always seems to have many tricks up her sleeve. Despite her sweetness, Di is also very conceited and somehow always manages to make a serious situation all about herself.

Cody Longo as Ricky - He is Alice's new boyfriend who goes to visit her in the winter when he gets out of college. Ricky is always supportive to Alice when it comes to helping her deal with her past and also knows how to show her a good time. He comes off as a suave, raunchy jock, but is actually very warmhearted and willing to help out in a serious situation.

Michael B. Jordan as Charles - He is Trevor's best friend who tags along with him to Chet's winter cabin for the break. Charles' ambition is to become a Broadway actor and spends his free time going to New York and auditioning for roles in the film industry. With Trevor, Charles indulges in smoking marijuana, playing video games and getting high off of psychedelic drugs like LSD. He is somewhat of a suave womanizer, but is also a great companion who stands by the people he cares about.

Nicholas D'Agosto as Spencer - He is Amanda's boyfriend and a close friend of Chet's. Spencer is funny, raunchy and has a strong desire to party, even when it goes against his better judgment. He is somewhat of a chick magnet thanks to his good looks and always has a wandering eye, but vows to stay loyal to his girlfriend. Spencer is also a talented cook who works at a local diner and enjoys cooking dinners, preparing drinks or even baking sweets for his friends.

Nicole Andrews as Amanda - She is Spencer's girlfriend and Di's best friend. Amanda is a mature and sophisticated girl who tries her best to have a fun time, but has trouble fighting through her morals. She is aware of the legacy of Crystal Lake and is frightened of Jason, but tries to convince herself that he's just a myth. Amanda happens to possess a serious talent for hairstyling, able to cut and style people's hair to an almost professional extreme.

Max Van Ville as Nick - He is Heather's boyfriend who supports her all the way through her family's death. Nick has a funny, yet sometimes offensive sense of humor, but also has a big heart. He's very adventurous and is always looking for mischief no matter where he is. Nick loves skateboarding and listening to Rock Music all day with little intention of finding work or taking any kind of responsibility.

Portia Doubleday as Alice Hardy - She is a former budding artist who is trying to put her life back together after surviving the massacre at Camp Crystal Lake and putting an end to Pamela Voorhees' rampage one year ago. Alice has formed a new romantic relationship with Ricky and feels comforted by his presence. She still maintains her tough side and is doing her best to put her horrific past behind her, but that often proves easier said than done. Alice remains in Crystal Lake because she feels she cannot run away from her past by leaving the town behind. With the help of therapy and some new friends, Alice is able to move on much easier, but she still has the horror of last year lurking in the back of her mind.

Justin Welborn as Ronnie - He is the new tenant for Mr. Garikes and helps clean up the snow at the campground every winter. Ronnie is a hard worker who gets a job done, but often abuses his power and privilege of the land to sneak off with his girlfriend and create chaos. He constantly steals the marijuana plants growing around the lake and makes a secretive business in selling the weed for profit.

Travis Davis as Mel Lund - He is a patrolling policeman who works near the vicinity of Crystal Lake since very few police officers reside in the area. Mel has a genuine care for his town and the citizens, but often comes off only as a "man in uniform" who couldn't care less about crime or the town's cries for help. He spends most of the day drinking in the office, stuffing his face with donuts and watching MTV with his buddies. 

Stephanie Maheu as Kristy - She is Ronnie's girlfriend who embarks on his wild journeys through Crystal Lake. Kristy is irresponsible and reckless, but caring and loving. She supports Ronnie, even through his worst decisions and often acts as a moral compass. Kristy works as a dancer at a local bar and often uses her talent for erotic purposes whether it's to seduce or manipulate her boyfriends.

Brent Stait as Herman - He is a well-known town hick who loves wandering the hills of Crystal Lake every winter. Herman is all about danger and destruction due to his hatred of the campground ever since the murders started. He often gets drunk while carrying out his antics and is fully against the rules of the establishment.

Jessica Stroup as Marlean - She is Herman's girlfriend who loves embarking on his reckless journeys. Marlean has admirable ambitions, but is extremely submissive and willing to follow Herman through his ideas, even if it means dumbing herself down to get attention. Though loving, she has an air of maturity about her and is much more serious than her older boyfriend.

Daren Kagasoff as Roy - He is Herman's best friend who is equally as cunning and conniving as he is. Roy is a loyal friend to Herman and Marlean, but is also destructive whenever possible. He is a struggling alcoholic, but has no care for his health and would rather drink himself to chaos if it meant having fun. Roy is also a black belt in karate and uses his fighting skills more for evil than for good.

Tim de Zarn as Ralph - He is a long time resident at Crystal Lake, and is well known for drunkenly wandering around the town on his bicycle rambling about the death curse on Camp Crystal Lake. After the supposed drowning of Jason Voorhees at Camp Crystal Lake in 1957 and the murder of a pair of camp counselors on the campground a year afterward, Ralph becomes convinced the camp is cursed and begins to warn the townsfolk to stay away from it, claiming God tells him to ward others away from the accursed area. Due to his alcoholism, Ralph is largely ignored by his neighbors.

Agnes Bruckner as Tamara Jarvis - She is Tommy's and Heather's deceased older sister. Tamara is a caring and lovable person to her mom and siblings, and boasts a natural talent for painting. She has always been protective over Tommy and Heather as children, and enjoys helping their mother around the house and going camping with her family every winter. Tamara's favorite activity is volunteering every summer at camps to be a counselor due to her love of children and ambition to keep kids safe from the dangers of everyday life.

Taylor Handley as Paul Holt - He is Tamara's boyfriend and a skilled martial arts fighter. Paul is a warmhearted ladies man who possesses a knack for keeping Crystal Lake clean, while always caring night and day for Tamara. He is always protective over Tamara and kept a watchful eye over Tommy and Heather as kids, acting as a surrogate big brother.


Brady - While the couples are off making out, Brady sneaks into Alice's room with a beer bottle so he can drink in private. Inside her room, Brady finds a picture of Alice sitting on her nightstand, and he decides to use it for masturbation fuel. He lays down on Alice's bed, masturbating with one hand and drinking beer in the other while staring at Alice's picture. As he's coming close to reaching an orgasm, Brady looks up in pleasure at the ceiling, and Jason is standing over him. Before he can react, Jason snatches the beer bottle out of Brady's hand, crushes it, and slices Brady's throat with the glass shard. While Brady struggles in anguish and gasps for air, Jason eventually decapitates him.

Alice Hardy - While Alice is lying inside of her sleeping bag in her living room, Jason quietly stands over her and she assumes that Ricky is standing above her getting ready to play a joke. When Alice looks up at the ceiling, she sees that it is Jason standing above her and she screams in terror. Jason kneels down and zips Alice's sleeping bag shut with her inside of it, before picking Alice up and throwing her through the glass window. Jason then walks outside into the backyard where Alice has landed, and he stabs Alice 7 times in the chest and 4 times in the stomach with his machete while she lies trapped inside her sleeping bag.

Ricky - Ricky wanders into Alice's front yard and decides to urinate on a tree. Once he begins peeing, Jason suddenly rushes up behind Ricky and smashes his face against the tree, effectively crushing Ricky's skull and disfiguring his face.

Nick - While Nick and Heather are exploring Jason's home basement, Heather finds Pamela's severed head in an altar surrounded by candles and runs to find Nick. As Nick continues to explore the basement, a sudden rope noose made out of barbed wire dangles down from the upper staircase and wraps tightly around Nick's neck. The wire digs deeper into Nick's throat, and he clutches his bleeding throat while crying out in agony. Heather finds Nick being strangled and runs to his aid, where she tightly holds onto Nick and attempts to lower him down. From the top of the stairwell, Jason pulls on the wire and drags Nick upward, making the spikes cut deeper into his throat as he's pulled higher off the ground. Heather screams in sorrow and continues to hold onto Nick, but he eventually lets go of his throat and dies painfully while hanging in the air.

Spencer - While Spencer is skiing down a mountain with Amanda, Jason is standing on top of the hill and watches the couple slide by. Spencer is skiing down the mountain at full speed, and as he approaches the bottom, Jason tosses his axe sideways and it bisects Spencer at the waist, splitting him in half and causing the top and bottom halves of his body to slide down the mountain.

Amanda - While she is skiing down the hill, Amanda turns her head to look for Spencer and accidentally sprains her ankle, causing her to fall and tumble down the mountain. As she's falling down the mountain at a fast speed, Amanda breaks her leg and screams at the top of her lungs. Once she finally reaches her stop at the bottom, Amanda screams and sobs in pain while holding her broken leg with both hands. With no one around to help her, and the snow blowing in the air, Amanda begins to desperately crawl on the ground. While crawling away, Amanda notices a pair of hunting boots standing in front of her, and she looks up before noticing Jason looking down at her. Amanda screams for help and turns herself around, attempting to crawl in the opposite direction. Jason stomps on Amanda's broken leg, forcing her to let out a scream of intense pain. Jason then walks away and leaves Amanda to die on her own from the cold. Amanda lays hopelessly on her stomach on the ground and slowly dies from hypothermia as the night goes on.

Ronnie - While Ronnie and Kristy are having sex inside of a cabin, a rock is thrown through the glass window. The two become frightened and Ronnie puts his pants back on and slowly walks over to look out of the broken window to see who threw the rock. When he goes to look, Jason is standing at the window. Ronnie angrily tells Jason to get off of his property, and Jason pulls his machete out of his pocket and quickly decapitates Ronnie.

Kristy - After Jason kills Ronnie, Kristy screams and runs upstairs into her bedroom. Jason climbs into the cabin through the broken window and walks up the staircase trying to find Kristy. Kristy locks herself inside of the bedroom and sits on the carpet while lying against the bedroom door. While Kristy is sitting against the bedroom door, Jason breaks the door down with an axe and Kristy runs into the bathroom. Jason enters and corners Kristy in the bathroom and grabs her by the throat, choking her, and she rips off the left side of his mask in the struggle. This infuriates Jason further and he grabs Kristy's face with both hands and smashes her face into the mirror, which protrudes her facial shape through the metal on the outside of the cabin. 

Herman - Herman, who is intoxicated and wielding gasoline and an aluminum baseball bat, wanders into a cabin with Roy and Marlean, intending to destroy the place. He sees Jason walking around the woods while looking out the window, and screams at him to get off of the premises. Jason hears Herman screaming at him and decides to walk into the cabin to confront him. Once inside, Herman berates Jason and calls him retarded, threatening to kill him if he doesn't leave. Jason stands still and silently, and Herman hits him in the stomach with the bat, causing Jason to fall on his knees. Herman then whacks Jason across the face with the bat and makes him collapse on the floor. As Herman thinks he's won the fight, Jason suddenly emerges from the floor and snaps Herman's neck.

Roy - After Jason kills Herman, Roy grabs a crowbar and hits Jason across the face with it. Unaffected by the blow, Jason grabs the crowbar out of Roy's hand and hits him across the face with it, knocking Roy down and causing him to spit up some teeth. Bloody and dizzy, Roy slowly stands up and gets ready to punch Jason, but as he's delivering his hit, Jason grabs Roy's fist and breaks his hand, before stabbing Roy in the stomach with his machete.

Marlean - Marlean starts crying and panicking after Jason kills Herman and Roy, and she attempts to escape by crawling out of the window inside of the cabin. While Marlean is climbing out of the window, Jason slams the window down onto Marlean's lower back, causing her to fall down onto the floor paralyzed from the waist down. Marlean lays flat on her stomach and begs Jason not to kill her, and he steps on her back with his hunting boot to hold her down and stabs Marlean 6 times in the back with his machete.

Ralph - While Tommy and Anya are screaming for help in the street, Ralph is driving around in his truck and offers to help them. Ralph tells Tommy and Anya the legend of Jason; about how he died as a child and is now coming back for revenge. He then tells the duo to get into his truck where he'll take them somewhere safe, but Tommy and Anya don't fully trust him. Ralph promises he won't hurt them, and they reluctantly decide to get in. As Ralph is about to drive off with Tommy and Anya, Jason punches his fist through the glass window and grabs Ralph's head. Tommy and Anya scream and run out of the truck, while Jason places his hands firmly around the left and right side of Ralph's head. Jason hooks his fingers in Ralph's skull and sinks his fingernails deeply into his flesh, causing blood to pour profusely out of the left and right side of Ralph's head. Once Jason lets go of his head, Ralph slumps dead over the seat of his truck.

Trevor - Trevor goes looking for a hockey puck in Chet's basement to play a game of hockey with Charles in the snow. After he picks the hockey puck up off of the floor, Jason appears standing behind him and startles Trevor. Trevor attempts to flee from the basement and Jason grabs him before throwing him violently against a wall, knocking Trevor down on the floor. Trevor stands up and tries to run away, but Jason grabs him by the throat and chokes him. Trevor holds onto Jason's arm as he loses oxygen, and Jason rips out Trevor's throat with his bare hand, causing him to choke on his blood as he slowly loses his breath and collapses on the floor.

Charles - Charles goes looking for Trevor in the basement so they can play a game of hockey outside in the snow, and finds a freezer. Charles opens the freezer and sees Trevor's body lying inside of it with the hockey puck in his mouth. Charles is horrified and runs up the stairs, but Jason, who is hiding underneath the staircase, trips Charles with a hockey stick and causes him to fall down the stairs. Once Charles hits his head on the floor, he slips out of consciousness and lays wounded on the floor. When he wakes up, Charles realizes he's tied to a pool table in the basement. He struggles to free his hands from the ties, but Jason appears wielding an axe. Charles begs Jason not to hurt him, and Jason raises his axe. Charles helplessly pleads for his life, but Jason ignores him and cuts off Charles' right leg with the axe. Charles screams in agony, and Jason then cuts off his left leg. Charles loses consciousness from blood loss, and Jason proceeds to stab him in the chest with the axe. Jason cuts off Charles' left and right arm with the axe, and leaves his dismembered corpse laying on the pool table.

Chet - While Di and Chet are having sex on a bed, Jason quietly walks into the bedroom and voyeuristically watches the naked pair as they're making love. Chet is laying on top of Di as the two continue their foreplay, and both are about to reach an orgasm when Jason suddenly stabs Chet in the back with his machete. Naked and spitting up blood, Chet quickly dies from his injury and collapses on Di's chest.

Di - After Jason kills Chet, Di screams and pushes Chet's body off of her before she jumps off the bed and runs out of the bedroom naked. Di comes across a white nightdress inside of another room, and quickly puts it on to cover her nude body. Di then hides underneath a bed and holds her breath to avoid being found. Jason walks inside the room and looks around for Di, while she lays safely under the bed and quietly holds back tears. Di holds her mouth shut and Jason exits the bedroom. Di keeps silent and stays under the bed, and Jason grabs her legs and pulls her out from underneath. Di screams for help and begs for mercy, and Jason drags her into the bathroom. As she cries for help and holds onto the floor, Jason picks Di up and smashes her head through a glass window. Jason then throws Di out of the window and she screams before landing face-first on the snow-covered concrete.

Mel Lund - Mel searches around Chet's cabin and goes inside of each room to find the missing campers. Armed with his flashlight, Mel quietly walks around the cabin and calls out for the victims. He walks upstairs and enters the bathroom, noticing the window has been shattered. Mel looks outside the window and sees Di's corpse lying on the ground. He becomes startled and pulls out his gun for protection. Jason sneaks up behind Mel and wraps a stock of rope around his neck, strangling him. While he's being strangled, Mel dizzily raises his gun and attempts to shoot Jason, but accidentally fires at a mirror. Mel slowly begins to lose consciousness before falling lifelessly on the floor. 

Anya - Tommy, Anya and Heather find a window in Jason's basement that leads to the outside, but they're blocked in by a wall of snow. Heather crawls out of the window and through the snow, and Tommy proceeds to do the same. While Anya is standing inside the basement waiting for Tommy to come back and rescue her, Jason sneaks up behind Anya and slashes her across the throat with his machete. Anya slowly turns around in shock, and she and Jason stand face to face. While Anya stands still bleeding profusely from her neck, Jason stabs her in the stomach and through her back with his machete.


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