Friday the 13th:Family Trees is a 2015 horror film by Steve Miner. It will star Leo Howard, Ross Lynch.

Plot Summary

Jason has returned from the dead quite a few times. But has his mother?

After 30 years Kathryn Becker, Stevo Weathers and Hayley Cooper, 3 best friends are attacked by Jason. Following murders continue, Kathryn's mother Melinda holds the key to stopping the madness, as every minute goes by they risk being killed, but what they don't know is that Jason is not the only killer. Can they stop them or will true family bonds be shown?


Nora and her boyfriend Tom are at the movies watching 'The Thing' when the person in front of them who turns out to be their friend Celeste gets a theatening phone call from an unknown caller. The phone lines and static electricity cause Jason to come back from the dead. Nora goes to get popcorn but nobody is in the lobby except Jason, who locks her in the freezer an stabs her with a butcher knife killing her. Tom goes to lok for her and he is also stabbed but his copse is thrown from the stairs. Celeste goes to find Nora and grabs a bucket of popcorn on the bench. She retunrs to the movie and starts eating but she finds Nora's head in the bucket and is stabbed twice killing her infront of the entire audience of the film.

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